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Nike introduced the Air Max 200 back in the summer of 2019. This shoe took the fashion world by surprise. Packed with comfort, inspiration, and a variety of patterns, this shoe has become everyday wear for many. Specifically designed with comfort in mind, it’s important to note that these shoes may not be the best choice for super long runs. They're more for short runs, long walks, the gym, and casual wear. Therefore, if you've come to this post looking for a new running shoe for an upcoming marathon, this probably isn't the one. On the other hand, if you've come for extreme comfort and to bring a unique style to your hometown gym, this is the place for you.

Get the Look

Nike has come prepared to bring sneaker lovers everywhere a unique and vintage-looking sneaker. Offering a variety of patterns and styles, this shoe is perfect for the fashionistas and athletes of our generation. It's not a shock to most that shoes are a huge part of our daily lives. For generations, shoes have been a mark of social class, fashion levels, and much more. According to Fibre2Fasion, "Shoes are one of the most essential pieces of clothing that aid in creating a sense of style, as they are truly functional as well as adding the necessary accessory to create a spectacular entrance." The Airmax 200 design has no issues doing exactly that.

So what exactly makes the Air Max 200s so appealing to the eye of fashion as well as to the world of athletics? Well, bringing fresh styles while adding a hint of boldness to the culture may have been the originality of the design. All in all, that's the exact marketed crowd this shoe has been targeted towards. With the variety of colorways offered with this specific style, wearers are able to express themselves in their own ways. MMA Global informs us that Nike's main goal with this style "was to elevate the creative output of its audience while creating an enormous social buzz in the process."

Nike has definitely made some serious advancements with that goal by allowing for a shoe that really can help bring inspiration to a variety of different cultures around the world.

What Makes them So Comfy?

Besides being attractive and inspirational, this shoe is also known for its extreme comfort. The Nike company itself has been known in the past, present, and most likely the future to provide users with extreme comfort. They also provide exceptional customer service, which, in turn, always makes shoe shopping that much better. It's been quite evident throughout the years that Nike genuinely cares about their customers, and according to Nike themselves, they even offer a "free 60-day trial on any pair of shoes. You can return them after taking a stroll outside if you're not satisfied."

Aside from being known for making comfortable shoes, what exactly gives the Air Max 200 sneaker such a high rating on the comfort side? Well, let's take a look, shall we?

Cushioned Midsole

The cushioned midsole that's been integrated into the Air Max 200 is known to help give the sneakers a lighter feel. This makes it more comfortable for walking while also providing users with a more resilient and bouncy feel.


Visible Air Max Cushion Units

First introduced in 1978, the idea of air cushioning in shoes was brought to us by Marion Franklin Rudy by "placing tiny airbags in the soles of athletic shoes to soften the impact.” Marion Franklin Rudy first pitched this idea in the 60s. It hadn't been developed into a prototype until much later by Nike co-founder Phil Knight. The prototype was created and within the next year, Nike marketed its first air-filled shoes.

Continuing to grow and become more popular throughout the years, the Air Max Cushion units can still be found in the Air Max 200, providing athletic level support for more cushioned and soft impacts. According to Weartesters the Nike Air Max 200's "are known to contain 200% more air than the standard Nike Airmax cushion units." Making them one of the most cushioned shoes in Nike's history.


Made with special nylon material, the Nike Air Max 200 is known to keep feet dry and warm. Although they may not be able to handle walking through large puddles, ponds, or streams, this product is known to withstand rain and small splashes!


Leather Mudguard

Don't let the term 'mudguard' steer you wrong. Nike Air Maxes can definitely still get muddy, so, seriously, take precautions and wipe them off after runs. It's important to keep that in mind when deciding if these are the right shoes for that first hike in the Spring (they're not). Although it doesn't prevent the shoes from getting mud-stained, it does actually provide wearers with extra protection and cushioning around the toe area. Overall, understand it has been added as more of a protection measure rather than a literal mudguard.

Where Can I Buy Them?

There's a variety of selected retailers that sell the Air Max 200 shoes. Depending on customer preferences, the sneaker can be purchased in person or online. Below are a few of the top places to purchase these shoes.

Online shopping has definitely become a go-to for many of us. It just tends to be easier and more convenient, but not always. These 3 sites are great for buying shoes online!

  1. NIKE

Of course, buying directly from Nike themselves is the most trustworthy way to go. Over the years, there have a been variety of fake Nike air shoes put out into the world. It can be easy to get caught up in that while shopping online and searching for the best possible deal.

In order to prevent accidentally buying from a fake retailer, the best way to ensure an authentic, high-quality sneaker is to purchase from the retailer themselves.

  1. GOAT

Goat is a third-party, one-stop online shop that provides authentic products to its customers. Starting out in 2015 specifically in the shoe fashion industry, Goat has now started venturing out to serve a variety of different fashion inspirations. Goat offers resale products and guarantees them to be authentic: "Resale products, including sneakers, are required to ship to us for verification first to ensure they are authentic and as described." According to Goat's FAQs, aside from resale products the Goat platform offers a large collection of authentic retail product: "Retail products, including apparel and accessories, are pre-verified and ship directly from our trusted retail and boutique partners." In order to order your new pair of Air Max 200s from Goat, you'll have to check out their website and choose from all the different patterns and styles.


Like most other things in the world of online shopping, Amazon is the place to go. Offering a variety of styles and colorways, Amazon has a long list of Nike sneaker options. As with most items Nike sneakers purchased through Amazon normally come with free shipping. It's important to check prices directly on Nike's website before purchasing from a third-party site. It may seem like you could get them cheaper on Amazon, but you might find a better price by purchasing directly from the retailer.

Air Jordan Max 200 Mens Trainers

by Nike 

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02/18/2024 10:06 am GMT

In-Store Retailers

Buying a new sneaker can be difficult for people of all ages. Size, comfort level, and foot size vary across all platforms and brands. Therefore, for those avid shoe fashionistas, it's important to actually physically try the shoe on before purchasing. Our experts definitely understand that, which is why we've provided a list of the top in-store shops for buying Air Max 200s.

Foot Locker

Shopping at Foot Locker can seriously make your purchase that much easier. With trained professionals offering exceptional customer service, you're practically guaranteed to find a shoe that will fit comfortably. The best part is that if the shoe you're looking for isn't in-store, Foot Locker employees can easily order it online, matching size and desired patterns.

Dick's Sporting Goods

If you've got a Dick's Sporting Goods in your area it's a great place to go for shoes. Dick's has partnered with Nike for decades, advertising and bringing products directly to your community. Stop into Dick's today for great customer service in order to find your favorite style.

If you don't have a Dick's Sporting Goods in your area, try another sporting goods store like Champs Sports or Finish Line!

Nike Air Max 200 Compared to Other Products

The Nike Air Max 200 seems to be a bit less enticing compared to other Air Max models. This makes it it less of a desirable shoe. The reason for this doesn't stem from the variety of colorways as much as it does compare to the comfort of other styles.

While the Air Max technology was originally created to give a more cushioned feeling on impact for athletes, this shoe seems to not be the best for athletics. The Air Max 200 is great for short walks or wearing for the entire day, but when it comes to long runs, it's probably best to go with another option. Due to stiffness, it can be difficult to comfortably run long distances in this shoe. This is important to take into consideration before purchasing the sneaker.


Nike Air Max 200 Compared to Nike Air Force

The Nike Air Force sneaker collection has risen to the top of desired shoes. It is one of the most popular shoes up for purchase. Therefore, it was undeniable that a comparison between Nike Air Force and Nike Air Max 200 needed to be conducted. Through thorough research, it was found that there are actually a few evident differences between the two shoes.

Here is a breakdown of the differences found through our expert research and first-hand experience.

In general, the Nike Air Force sneaker tends to look sleeker than its Air Max counterpart. This is mainly due to the mid-sole design being more exposed in the Air Max. Depending on the wearer, this could be more or less desirable.

With that in mind, the Nike Air Max sneaker tends to be used more for looks and fashion as compared to the Nike Air Force, which tends to be geared more towards athletics.

Possibly due to having athletics in mind, the Nike Air Force sneaker has shown to be more durable compared to the Nike Air Max, making it an obvious option when deciding which shoe is better for a more adventurous lifestyle.

Last, but certainly not least, Air Force sneakers tend to have more variety in the creation of their colorways. This makes it more desirable for those who want to express themselves in a different, more vibrant way.

Nike Air Max 200 Compared to Nike Air Jordan

Nike Air Max 200 was overall created with the Air Max technology rooted deep in the midsole. This technology separates this sneaker from the Air Jordan. The Air Jordan sneaker was primarily designed as a basketball shoe, referencing Michael Jordan. Without any special Air Max technology, these shoes are basically just made for basketball rather than a variety of sports and a high level of comfort like the Nike Air Max 200.

Nike Air Max 200 Styles

Air Jordan Max 200 Mens Trainers

by Nike 

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  1. Nike Air Jordan Max 200 Men's Trainers

This beautiful style of sneaker comes in two different colorways. The first is white, black, and fuchsia patented with the Nike swoosh branding in black on the upper heel. The second colorway is pure platinum, white, optic yellow, and laser blue with the Nike swoosh branding in blue on the upper back heel.

Price: $139.52 – $255.00

Air Max 200

by Nike 

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  1. Nike Air Max 200 Men's Shoes

This attractive suede sole shoe is offered in one colorway and one colorway only. Offered in the iconic and unique red, this shoe has been raved for both comfort and look. These shoes are sure to get many compliments when worn out, making them great for a variety of uses. Whether they’re primarily used for the gym or for the club, they’ll be sure to stand out. They will a statement in any location.

Price: $114.50 – $124.50

Air Max 200 Se Mens Running Trainers

by Nike 

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  1. Nike Air Max 200 Se Men's Running Trainers

Made specifically for running, these sneakers are great for short runs, but before entering that marathon, you should make sure they're comfortable enough for you. They are both bouncy and lightweight but tend to run on the stiffer side.

With that being said, they are beautiful sneakers and great for short runs or long walks. Coming in two different colorways, these sneakers are offered in the following colors; white, black, electric green, and Ora or White Indigo Fog. Check out both color schemes and enjoy!

Price: $109.00 – $331.88

Men's Air Max 200

by Nike 

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  1. Nike Men's Air Max 200

These sneakers seemed to be the most desirable when it comes to athletic ability in the Air Max 200 category. These shoes are great for both working out and wearing outside. They have been used for fashion statements across the world. With thirty-three different colorway options, this is a sure way to get your self-expression off the charts. You'll have to check out these colors for yourself and have a great time choosing.


Created with the Earth in mind, this shoe will surely keep you grounded. The materials of these shoes are beautiful and crafted specifically with the customer in mind, bringing a durable shoe to life. Although these shoes might not be the best for sports like basketball or tennis, they are perfect for short distance runs, walks, hours at the gym, standing for long periods, and, of course, casual wear. With Air Max technology, these shoes will provide a cushioned landing with whatever activity the wearer decides to embrace.

The main downfall to this shoe is the stiffness. There was a variety of feedback stating that the shoe was stiff, making it hard for running long distances. As stated before, this shoe works best for short runs and long walks. With that in mind, the shoe does run a bit narrower. It might be best to try the shoe on in person before purchasing. If that's not possible, try to go 1/2 a size up and be sure to purchase from somewhere that has a free exchange policy. It’s important to be sure you’re buying the right size in order to do this. Read the reviews and compare to people who may have the same,, or close to the same, size as you.

Overall, this shoe has been raved about for comfort, versatility, and a variety of colorways. For someone who fell in love with Air Max technology a long time ago, this shoe isn't a letdown in any way. Most users completely attest to paying the hefty price tag for this product. Coming from NIKE, it's no doubt the product is long-lasting and reliable. The best way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself! Whatever way you'd like to purchase this shoe, this sneaker is a great choice and all over versatile wear for a variety of occasions. Wearers will be sure to get many compliments anywhere they go.

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