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Air Jordan Point Lane Sneaker Guide

The Jordan Point Lane silhouette, released in 2021, is on the rise to becoming the next must have Air Jordan’s. The name ‘Point Lane’ actually comes from the street where Michael Jordan’s mansion is found in Highland Park, IL. This design takes elements from many other Air Jordan’s including Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 6, and Air Jordan 11. The shoe also features the classic Nike Air Max technology for optimal comfort, fit, and cushioning. Read on to find out the different colorways and their release dates, about Jordan Brand, sizing, pricing and where to buy, and other similar styles. 

Air Jordan: The Story

Jordan sneakers were first introduced in 1985 with the release of the classic Air Jordan 1. But what are Air Jordans? Are they designed by Michael Jordan? How was Michael Jordan able to create such a successful sneaker brand in such a short period of time? Jordan shoes are actually designed by Nike. The Air Jordan was designed in 1985 by Peter Moore and sold at a mere $65. This shoe had a colorway a bit different than other shoes at the time, which were previously all white. The red on the Jordan 1 was not an allowed color by the NBA, and every time Michael Jordan wore them, he was fined $5,000. This ban and controversy made the shoe incredibly popular for its rebellious appeal towards the younger generation. It was so popular that Nike didn’t mind paying the fine each time they were worn, but they eventually released another sneaker that met the uniform requirements. Michael Jordan originally wanted a partnership with Adidas, but the Nike design (and Nike’s insane offer to Jordan for a partnership) led to the collaboration with Nike. 

A year later, Peter Moore designed the Air Jordan 2 which again broke many rules and was the first Nike shoe to not have the iconic ‘Swoosh’ logo. This is also the only Jordan made in Italy. After this, Tinker Hatfield, who has designed most of the popular Air Jordan’s to date, took over after this to design the Air Jordan III. Most Jordan’s include a Chicago Bulls inspired color scheme and are made of premium leather material. There are both low and high tops, and they feature both the Nike Swoosh as well as the ‘Jumpman’ logo. Even when Jordan retired briefly after the death of his father, the sneakers still topped the charts.

While Michael Jordan may be retired permanently now, Air Jordan is more than what it used to be; no matter what happens, the classic style and design and their rich history will keep them big in the sneaker industry for generations to come. Now, we’re all the way to Air Jordan 36, and the Jordan Point Lane is a new release that takes elements from the most popular Air Jordan’s of past releases plus Nike Air Max technology to create a sneaker with unmatched comfort and style. air jordan sketch

Jordan Point Lane Features

The Jordan Point Lane offers both style and comfort for everyday wear or as a basketball shoe. It’s also perfect for running, as it uses Nike’s ‘Air Max’ technology through a large air translucent air unit in the sole which is twice as cushioned as a classic Nike Air Max shoe. You’ll feel the Nike air unit technology as soon as you put the shoe on. 

Nike Air technology, according to Nike brand, utilizes a pressurized air bag made of sturdy material that prevents leakage that keeps the shoe lightweight, bouncy, and elastic. With every step, the air unit sole absorbs the impact and then bends back into its original shape.

The Jordan Point Lane has elastic lace loops instead of metal eyelets for comfort, and the upper features mesh and leather overlays inspired by the Air Jordan 11. The Air Jordan 6 inspires the midsole and the Air Jordan 3 has a similar heel with the same ‘Nike Air Max’ branding. The tongue, which is elastic, and the side of the upper feature colored Jumpman logos. The Point Lane is a high top with a thick ankle collar for support perfect for basketball, and sturdy rubber on the sole. The shoe comes in many colorways, some colorful and others black and white. Some are much more difficult to find than others, namely the ‘Infrared’, which is also the most popular release. Below are some of the most well-known colorways.

The Air Jordan’s That Inspired the Point Lane

You’ve read that the Jordan Point Lane combines elements from the Air Jordan 6, 11, and 3, which are some of the most popular shoes from the company. The Air Jordan 6 silhouette was actually inspired by MJ’s German sports car, with a translucent rubber sole and visible air and a neoprene sleeve. It was originally released in five colorways including the ‘Infrared’, which is very similar to the Jordan Point Lane ‘Infrared’ in an all black upper with bright scarlet accents. The Air Jordan 3 came with the birth of the Jumpman logo. These shoes were designed by none other than Tinker Hatfield, the designer behind most Jordan shoes. There were four original releases in mainly neutral colors, but with many retro colorways were released in the following years. The Jordan 11’s are famous for their appearance in ‘Space Jam’. They feature a patent leather shine and had six original releases in 1995. Their wavy multi-colored midsole design resembles that of the Jordan Point Lane, and there are 24 retro releases of this silhouette. 

Jordan Point Lane ‘Infrared’

The Infrared was released on September 9th, 2021 for a retail price of $140. It’s by far the most well known colorway of the Point Lane silhouette. The tongue, upper, and laces are all a smooth jet black. The midsole features a clear transparent air max 200 unit topped with a scarlet ‘infrared’, which is immediately noticeable in the all-black shoe. The bottom of the midsole features a bit of cool white. The insole of the shoe is also bright infrared with a black Jumpman logo. If you flip the shoe, you’ll find white ‘NIKE’ branding and an Infrared Jumpman logo. Lastly, the Nike Air logo on the heel is white.

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Jordan Point Lane ‘True Blue’ 

Released July 23rd, 2021, for a retail price of $140, the Jordan Point Lane is a bright and fresh colorway easily recognizable by fans. The clean blue and white colorway takes inspiration from the Air Jordan 6. This pair plays into appeal from older Jordan shoes a lot more than other Point Lane colorways which have made it especially popular among fans and collectors. The upper is a pure white base with some bright blue and grey. The translucent outsoles have the Nike Air Max 200 air unit in a clear color, and the eyelets for the laces are elastic in both blue and white. There are some baby blue accents outlining the bright blue on the midsole, and the top of the tongue features a bright red Jumpman logo on a grey overlay. The shoe’s heel is white with the Nike Air branding in bright blue.

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Jordan Point Lane ‘Cool Grey’

If you’re a fan of neutral greys or you liked the grey accents on the ‘True Blue’, the Cool Grey may be your favorite Point Lane. The muted grey blends in perfectly with any outfit for almost any occasion, and it’s easily recognizable as a Point Lane without calling too much attention. The Point Lane Cool Grey very closely resembles the Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey, which has both the same name and color scheme. It has an upper made with premium leather and suede overlays with pure white midsoles and a blue outsole that could only be described as icy. The cool white laces sit on top of a wolf grey tongue with a white Jumpman logo, plus a clear translucent Nike Air Max 200 air unit. Nike Air branding is bright white, contrasting with the darker grey material on the heel. This shoe is a lot newer than previous models, and it was released on March 17th of 2022 for a retail price of $140. 

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Jordan Point Lane ‘Urban Jungle’

The Jordan Point Lane Urban Jungle lives up to its name with fun patterns and colors. While the colorways mentioned above are all neutral or solid muted colors, the Urban Jungle is a mix of that and fun colors. It was released on August 25th of 2021 and has a mainly black and white upper with ballistic mesh and leather overlays. There is some yellow and teal lining around the shoe. The sole is black and icy blue with grey, plus a clear translucent air max 200 unit. There’s a small red accent on the neutral colored upper with a crimson Jumpman logo, and a teal Jumpman logo on the black tongue. The heel is the most exciting part. The Nike Air Max branding isn’t very visible; it’s raised, but not a different color than the background. The heel features a black background decorated with blue, yellow, green, and red graffiti-like faded shapes and lines. The original price of this shoe was $140 on the Nike site.

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Jordan Point Lane Sizing

Unlike sneakers from many other brands such as Yeezy’s or other Nike shoes, the Jordan Point Lanes fit true to size. Don’t size up or down, get your standard shoe size. Those who have tested the shoe say that it has a snug fit making it perfect for sports and running. They are also great for walking long distances. Note that these shoes are only sold in men’s US sizing. If you typically buy in women’s sizes, add 1.5 sizes up from your women’s size to get the equivalent men’s size.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Buying your first (or second, or tenth…) pair of Jordan Point Lane’s doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. You can find new, used, or even new with defects shoes on many online sneaker marketplaces. Unfortunately, searching the shoe up on the Nike website leads to a message reading ‘the product you are looking for is no longer available’. This is why it’s important to know where to look beside the official site so you don’t get scammed into paying more than you should or buying a fake pair. 

StockX is one of the most popular options for buying and selling sneakers. Essentially, it’s what’s been dubbed as a ‘stock market for things’ because the purchase price on previous sales of the product and the demand for it is what determines the price. So buyers determine the price, not the seller. The Detroit based company has facilities all across the globe that check sneakers for authenticity and then label them with a green tag before they are shipped to the buyer. Note that only new shoes can be sold on StockX, and the price also varies by size. The average sale price on StockX for the Jordan Point Lane Infrared has been $155. 

GOAT is an equally good option for purchasing sneakers that is actually more versatile than StockX. Unlike StockX, prices are already set on GOAT, but you can pick from new, used, new with defects, and instant new. Instant new is a more expensive option with pre-verified sneakers that are automatically shipped to you brand new in the box upon purchase so you don’t need to wait for them to get to the facility for authentication before they are shipped to you. Some shoes on GOAT are cheaper for defects like a missing lid or damaged box. You’ll find yourself spending about $170 for a new pair of Jordan Point Lane ‘True Blue’ shoes on GOAT, but note that price varies greatly on size so it’s difficult to provide an average. 

Flight Club is another safe site for purchasing and selling new and used sneakers where products are authenticated before you receive them as the buyer. Note that Flight Club, while it’s an old and tried and true company, does tend to be more expensive and is not always as stocked as other popular marketplaces. Also, Flight Club does not offer returns– all sales on the website are final. You can find a pair of Jordan Point Lane ‘Cool Grey’ sneakers on Flight Club for about $180 new. Used ones are usually not in stock. You can only cancel your order within three hours of placement. If you’re interested in shopping in store or are planning a trip to a major city, you can check out Flight Club retail stores in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City to see if you can get a good steal and browse around.

Wherever you do decide to buy, it’s best that you stay away from sellers on Amazon and Ebay. These sites can sell at outrageous prices and provide inaccurate photos and product details, and you’ll risk receiving a fake since there is no authentication for products. However, you do have reviews and the ability to return and get a refund, so weigh your risks and benefits before purchasing on these sites.

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The Jordan Point Lane is one of Jordan Brand’s latest releases that takes inspiration from previous fan-favorite Jordan silhouettes including the Jordan 3, 6, and 11. The name was inspired by the mansion that Michael Jordan lived in when he played with the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan didn’t actually design the first Jordan’s. He had hoped for a partnership with Adidas, but Peter Moore from Nike ended up designing the Air Jordan 1’s after agreeing to collaborate with Jordan and seeing the shoes blow up for their colored controversy. The next shoes were designed in Italy known as the Air Jordan 2’s, and now we’re up to Jordan 36, with the majority of the shoes being designed by architect Tinker Hatfield. The Jordan Point Lane uses Nike Air Max 200 technology with a single large pressurized air unit in the sole that provides double the comfort in comparison to a traditional air max. The shoes are high tops and feature mesh and leather overlays with elastic eyelets for the laces. Some of the most popular colorways include the Infrared, which are modeled after the Air Jordan 6 Infrared, the True Blue, also inspired by the Jordan 6, the Cool Grey, and the Urban Jungle which has a colorful pattern. The shoes originally sold at a retail price of $140 on, but are now sold out and can be found on various online sneaker marketplaces like StockX, GOAT, and Flight Club for a slightly higher price. Luckily, these shoes are true to size, so you don’t need to size up or down. 

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