Kanye West Releases the Adidas Yeezy 380

Launching the Yeezy 380 

After much anticipation, Adidas and Kanye West joined their creative synergies and launched the Yeezy Boost 380. The debut sneaker was released in the Alien Blue colorway in December of 2021 with many more releases to follow that year. Manufacturers have even grander expectations for 2022. Unlike the Air Jordan or Air Force 1s, this sneaker provides an easy slip-on and slip-off experience. Even though the Yeezy is a few years old, Adidas continuously releases new colorways for fresh, new looks to keep up with the times. Building on the much-loved 350 V2, the Yeezy 380 stretches the creativity to the max with edgy patterns, colors, and performance-enhancing technicalities. 

The release of the Yeezy 380 is another victory in a longstanding partnership between the iconic powerhouses. 

Kayne has significantly impacted the retail industry with his creativity. After joining forces with Adidas in 2014, he released almost 200 colorways across 19 models. Initially he was collaborating with Nike, but he felt his creative input and ideas were limited. Nike really only allowed the iconic powerhouse to be a rep in name only; therefore, when Adidas approached him offering more design freedom, he left Nike. Kayne wanted more involvement in the actual design of the shoe and Adidas happily obliged. This powerful combination of the Kayne brand and the sneaker empire of Adidas generated one of the most well-known shoe lines in the last few decades. 

The Yeezy 380 is one of the latest collaborative efforts between the two iconic powerhouses. It’s a creative blend of comfort and style, although one can argue it may not be your best friend as a distance runner. Kayne incorporates the legendary Adidas Boost technology, and true to form, this sneaker is uniquely comfortable. Customers who have managed to get their hands on a new pair of Yeezy shoes have mixed reviews on whether the 380 is worth the $200 price point. 

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News and Plenty of Hype

There is plenty of excitement in the sneaker community, but some runners aren’t impressed. While it can definitely be classified as a lifestyle sneaker, the Yeezy Boost 380 lacks the toe flexibility and lacing system needed to support distance jogging. Because this sneaker lacks some sporty features, it can be hard to determine whether or not the new Yeezy 380 is really an athletic shoe. While Adidas has done an excellent job of upgrading the support features of the new Yeezy, is it going to be enough? Is the Yeezy 380 ready to take its place on the court? The 350 V2 is a very comfortable shoe and features the legendary Boost technology from Adidas, and many customers say wearing the 350 V2 feels like walking on air. It’s a great shoe to wear with jeans or joggers to enhance your everyday style; however, it’s not designed for running. With a higher rear collar, the new Yeezy 380 seems to be attempting an athletic statement; however, it hasn’t reached the mark for distance runners quiet yet. The new Yeezy 380s are an ever-evolving shoe and not against adopting enhancing qualities. There is definitely quite a buzz and plenty of expectations going into 2022.

 In terms of style, the new 380 is taking the colorway field by storm. Adidas has released new edgy colorways with reflective and non-reflective patterns. These new colorways seem to be straight from space. The new colors provide a fashion statement that has driven the adoption of the new Yeezy 380. Easily recognizable, the new Yeezy provides a significant departure from some of the legacy shoes and hopes to take its place at the top of the charts. 

Coming in at $250, the new price point might be a little difficult to justify. To some, the specific features of the higher-end Nike sneakers are more in line with their athletic goals. For others, the unique, limited edition Yeezy 380 is well worth the price and complements the style they aim to achieve. 

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For those that enjoy limited-edition footwear for light athletic activity, the 380 might be worth considering. It maintains breathability and circulates plenty of air through the air holes on the sides of the shoe. The rubber outsole is thick, provides excellent traction in wet conditions, and seems to provide a durability upgrade from the Adidas Ultraboost. The Yeezy comes with plenty of padding that provides extra reinforcement. The heel drop is standard for most athletic shoes. From the front to the back, the stand drop provides a comfortable step.

While an argument can be made against the lack of support in the upper for longer distance running, the knit design is comfortable for a typical athletic shoe.


Runners who have tested this sneaker say the upper is not flexible enough for running. The shoe has a sock-like fit, and while this is comfortable, it doesn’t provide enough structure to support your foot on long-distance runs. The lacing system doesn’t provide any support for the upper, either. Most runners have found the only way to make things tighter is to wear thicker socks. This lack of stability can be challenging when the only solution is to wear thicker socks. The rear collar leaves much to be desired, as well. Wearing high socks is a must as low-rise socks can quickly cause blisters. Runners who use this shoe recommend socks at least as high as the collar, and this might cramp your style. 

Is It Worth It? 

It just depends on what you are looking for. What it lacks technically, it makes up for in style. The lack of certain valuable features makes the price point hard to rationalize. Competitors such as Nike have unique designs such as carbon fiber plates, and even these fall below the price point of the Yeezy 380. However, there are many new colorways available since the first release. The Yeezy attracts a significant audience that might not be looking for technical design features but rather a limited-edition sneaker that fits nicely with their active gear or personal style.

A Closer Look at the Adidas Design and Style Options

380 Blue Oat Reflective

The 380 Blue Oat comes in both reflective and non-reflective options and includes both oat and blue tones across the shoe. The prime knit features an earthy “digi-camo” print. In the front, the sneaker features a brighter blue section. The multiple color patterns that overlap bring out the bright style that this colorway brings to the table. The reflective variation contains a thread across the upper. The 380 blue oat maintains the legendary Adidas boost technology providing optimal comfort. 

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380 Onyx Reflective

The 380 onyx comes in reflective and non-reflective choices like the Blue Oat. Both models feature earthy tones and maintain a sleek design commonly found in the Yeezy 380. The construction of the shoe’s upper has the same prime knit design as other 380s. This particular version sports various shades of brown and a camouflage type pattern. The Onyx Reflective has a thread woven across the upper like the Blue Oat. This sneaker also contains the legendary Adidas Boost technology, and this provides comfort. The outer sole is built from the same gum construction. When it was released, this model was available in men’s, kids’, and infant sizes. It can be purchased from the Adidas website or other retailers such as the Trading Post. 

380 Pepper

The 380 pepper features the iconic flat rubber sole along with an almond toe, white base, and a branded insole. Many customers say this one looks even better in person. Yeezy retailers, Yeezy Supply, and the Adidas website retail the sneaker at a price point of $270.

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380 Alien

As one customer says, ” I can’t remember when I’ve had a pair of sneakers that I have loved more than the Adidas Yeezy 380 Aliens.” The on-foot experience has been significantly elevated as compared to the 350 v2. The toe is much narrower on the 380, which can be a little disappointing after walking a while. A positive with the 380 Alien is the elevated heel. There is a noticeable difference in the height of the heel compared to the 350. According to customers, it can make the walking experience feel a little different but in conjunction with the Boost technology, the extra bounce can be really nice. The midsole of this sneaker might even have a little more Boost than previous models. Customers who have previously purchased the boost and the Ultra boost shoes say that the 380 Alien is their favorite by far. They attribute the elevated heel structure and extra Boost in the sole to the success of this model. 

Yeezy 380 VS 350

The Yeezy 380 follows one of the most disruptive sneakers, the Yeezy 350 V2. The new Yeezy comes with a more futuristic design, an updated prime knit upper, and new technological enhancements. Can this shoe take its place on the court and on the track? 

The 380 is much different than its predecessor. A design shift is taking place, moving towards a more athletic feel. Runners say the 350 has a softer feel while the 380 offers more stability. The aesthetics of the Yeezy 380 have also been updated. The new Yeezy now comes in various digi-camo prints. Staying true to its roots, the 380 boasts the Boost technology and the sock-like upper. Much like the original Yeezy, runners would recommend purchasing this shoe a half size up from your normal shoe size. The design of the upper and the collar fit make things a little tight around your ankle. Many runners have received blisters when purchasing them true to size. For those that are wearing the shoe on a day-to-day basis, you might be able to get away with a simple true-to-size fit. 


The 380 colorways tend to get dirty very quickly. A sneaker cleaning kit is recommended to keep them looking fresh, especially the grey alien model. The design of the upper with the prime knit can be a bit of a challenge to clean. Customers have noticed the prime knit can stain much easier than other shoes and recommend some form of stain repellent applied before wearing the shoe around town. 

Overall Comfortability: 

The entire Yeezy line has been built for comfort, and the 380 is no different. Between the 350 and the 380, it’s really a toss-up. The 380 provides extra comfort to address problems runners encounter regarding structural support in the 350 V2. Most customers that have given both of these shoes a try compare the experience to walking on air or walking on a cloud. If you’re looking for a basketball shoe, the 380 has been updated with a slightly better-shaped heel offering you more support for jumping and running. There’s not much difference between these two when it comes to comfort. When you think of the Yeezy line, the Adidas Boost technology probably comes to mind. This technology has significantly impacted the market and provides a highly comfortable platform for daily walking, light athletic sports, and jogging. It’s a tie when it comes to comfort for these two shoes. Understanding your priorities is the key to every shoe you buy. Running shoes and fashion shoes come in very different designs with different feature sets.

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Who Wins?

Both the 350 and the 380 are great sneakers. Buyers seem to be split on which one is better. The verdict seems to be that the 350 might look better but the 380 feels better. This would make sense when you take into consideration all the new technological enhancements that went into producing the 380. The sneaker community definitely seems to be excited about the 380 shake-ups and the edgier colorways. While it maintains the features that everyone has come to love, the new colorways provide a boast of exciting creativity. What else would we expect with the collaboration efforts of Kanye? 

What About Kids? 

The designer shoe market for kids is growing extensively. Over the next few years, the expected growth rate is 4%, and it appears more customers are willing to pay premium prices for higher-end materials and well-designed products. The rise in disposable income and participation in a wide range of sports has increased this recent market growth. A push for a healthy lifestyle for younger children has also driven up the number of participants for outdoor sports like running, biking, and swimming. The Yeezy 380 does come in children’s sizes and can range anywhere from $120-$160. This might seem a steep price to pay when considering the amount of use the sneakers might undergo. For the average adult, these sneakers are more of an everyday shoe or addition to their fashion wear. While the thick rubber sole of the 380 provides quite a bit of durability, it has yet to be determined if the shoe can hold up over long periods of time. 

Interestingly enough, some parents are also willing to pay for designer brands to provide their kids with emotional and social support. One parent said they didn’t want their kids to experience the teasing they received as a kid because they didn’t have the “cool” shoes, so they dished out the big bucks for the designer shoes. It became a fine balance between the extra cost of the shoe, the worries around durability, and the desire for their kids to be socially accepted. Some of the colorways come in under $150, which is still pricey for a kid’s shoe, but in comparison to other designer shoes, is a reachable goal. Keep in mind, the Yeezy 380s are being worn by some of the most prominent sports stars and when kids see this on TV, there’s a solid chance they may be drawn to the more popular colorways.  


The partnership between Kayne and Adidas to add the 380 into the legendary Yeezy line-up seems to be a success. The combination of color and style builds on a long line of sneakers Adidas has already established that dominated the industry. Combining comfort, futuristic style, and the creativity of Kanye West, the 380 bursts onto the scene with flair. This sneaker has a lot to offer due to the technology Adidas implements. While many have been excited about the style and look, using it as a running shoe might not yield the best results. However, if you’re looking for comfort, style, a form-fitting upper, a higher rear collar, and the breakout colorways, the 380 is your shoe. As the kid’s fashion market continues to expand, the Yeezy 380 might even be a great fit for the little ones as they venture out into the world of sports. The internet is buzzing with anticipation over the Adidas Yeezy 380s, and customers can’t wait for the next release. 

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