Jordan 12 Twist

Jordan 12 Retro Twist

Based on the design of the original Air Jordan 1 ‘Metallic Red’ from 1985, the new Jordan 12 twist shoes, released on July 31st 2021, continue to be traded and collected by sneakerheads across the globe. Designed by none other than Michael B Jordan and a collaboration with Nike, you can spot Air Jordan shoes from a mile away. So you want a pair of Jordan 12 Retro Twists? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll read about the history of Air Jordan, Jordan 12 Twist features, care and sizing, pricing, where to buy (from reliable sellers only), and other comparable sneakers.


History of Air Jordan

Did you know that long ago, when the first pair of Air Jordan shoes was released, you could get your own for only $65? This was back in 1985. This shoe, created by Peter Moore for Nike, was the first to start a worldwide brand for fans and basketball players alike. Moore produced this pair only for Michael Jordan and created the famous ‘Jumpman’ logo. This was known as the Air Jordan 1 in the signature colors of red, black, and white.

This shoe caused a stir for its representation of rebellion. At the time, basketball players could only wear black and white shoes. Knowing this, Moore still added the red to the shoe, and Nike aired it on a commercial. The shoes were banned, but Michael Jordan wore them anyway. This act made the shoes all the more desirable to the younger generation at the time. It began when Footlocker, a popular shoe retailer, doubled their order of Air Jordan’s from Nike after taking notice of their potential.

One year later, a new design known as the Air Jordan II sneakers was released again for Michael Jordan. This shoe was designed and produced in Italy by Nike. This shoe was known to many as the first luxury basketball shoe for its faux lizard skin upper and lines that resemble those on a sports car.  

After the first two Air Jordans, the majority of the shoes were designed by a man named Tinker Hatfield. The brand took off quickly and remains today one of the most popular sneakers in the footwear industry. So what is it up to now? Each make of the sneaker has a unique and individual style and colorway in comparison to the others. Currently, the latest Air Jordans out are the Air Jordan 36 shoes, which come in many neon and neutral colorways and feature Zoom Air Coverage and a comfortable heel for lightweight, cushioned steps perfect for everyday use or sports.

What are Air Jordan 12 Twists?

The Jordan 12 collection was first released in 1996. While we are already up to Jordan 36, the Jordan 12’s remains one of the most popular sets of all time in sneaker history due to the major changes that this release had in comparison to previous models. The Air Jordan XII is known for its signature colorway; every shoe has colors from the Chicago Bulls color scheme to the Obsidian (dark blue and white). Tinker Hatfield, the designer, took inspiration from the Japanese national flag, the rising star emblem, to design this collection.

It’s the first set to have ‘Zoom Air’ technology with the heel to toe encased in a Phylon midsole. The shoe is extremely durable with an upper made up of almost entirely leather. It was released when MJ broke off of Nike and founded Jordan Brand, which is why this shoe is also the first Air Jordan to feature only the Jumpman logo but not the Nike ‘swoosh.’

The first ‘retro’ shoe was released in 2003, and more retro colorways are still being released today. While the newest release is the Spring 2022 Air Jordan Retro ‘Playoffs’ in black/varsity red/white, the Jordan 12 Retro Twist released in 2021. It was inspired by the Chicago Bulls’ classic red and white uniform. It’s a mostly white shoe featuring black accents and metallic red embellishments. The upper is leather with scaly overlays and all white. Red metal embellishments sit on some of the eyelets. The back of the shoe features the Jordan logo and Jumpman logo on a black landing strip and heel tab, plus a ’23’ red embellishment. The midsole of the shoe features metallic red accents, and on one side, ‘Jumpman’ is engraved onto the metal. The inside of the shoe is black. The tongue has the signature ‘TWO3’ and Jumpman logos in black. A small red Jumpman logo also points out at the toe, and the forefoot and heels have black chevron traction. It was originally released at 190 USD.

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Other Colorways: Air Jordan 12 Twist

Since the first Air Jordan 12 Retro released in 2003, there has been a number of other Jordan 12 Retro colorways continuing to drop by the Jordan Brand. The first Air Jordan 12 Retro, called only that, has the same design and shape as the Retro Twist, but it has an all-black color scheme upper and all red midsole. The metallic eyelets match the black of the upper, and the heel strip and tab are red. After this release came the Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘Nubuck,’ featuring an all-black upper and midsole with silver eyelets and some University Blue decals. The Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘French Blue’ is a lighter color scheme, with a white leather upper, French Blue midsole, and silver/grey eyelets and accents. If you want a more neutral colorway, the 2015 Air Jordan 12 ‘PSNY’ is an all-grey shoe with no colored embellishments, but the same design as the others. While most Air Jordan 12’s are high tops, there are low top options as well. The Air Jordan 12 Retro Low ‘Taxi’ from 2004 features a black midsole, white upper, and gold eyelet embellishment, resembling the high-top shoes, but with a low top. That same year, the Air Jordan 12 Retro Low Women’s was released which has a low top, white upper, but pink midsole and accent on the inside of the shoe with silver eyelet decals. Lastly, the Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘Gamma’ is a colorful option: released in 2013, it features a black upper, bright Gamma blue midsole, black eyelets, and Gym Red logo and heel strip accents. These are only a few of the Retro colorways released– if you can think of some sort of Chicago Bulls colorway, it’s probably been released, and you’re guaranteed to find the one you want.

Pricing and Where to Buy

The original retail price of the Jordan 12 Twist was set at $190. However, you’ll likely pay more for them now on online sneaker marketplaces. It’s important you know where to buy so that you don’t get scammed into purchasing a fake pair, which is a common occurrence for new customers for any designer sneakers.

Probably the most popular platform where you can buy, sell, and bid on brand new sneakers only (as per site rules) is StockX. StockX was established in 2016 in Detroit, Michigan, by CEO Scott Cutler. It’s what’s called a ‘stock market of things’ where you can bid, buy, and sell sneakers, apparel, and more (new only). Prices fluctuate according to demand just like on the stock market. The company doesn’t ship you a product without verifying its authenticity. It’s first shipped to one of the StockX authentication centers where machine learning is used to detect fake products. After being labeled with a green tag that means the product is all good, it’s shipped to the buyer. You can find the Jordan 12 Retro Twist in the 250-300 dollar range currently for a new pair.

Another reliable online marketplace is Flight Club. On Flight Club, you have the option to buy both new and used sneakers, but new ones are typically easier to find, as they’re in stock more often. Prices for the Jordan 12 Retro Twist on Flight Club will range from 250-490 dollars depending on the size, the average being in the early $300 range. Shoes from Flight Club undergo a strict review process before being sent to you to ensure that you’re not getting any fake products.

You can also pick up a pair of Jordan’s over at Prices range from 270-490 new depending on size. However, getting a used pair from GOAT will be much cheaper and can even be in the 100 dollar range. Shoes from GOAT are also reviewed for authenticity before they are sent to you just like other major sneaker marketplaces. If you don’t want to wait for processing, shipping, and quality checks, you also have the option to purchase the shoe ‘instant new’ which will be at a higher price, but it has been pre-checked and certified authentic, and it will ship to you directly and immediately.

If you purchase directly from the Nike shop on Amazon, you do risk getting scammed for a fake pair. Prices on Amazon are also much more expensive than on other marketplaces. However, this shoe does have ratings on Amazon if you want to read customer feedback before you purchase it. Depending on size, prices will range from 300 to 622 dollars on Amazon. Buying from a seller that is not directly from Nike on Amazon is not recommended.


Air Jordan Sizing and Care

Some sneakers are known for running a size small or large. However, with Jordan 12’s, you don’t need to worry about ordering a different size than what you’re used to. These sneakers are true to size according to Weartesters. Do keep in mind that the shoes are made of leather– this might initially feel uncomfortable or tight, but as you continue to wear them, they’ll mold to fit you more comfortably than any other shoe, so you might need to give them some time if it’s your first time wearing leather shoes.

Your best bet for cleaning your Air Jordan 12 Retro shoes would be bringing them to a professional sneaker cleaning service. However, this can be expensive– luckily it’s easy to clean them at home without damaging the shoe’s material. You’ll need a soft and hard brush, a dry cloth, and ideally some sneaker cleaning solution. If you don’t have this, use any very gentle cleaner. The Jordan 12 Retro Twist has white shoelaces, so you can bleach them if they get dirty. Remove them and put them in a gallon of water with three tablespoons of bleach. Be careful not to mess with this ratio. Soak them and stir them in the solution for a few minutes, then place them in a laundry mesh bag and wash them in a washing machine. Air dry your shoes and laces– do not use a dryer.

For the leather upper of the sneaker– put some cleaning solution in a small bowl with cool water. Mix it with a soft brush and apply it to the upper, gently scrubbing any stains. You can use the hard brush to clean rubber midsoles. You might need to use a toothbrush to scrub out any grime from small crevices in the shoe. Dry them gently with a microfiber cloth/towel and then set them aside to air dry.

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Jordan 12 Pros and Cons

Each Air Jordan shoe release has different characteristics that make it appealing to different lifestyles. How do you know if the Air Jordan 12 Retro collection is the best shoe for you, besides for the fact that you like the design? For the pros of the shoe, it’s versatile with all different kinds of outfits and occasions. It’s not too sporty, so you can pair it with some slightly formal looks, but it is made to play in, so it’ll be comfortable to wear while you’re shooting hoops or going on a run. If you’re someone that has trouble finding the right size, the leather of the Jordan 12 makes it easy to find something that will mold to your fit over time, plus it’s easy to find the correct size shoe since they run true to size. This shoe also ‘locks’ your heel in place so that you don’t slip or wobble. It’s a good shoe for structure if you are frequently slipping or twisting your feet. However, there are some downsides to this model. The leather can be difficult to break into, and some people might not like the feeling of a stiff leather shoe. While it takes time, if you’re looking for a shoe that will be soft from day one, a different Jordan might be better. The leather of the shoe may also get hotter since it traps heat. This shoe requires more frequent cleaning, while some people may prefer a shoe that doesn’t need as much maintenance.



While many new sneaker trends and brands have gone up and down over the years, one brand that hasn’t left the spotlight since it was first created is none other than the Air Jordan brand. With its first release in 1985, the shoe was designed by a group of designers and made with Nike for an all-new sneaker made specifically for Michael Jordan himself. When the University Red color on the shoe was banned by the NBA and Jordan was fined for wearing the shoe, this act of rebellion actually pushed the shoe’s popularity among the younger generation for both its design and controversy. After the release of Air Jordan I, the Air Jordan II was designed in Italy. Currently, we’re all the way up to Air Jordan 36 with new collections still being designed. However, one of the most popular releases is still the Air Jordan 12. Starting in 2003, the shoe has been released as Retro versions and new colorways are still coming out today. The Air Jordan 12 Twist is one of the newest, featuring a white, red, and black Chicago Bulls-inspired colorway.

While the original retail price was set at $190, you’ll probably need to spend a little more to find them now through online marketplaces. StockX, Flight Club, and GOAT are three of the most popular verified marketplaces where you can buy and sell new and used sneakers that are checked for authenticity before they are shipped to you. Avoid buying from select retailers like Amazon, where the shoe cannot be verified because you might receive a fake.

This shoe features metallic red embellishments on the eyelets, a black heel strip and tab with the Jumpman logo, and a white midsole. the inside of the shoe is black along with black logo accents on the tongue. The laces are white, and the upper is made of classic Jordan 12 leather. Still today, the Air Jordan12 Twist is one of the most modern looking fan favorite releases.