A Guide to Crocs Sneakers

Crocs have shockingly increased in popularity since their appearance on the market in 2002. The brand has continued to create new product offerings such as sneakers. Here is everything you need to know about Crocs sneakers. 

Crocs: The Brand

Crocs were invented in 2001 by Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr.

The Crocs brand is environmentally friendly. By changing their packaging, they have saved over 640,000 lbs of landfill waste. With the whopping 140 million tons of waste going into landfills in the US each year, every little bit helps. 

Their company vision is to make sure that everyone is comfortable in their own shoes. This play on words shows that they value much more than shoes, but the people who wear them. They promise to “unite style, modern comfort, and value”. They also hope to be “accessible, affordable, and comfortable”. 

Crocs: The Design 

Crocs have a very unique design. The shoes were inspired by dutch clogs and were designed to be boating shoes. In fact, the first Crocs were unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale Boat show. The Crocs classic clog featured grip-focused soles, waterproofing, and easy on/off capabilities. The boat shoes also featured a pivoting heel strap to help keep them on. But, the straps can also fit across the top of the shoe for a slip-on style as well. The shoe’s versatility is no doubt part of its success. The Crocs unisex classic clogs style was a great seller and gave the company momentum for more.  In 2003 the first women’s style was introduced, “the Nile”. The brand continued to make several styles including sandals, boots, and even Crocs sneakers. 

Crocs are known for being easy to slip on and extremely convenient. Crocs have a way of saying their owner is low-key, carefree, and places comfort at the top of their list. 

croc Original
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In 2005 stay at home mom Sheri Schmelzer created shoe charms for her children’s Crocs. This evolved into a company in which Sheri and Rich Schmelzer created and sold tons of charms to fit into the holes of crocs and decorate them based on personal style. Charm themes included Disney, Planets, Pirates, Food, and Cars amongst others. This added Crocs accessory took off and became very popular. In 2006, Crocs bought the Jibbitz company for 10 Million dollars. If Jibbitz increased in earnings it could add an additional 10 million to the sales price. They certainly accomplished this goal. Today, Crocs Jibbitz charms are available in hundreds of themes for Crocs. Jibbitz also has a line for Crocs sneakers. The charms are added to the laces of the sneakers for added flair. If you like a personal touch to your sneaker style, adding Jibbitz to your Crocs Sneakers is an excellent option for you. 

Celebrities in Crocs

Another reason for the growth of Crocs is the connection with famous celebrities. Stars such as Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Post Malone have been seen wearing the popular brand. Justin Bieber has also done collaborations with the brand. In the Fall of 2020, the Justin Bieber X Crocs collaboration was so successful that they created a second pair the following year. These collaborations have surged sales. Crocs reported a 1.4 billion dollar sales year in 2020. Of the great shoes sold, Crocs sneakers are a top feature.

Crocs Collaborations 

Crocs has had a few other successful collaborations as well. If you are looking for some crazy colorful artsy shoes, check out the “Take A Walk on the Weird Side” Crocs collaboration with Diplo. These Classic Crocs are colorfully donned with three dimensional Jibbitz charms. They are the perfect option for those who like to add a little personality and color to their style. 

Designer Christopher Kane also took interest in Crocs fashion. At the London Fashion Week of 2016, Kane surprised guests with his collaboration with Crocs. The high fashion take used animal prints with upscale looking Jibbitz charms. Some also featured accessories such as an ostrich feather

Other high fashion brands such as Balenciaga have also teamed up with Crocs. Balenciaga x Crocs created bright green rubber boots in 2017. Since then, they have created several Crocs unisex classic clogs. They have also created platform Crocs, pool Crocs, and even high heel Crocs. Yes, high heeled Crocs. The Balenciaga X Crocs collaboration features the “Madame” shoe which is an 80 mm heel placed on the classic Croc style. This shoe is offered for $625. 

The Crocs brand has also paired with other brands such as BEAMS for an outdoor and military style. The Classic Crocs get a few new additions to help them move into an outdoor friendly, all-terrain pair of shoes. The new “Outdoor” pair of Crocs feature a pocket, netting, and strap for a carabiner

If these styles are a bit too much for your taste, you can still join the Crocs club. Crocs offer some more mellowed options such as Crocs sneakers. Crocs sneakers are a great versatile pair of shoes that are also lightweight and durable. Here are some top Croc Sneakers options. 

croc sneaker
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Crocs Sneakers

Crocs have sold more than 850 million pairs of shoes. With sales these good, they must be on to something. Crocs sneakers are identified as “street style with the level of comfort everyone dreams of”. Check out the top Crocs sneakers below.  

Crocs Women’s Literide Pacer Lace-up Sneakers

Crocs Women’s Literide Pacer Lace-up Sneakers have a classic, cool, and comfortable vibe. They are imported, 100% synthetic and have a .77-inch sole. This Crocs sneaker is said to be “superbly cushioned” and is a hybrid sneaker. The LiteRide foam insoles are soft, resilient, and won’t weigh you down. They have a softness that will allow you to sink right in with a feeling of walking on clouds. The Croc Sneakers have a foam design similar to the original Crocs. They are made of Crocs Croslite foam outsoles that are extremely durable, supportive, and comfortable. The Croc sneakers also have matlite uppers so there is no uncomfortable breaking in period. You will be ready to go from day one! These Crocs sneakers are perfect for work or play. They are a “lifestyle” sneaker built for any need. The Literide Pacer Lace-up Crocs Sneakers come in black, white, navy, pearl white, black with a camo sole, navy with an orchid sole, stucco, white with camo sole, electric pink, fresco, and ice blue. With all of these great color options, you will find a pair of Crocs sneakers that’s perfect for you. The Literide Pacer Crocs sneaker is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by over 11,000 reviewers. They range in price from $38 to $104 depending on color and size. These Crocs sneakers make a great option for your next shoe. 

Crocs Women's Literide Pacer Lace-up Sneakers
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Crocs Women’s Literide 360 Pacer Sneakers

Crocs Women’s Literide 360 Pacer Sneakers make a solid pick for your next sneaker. They offer excellent comfort, the Croc Croslite foam sole, and are supportive. The Matlite upper is very similar to the knit fabric. It allows for breathability, flexibility, and a great fit. These Crocs sneakers are also heat mapped to ensure your feet stay cool and moisture free. For Crocs Sneakers, it is recommended that you size up to one full size for the best fit. The Literide 360 Crocs sneakers also include two Jibbitz charms with the saying “Lite” and “Ride”. You can also add other charms to fit your personal style or preferences. This Crocs sneaker comes in white, black with a grey sole, light grey with a dark grey sole, navy, and pearl white with blue accents. It is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars and is available from $38 to $68. The Literide Crocs sneakers are a casual and comfortable choice for your next pair of sneakers. 

Crocs Women's Literide 360 Pacer Sneakers
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Crocs Women’s Reviva Slip-On Sneaker

Crocs Women’s Reviva Slip-On Sneaker features a laceless slip-on style similar to Vans. The Crocs sneakers have foot map engineering for long-lasting comfort. They are said to have a massage-like footbed and can add a bit of bounce to your day. The bubbles located on the foot of the Crocs sneaker provide added comfort as it massages your foot as you walk. These shoes are great for jobs in which you have to be on your feet, long walks, or for casual comfort. The Reviva Crocs Sneakers have a 1.19-inch sole and are made of a neoprene collar and an Ethylene Acetate sole. These materials provide a relaxed fit so it is recommended users size up. The Crocs sneaker option is available in grey, black, and white. The Reviva Crocs sneaker is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars and is available in a budget-friendly price range of $58-63 on Amazon.

Crocs Women's Reviva Slip-On Sneaker
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Crocs Women’s LiteRide Mary Jane Sneaker

Crocs Women’s LiteRide Mary Jane Sneaker is a unique sneaker option. The Mary Jane Crocs Sneaker is Crocs’ take on the classic Mary Jane style. These shoes were designed for any “on-the-go” need. These Crocs Sneakers are also made of the Crocs Croslite foam for all-day comfort and superior support. The shoes can easily be dressed up or down based on the occasion needed. The Crocs Sneakers also offer Matlite uppers for a broken-in feel from the start. The Mary Jane Crocs Sneaker was made to fit your style and needs. They are rated 4.5 out of 5 stars and come in Grey and Black. They are available on Amazon from $53 to $101. 

Crocs Women's LiteRide Mary Jane Sneaker
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Crocs Women’s Literide Pacer Work Non-Slip Shoes

Crocs Women’s Literide Pacer Work Non-Slip Shoes bring comfort to your workplace. If you are looking for a new pair of non-slip shoes, these are for you. The Literide Pacer Non-slip shoes bring the Crocs comfort to your long shift. Forget about the long hours in uncomfortable shoes with these Crocs sneakers. The shoes are incredibly light, durable, and offer a non-slip sole. They also have the Croslite foam outsoles for the best support for your feet. The Literide Pacer Work Non-slip sneakers are rated 4.2 out of 5-stars. They are offered at $53. These shoes are a great option for your work wear needs. 

Crocs Women's Literide Pacer Work Non-Slip Shoes
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Crocs Women’s Literide Mesh Lace-up Sneaker

Crocs Women’s Literide Mesh Lace-up Sneaker is a classically styled shoe. They have an athletic appearance but also work well for every day needs. These Crocs sneakers match “science and magic” for an evolving style that matches almost any look. The black and white Crocs sneakers would work well with an athleisure style, leggings, or shorts. The Crocs athletic shoe option is classic, functional, and comfortable. The shoes are light and supportive. The Literide Mesh Crocs Sneaker is a great choice for your next pair of sneakers. They are rated 4.4 out of 5-stars.

If the Crocs classic clog isn’t for you, you can still jump on the Crocs bandwagon with a Crocs sneaker. Crocs sneakers are highly rated, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and comfortable. The Crocs brand has been highly successful. From black crocs to colorful Crocs Jibitiz charm covered, the Crocs shoe options are endless. Many people love the personalized style, celebrities included. 

Crocs Women’s Literide Mesh Lace-up Sneaker
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Why Are Crocs So Popular?

Crocs aren’t known for being particularly aesthetically pleasing. Their rubber clog style has been seen my many as an eye sore and fashion “don’t”. But, somehow the shoe continues to rise in popularity year after year. So, what makes Crocs so great? 


Crocs shoes are extremely diverse. They come in many patterns, styles, and colors. From Crocs Sneakers to the classic clog style, the options are unlimited. Crocs can be worn casually around the house, on a boat, or for other outdoor activity. The small holes allow for easy cleaning and spraying off. The pivoting heel strap of the classic Crocs style is also a great diversity feature. The strap allows your foot to stay secure in wet or rocky environments. It can also be worn around the shoe for quick wear and on-the-go needs. Crocs sneakers are also very diverse. The shoe features allow for all day wear and also have a more traditional shoe style appearance. 


Crocs are also very affordable. Most styles are available for around $60. In difficult times with a poor economy and inflation, many Americans don’t have an extra hundred dollars for a new pair of shoes. When it comes to back to school shopping, classic Crocs and Crocs sneakers are an excellent option. 


Crocs have been a staple on many trending fashion lists. With prints such as snakeskin, tiger stripes, and flames there is certainly a pair to meet your taste. Crocs can also be personalized with Jibitiz charms. Jibitiz charms are a great opportunity for a custom look. Jibitz charms can be used on Crocs sneakers and classic Croc styles. The charms come in letter, numbers, words, and symbols. There are many themes available such as Disney characters, Lisa Frank, Pac-Man, Super Mario, Super Heros, foods, and drinks. No matter what you are into, there is a Jibbitz charm to create on-trend custom Crocs for you.  

Crocs Women’s Literide Mesh Lace-up Sneaker
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Conversation Starter

So many people have a hard time making conversation. But, with these shoes you have a conversation piece readily available. No matter which Crocs shoes you are wearing, people want to discuss the fashion choice. If you opt for using Jibitz charms they are even more equipped for conversation. If you are a Disney fanatic or love a certain sports team, you can easily show your interests. The shoes are a great conversation starter and a way to connect with others. 

Easy to Clean

Crocs are also very easy to keep clean. The materials used and air vents are beneficial in keeping your shoes clean, dry, and oder-free. They help your foot to remain breathable and bacteria free. The small holes are an essential part of the design. The holes are a great feature and a great aspect of the overall shoe. 

Final Thoughts

From the time Crocs came on the market in the early 2000s they have been a source of conversation. Whether you love them or hate them, they are here to stay. The Crocs brand has done a great job of diversifying their product and have a lot of product offerings. Crocs has become a trending shoe and fashion choice despite their appearance. Many people are passionate about the style and love to rep all types of Crocs shoes including Crocs Sneakers. The Crocs brand has created a product to fit many types of styles. From the trendy style chasers to boat lovers, Crocs are a great option. If you are looking for a classic pair of shoes that are comfortable, light, and breathable look no further than Crocs and Crocs sneakers.

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