Fashion Giant Fendi Competes Well in the Sneaker Market

Fendi has been a luxury fashion house for almost a century, but luxury brand sneakers are a relatively new addition to its line. Of course, it shouldn't have been a surprise for Fendi to step into the sneaker market. Its pre-sneaker footwear options, such as boots, sandals, and high heels, had already been widely accepted in the fashion world. Even celebrities, such as world-class boxer Floyd Mayweather are seen sporting designer Fendi boots

Other athletes noticed when professional basketball players were allowed to wear their favorite high-end sneakers on the court. For example, French soccer player Karim Benzema loves sporting his Fendi merchandise wherever he goes.

Today's "Sneaker War" warriors are not limited to well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, Filas, and Puma. While these brands, who made their names and fortunes in sneakers, are very popular, top fashion houses like Fendi entered the luxury sneaker market over a decade ago. Their footwear lines continue to be in demand.  

This article will look at some of Fendi's top sneaker models. However, to gain a deeper understanding of the Fendi company and its place in the fashion and footwear world, we will take a closer look at its history.

Fendi's Fashion Origins

Fendi was established in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi. Fendi leather and fur creations were accepted in the fashion scene for their luxurious quality. The company expanded with its inventory growing to include matching accessories. Fendi is still known for its exquisite leather items. 

In 1965 the company enlisted creative director Karl Lagerfeld to help the Fendi brand reach more fashion-forward audiences. As he worked closely with Fendi's five daughters, the business started to evolve. The fashions of the 1920s had significantly changed by the 1950s. Every succeeding decade brought changes in what was considered chic and classy.

We can't talk about Fendi's rise to fashion fame without mentioning the highly sought-after Fendi Baguette. The handbag debuted in 1997, thanks to Silvia Venturini Fendi. Its release put Fendi handbags on the fashion map.

The early Fendi purse designs continue to be top sellers. Today, there are more than 215 Fendi boutiques worldwide, with the newest one opening in Madrid earlier this summer. 

The Fendi Logo

As the decades passed, the Fendi family business gained momentum. The iconic double F logo was designed as part of Karl Lagerfelds' vision. The double F stood for "fun furs." He helped to revolutionize the fashion fur industry with a way to combine luxury and modern fashion trends.

Due to the Fendi daughters' dedication to the family business, the company remained true to its Italian roots while remaining innovative in its apparel, accessory, and footwear creations. 

In an interview, Sylvia Venturini Fendi spoke about the surprising history of the FF logo. Fendi had rights reserved for the FF logo from when Karl Lagerfeld first presented it in 1965. The Fendi insignia remained popular through the 1980s before it lost some attention in the fashion scene for several years.

When the logo was revamped, advertising was aimed at millennials and the youth. Luxury fashion apparel, accessories, and sneakers with the FF logo became popular with the millennial demographic.

"We were getting big requests among the younger kids and fashionistas," Sylvia Venturini Fendi said. "Logos are so popular among millennials."

It's no wonder why Fendi footwear dons the feet of athletes and celebrities alike. 

As they expanded their product lines to include different footwear choices, consumers were more than happy to order their accessories to match. For example, the famous Fendi Baguette complements their Fendi luxury sneakers, sandals, or boots.

The Fendi brand continues to gain net worth, which is reported at $6.37 billion (6.3 billion euros).

Kim Jones, Fendi's artistic director of Couture and Womenswear, has collaborated with the Fendi fashion house since 2020. In recent months there have been talks of a possible collaboration between Marc Jacob and Fendi. Knowing that these high-end fashion designers can draw inspiration from each other is one of many reasons Fendi has the latest styles and is a leading luxury fashion house. 

Fendi Sneakers 

Millennials and the youth continue to set the sneaker trend, which includes fashion labels with bold presentations. The Fendi double F monogram is bold and remains a highly sought-after logo on women's and men's apparel, handbags, purses, other accessories, fashion footwear, and sneakers.

If you are a fan of suede or leather, Fendi sneakers could be what you need. Fendi sneakers are available in various kid's, women's, and men's sizes. This list of the fashion icon's athletic sneakers contains some of the best Fendi sneakers available today. 

Fendi Tech Fabric Low Top

The Fendi Tech Fabric Low Top design has a classy, textured look. The upper shoe material features the Fendi logo print in a dark brown. The light brown material features crosshatch detailing that lends the sneakers an intriguing textured design. With dual shades of brown and dark brown laces, these Fendi sneakers will match your jeans with brown, gold, copper, or bronze threading. 

The Fendi Tech Fabric Low Top brown logo print sneakers have a rounded tow fit and flexible base. These Fendi shoes deliver outstanding support for leisure, business, fitness, or casual, daily footwear comfort. The inner lining matches the Fendi logo print, a darker brown hue. Those distinctive colors match nicely with the base, textured backdrop, and silver lace holes.

These designer shoes are available in (Men's) US size 6 to US size 15. The current sale price is $535. The listed retail value is $750. Be sure to purchase yours soon!  

Fendi sneaker lowtop brown

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Fendi Maxi Buckle

Do you like that sophisticated, dress-for-success look? If so, then the Fendi Maxi Buckle sneakers are for you. The shoes are authentic leather. They feature an all-white inner sole, base, front, and tongue. The only pop of color is the glossy buckle strap and matching material on the heel. The shoe strap has the Fendi graphic logo and a black print set against a dark brown backing. It features a metallic gold buckle ring which lends the sneakers an air of exquisite style. 

These Fendi Maxi Buckle shoes successfully combine class and comfort for the ultimate slip-on luxury athletic shoe. Slip-on shoes such as sandals, slips, moccasins, Crocs, and flip-flops have been trending for all age groups.

Add the Fendi sneakers and Maxi Buckle shoes to our must-have list for professional athletic footwear that you can sport with your casual attire, business outfits, or fitness apparel. They are for sale at $963. Sizes range from US size 3 to US 9. 

Fendi Maxi Buckle

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Fendi Nylon Low Top

If you like an active lifestyle and need trustworthy shoes for daily activities, then the luxury Fendi Nylon Low Top might pique your interest. The pull-up back strap and side zipper lend it that Nike Air style. The textured heel and upper material give the shoes a sporty, comfort-fit look. The outer sole is durable, lightweight, and offers excellent flexibility. The nylon materials, reinforced stitching, and embedded backstrap make these sports shoes a superb choice for agility training, running, and much more. 

The Fendi Nylon Low Top sneaker is designed with a "FENDI" print in small lettering along the outer edge of the zipper. Just beneath that print, for that added luxury reference, you can see "ROMA." It will be hard to miss the brand graphics when sporting these high-end sneakers.

They are on sale for $1,101. Make sure you purchase your pair soon, as these low tops remain a top seller. The available sizes range from US size 6 to US size 14. Also, find shoes for the whole family by checking out the wide variety of Fendi shoes that are available in women's and kid's sizes. 

Fendi Nylon Low Top

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Fendi Leather Low Top

Sleek never looked so good. If you are a fan of low-top sneakers, then the Fendi Black Leather Low Top designer shoes are worth your attention. They are a lace-up type athletic luxury sneaker that comes in a smooth triple black color. Why does that matter? Because the inlay material, inner lining, threading, and base of the shoe transition so well that the lines look even more clean and symmetrical.

That look only adds a layer of sophisticated glossiness to the sneakers. They are an easily recognizable luxury pair of shoes thanks to the Fendi logo imprinted directly into the material on the sides and heel of the sneakers. 

The Fendi Black Leather Low Top sneakers have a rounded-toe design and wide fit for ultimate comfort no matter where you are. They have a relaxed-fit style.

Not sure what to pair with your formal wear for the weekly meeting? Don't have shoes to match your dinner attire? These classy, stylish sneakers can help with both outfits. They are available in US size 5 to US size 14. The current sales price is $213.

Although the holidays are still a few months away, it is never too early to add authentic leather designer shoes to that holiday shopping list. 

Fendi Leather Low Top

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Fendi Leather Low Top

For a unique twist on the classic low top, check out the Fendi White Leather Low Top sneaker. It is a triple white color, with a white base, upper, laces, tongue, inner lining, and bottoms. The layers of white are all the same shade so that all you see is the graphic detail in every line.

The shoes feature a smoothly raised Fendi logo around the upper. Similar to the black leather low tops of the same design, the Fendi white leather low tops are easily recognizable as luxury athletic shoes. The available sizes range from US 5 to US 14. 

Men and women can both relate to the difficulties of finding the right pair of sneakers to match the threading on our favorite pair of jeans. Jeans with brown, copper, or gold threading would pair well with these low-top kicks. These Fendi Leather Low Top shoes are made of authentic white leather and will pair perfectly with your best jeans.

If you wear bold accessories, like beaded jewelry or white-rimmed sunglasses, these shoes should be part of that outfit. You can match the triple white Fendi Leather Low Top shoes with your white-wash, bleached, faded, or white-threaded jeans. They are available for purchase at $667. 

Fendi Leather Low Top

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Fendi Leather Slip Ons

The Fendi Leather Slip Ons sneakers are an excellent combination of ease and comfort. The trend for slip-on has continued to gain momentum. Who wouldn't want easy, slip-on athletic shoes? Especially when the shoes are designed for luxury and offer a relaxed fit.

The sneakers feature a lace-free fit but still have lace-up holes so that you can use them with or without laces. Either way, the shoes remain easy to slip on. The back of the shoe is stiff with reinforced leather, so there won't be any smashed, folded, or rolled-in backings. Just lift the tongue and slide your foot right in. 

The Fendi Leather Slip Ons are designed with a rounded toe and flat style, making them roomy and comfortable. They feature smooth diagonal threaded lines on each side of the shoe. "FENDI" is imprinted in small lettering just beneath the second lace hole for a subtle representation of the luxury brand. The tongue and inner lining of the shoe feature a textured look like you would expect from a leather belt.

The contrast of textures and a smooth upper design show just how versatile leather can be. They range from US size 6 to US size 15. The current sales price is $89, and they are selling quickly, so get your pair soon. 

Fendi Leather Slip Ons

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Fendi FF Lycra 

Graphics on footwear is trending, and Fendi has done an outstanding job of keeping up with it.

The Fendi FF Lycra sneakers are authentic Fendi brand shoes that come in brown with the famous Fendi logo displayed across the upper part. The logo is in a darker shade of brown and contrasts well with the light brown backdrop. There is an eye-popping white-lined Fendi graphic completely circling the shoe while perfectly matching the white heel. 

The Fendi FF Lycra sneakers are bold and meant to be noticeable. The bright white Fendi graphics against the brown logo backdrop helps the shoes stand out. The brown, white, and black colorway means there are plenty of outfits these shoes would match. They are the perfect pair of luxury tennis shoes for casual or fitness wear.

Will they go with your jeans? Absolutely. Especially when wearing jeans with brown or bronze threading. The firm-fit sneakers pair well with athletic sportswear such as windbreakers or joggers. They are available in US size 6 to US size 15. They are currently available for purchase at the retail price of $710. 

Fendi FF Lycra 

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Customer Care and Fashion

Fendi Sneakers have a comfortable athletic fit with a luxury feel and classy look. Quality customer service is one thing that all boutiques and luxury footwear sale platforms have in common. Any negative customer care experiences would have a detrimental impact on the fashion labels' reputation, especially when customers can post a review or comment about a bad customer service experience on websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 

Thanks to social media, users have more power to sway popular opinion in the fashion world than they ever had before. What that means for luxury fashion houses like Fendi is they must take customer satisfaction seriously. 

You can browse the Fendi official website for more Fendi sneaker options that fit your style. Their website is where you can find more low-top sneakers like the popular brown suede shoes or the Finance printed pink satin sneakers.

If you need some gift ideas for your family or friends, man or woman, Fendi has footwear and fashions for everyone.

Be sure to look at Sneaker Guru for more top sport brand sneakers, like Reebok, Filas, and K-Swiss, or luxury label athletic footwear, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tory Burch, or Christain Louboutin. 

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