Nike Air Max 270 React Review 

Over the past few decades, Nike has become one of the top-selling sneaker brands in the world. While people are paying hundreds of dollars for this beautiful brand of sneaker, they’re left wondering how much they’ll actually love it. Well, we’re here to help you get through that! Our experts have reviewed a variety of different sneakers created by the one and only, Nike. 

If you’ve stumbled upon this article in your many searches, it’s a great place to stop and really take in all the information we’re about to tell you. Most likely you’re here because you were looking for everything and anything on the Nike Air Max 270 React, right? Well, look no further, we’ve got it- providing you with everything you need to know and even some more. So sit back and enjoy this in-depth, thorough review of this special sneaker

What Is Air Max Anyway? 

Air Max has actually been around for decades. I’m sure you’ve definitely seen shoes that have it integrated into the heel of their sole. This unique and Nike-originated technology was first founded back in the 70s. This guy named Marion Franklin Rudy actually came up with the idea in the late 60s. He ended up quitting his job because he was so sure he came up with the best next thing. Unfortunately, a variety of other companies didn’t think so; “He pitched his innovation to 23 shoe companies; all rejected him.” This was little bit of a letdown, but Rudy didn’t stop, and eventually he was able to get in touch with Nike. Nike’s co-founder Phil Knight ended up very intrigued by the idea of “Placing tiny airbags in the soles of athletic shoes to soften the impact,” and with that, the first Air Technology was integrated into a basketball sneaker in 1978.

Since its first debut in 1978, the Nike air unit has been used in some of the most popular sneaker trends throughout the past few decades, still holding true to itself and being added to sneakers of all different kinds. Whether the sneaker is solely made for fashion, exercise, or just overall comfort, the air unit enhances them for sure. 

So what exactly is in the tiny airbags that makes them comfortable? Well, that’s an easy question to answer, it’s literally a little airbag that “Consists of pressurized air inside a tough yet flexible bag and provides more flexibility and spring without compromising structure.” With that in mind, this shoe stems from the very first design that brought 270 degrees of air to the market. The Nike Air Max 270 is back and better than ever. Now partnered with Nike React Technology, the Air Max 270 React was born.



Now that we have a basic understanding of the influence that Nike Air technology has had on the growth of the sneaker industry, it’s important to look at the comfort of the precise shoe we’re here to analyze. So, the Nike Air Max 270 React is actually an extremely comfortable shoe- not only due to the amount of pressurized air that provides a springy bounce with every step but also because of the mesh material that composes the rest of the shoe, making it both bouncy and stretchy. 

The mesh material also keeps these shoes breathable and the air will flow through and make anyone’s feet comfortable. Due to the breathability aspect, the upper part of this shoe is essentially quite comfortable. It could be better, but there haven’t been too many complaints about it. 

Back to the name of this sneaker – The Nike Air Max 270 React tells us that this is a combination sneaker. This sneaker is a combination of the Air Max 270, which as stated before has the 270-degree air technology integrated throughout the heel. It also takes on the forefoot and outsole of the Nike React technology

What is Nike React Technology? We know all about the Nike Air technology, but we haven’t mentioned too much about the React technology at all. It’s essentially the foam that impacts your forefoot. Combining both output energy and input energy, this foam has been created to aid runners in all aspects. According to Nike themselves: “The foam alone delivers 13 percent greater energy return than Nike’s latest generation of Nike Lunarlon foam.” This makes it an essential part of any Nike running shoe

The Nike Air Max 270 React has both of the elements that are needed to create the perfect running shoe. Made for both energy input and output with the React technology and to shield from high impact with the Air technology, this sneaker won’t let you down. 


Exercise VS Style

Not only does this shoe have the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and impact, but also when it comes to exercise and style. This shoe can really be paired with most outfits while also being the perfect choice for your next run coming in a variety of colorway options. You’ll be able to match this sneaker directly to your own personality. 

Making sure that the sneakers wouldn’t be overwhelming, Nike designers decided to go with an easy lace-up option and a small tongue area. This makes the Air Max 270 Reacts all about catching the eye, but not being overbearing.  It is the perfect shoe for athleisure outfits and gym outfits. According to Cranberry Tantrums “The Nike Air Max 270 React “Bauhaus” is easy to style thanks to the perfect combination of radiating colors that create an outstanding color balance.” Clearly, these sneakers provide a color scheme that could essentially match any outfit. With the variety of colorways, it’ll be easy to grab a pair that are bound to match something in your closet. 

These shoes are great for a variety of things, but before you’re totally convinced about buying these sneakers for your next marathon there are a few things you should know: 


Although these sneakers have shown to be great for running due to both the comfort from the React foam technology and the low impact from the air technology, they’re not the best for running super long distances. Yeah, they’ll be fine for a few miles or just a quick jog, but as for a super long marathon, we recommend something focused more directly on running than fashion. The support provided by these sneakers doesn’t hold up to other options on the market at this moment.

Working Out

These sneakers tend to be pretty great for working out. They’re kind of top quality for using different equipment at the gym while keeping your style in check. They are great for the treadmill, machines, and weightlifting. If you look closely you can see that the ankle goes a bit higher and uses stronger material. Because of this there will be more stability provided to your ankles. 

With that in mind, more strenuous sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, or tennis should use a different shoe. Although they work well for high-impact protection, the side-to-side movement might have a different effect on the overall workout. It also could potentially be dangerous wearing these shoes when quick movement is expected. 

All-day Wear

These shoes are literally your foot‘s dream for the day. They are super comfy and will ease your achy feet during a full day of standing or walking. On top of that, you can pair them with a variety of styles. Therefore, if you’re looking for your new work shoe, this could possibly be it. If you plan to walk around the city all day, look no further. If you plan to run a marathon, keep searching.


Size and Fit

Through a plethora of hands-on experience and rummaging through thousands of reviews our sneaker experts came to the conclusion that the Nike Air Max 270 React sneakers are true to fit. Some would even say they fit like a glove. Compared to other Nike sneaker styles that require half a size up or half a size down, these don’t seem to affect most people in that way. They are spacious and stretchy to hopefully take their own shape to your foot. They will provide comfort to support any size and type of foot

It’s important to take into consideration how to find your real true size. With the variety of different sizes that you may constantly be switching through it might be hard to know what “Nike” size your foot is. Using the Nike size chart might help you narrow down which size will fit best. This can also be used to compare and translate sizes from different countries. 

If you’re still not sure or are worried about the right size, then finding a store that sells the Nike Air Max 270 Reacts is probably the best way to go, check out Foot Locker or Dick’s Sporting Goods. With that being said, there are also a few different “at home” methods of measuring your feet. Hibbett City Gear gives us a breakdown of how to find “Your heel-to-toe measurement in centimeters”. Check out a list of instructions with pictures and then head back over to the Nike size chart and find your size!  


Keeping Them Clean

As these shoes can be used as both a workout and everyday shoes, they’re bound to end up getting dirty at some point. Obviously, prevention is key when it comes to keeping things clean, but sometimes that’s just not a possibility. Thankfully, there are a variety of different ways to keep your sneakers clean. Even Nike knows your sneakers are bound to get dirty; “To ensure peak performance of your sneakers over time, we recommend proper care and maintenance, including cleaning.” 

There are definitely many different ways to clean your sneakers, but specifically in the realm of cleaning Nike Air Max 270 React, it’s important to know the different parts of the shoe. These shoes have a few different materials used throughout, so it’s important to be able to clean each material. 

Our best advice for cleaning loose dirt from the shoe is to use a toothbrush- old or new both work the same. This will help to get into all the nooks and crannies throughout your sneaker. Depending on the color of your shoe, it’s super simple to make a homemade cleanser. If you have all white shoes, then it’s probably best to just mix some baking soda and vinegar to make a simple cleaning solution that won’t be harsh on the colors. With a more intricate colorway, you might want to make a mild cleanser out of dish soap and warm water.

Washing the laces is even easier and doesn’t require too much work. You can use the same cleaning solution that we mentioned before along with a bowl. Depending on the severity of your laces, it might take a few minutes (or hours) of soaking and rubbing before all of the dirt comes off. After that, just lay them out and let them dry. 

Washing the soles is probably one of my favorite parts. To be honest, the best and quickest way to wash them is using a Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser isn’t too harsh on the soles (it may be on other parts of the shoe) and will quickly erase all dirt and other stains on the shoe

The best way to dry your sneaker is to let the air do the work. It’s possible to dry them with a hair drier (on cool) if you’re in a rush but it’s almost always better to just leave them out overnight and let them dry on their own. 


Where to Buy Them

Now that we have all of that figured out, let’s take a look at where exactly to buy these new sneakers. Obviously, just like everything else in this world online shopping is the go-to place for most Nike shoppers. Digital commerce tells us that “Nike’s direct-to-consumer online sales from grew more than 50% year over year . . . and 37% in the fiscal versus the prior years.” This essentially means that there has been a huge shift in the past few years from in-store shopping to online shopping. 

With that being said, there have also been a few more threats that have come up in that time frame. Shopping online comes with a whole new list of different aspects one should be aware of. With Nike, the top issue is buying counterfeit sneakers. states that “Nike is one of the most commonly counterfeited brands in the world.” That means that buying from a reputable source should be at the top of your list.

Thankfully, Nike and others are fully aware of how often their materials are counterfeited and have come up with a variety of ways to mark their brands as their own. The two most obvious are the packaging and the address to which the package is shipping from. Before ordering any online encourages buyers to “Ask the seller if the product comes with original packaging and tag/labels if you’re unsure.” This is super important and could possibly make or break your purchase. If you’re not sure what to look for in the pictures, this video gives a great outline of exactly how to spot fake Nikes.

Keeping all of that at the forefront of your online shopping process should give you quite a solid foundation. Also, though purchasing from the following verified online shop is another great choice:


You can never go wrong buying directly off of Nike’s website. If you find a cheaper pair elsewhere you definitely risk them being counterfeit. Also, remember that Nike members receive free shipping and many other benefits! 


Amazon can be a bit sketchy to order off at times, but it also has partnered directly with Nike to sell its sneakers. Therefore, making sure that you have a verified product is important. Shopmastery tells us how to verify that the shoes are authentic: “When you choose a size and colorway it will say the price and that’s when you can place your order. This is legit and means you’re buying a true sneaker from the original seller.”

Here are two sources: 

Mens Air Max 270 React Black/Oil Grey/Oil Grey

by Nike 

Buy Now
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02/18/2024 07:11 am GMT

Nike Men’s Air Max 270 React – Black/Oil

Price: $150.00

Air Max 270 React Womens Running Trainers

by Nike 

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02/18/2024 06:51 am GMT

Nike Air Max 270 React Women’s 

Price: $199.90 – $535.50


In conclusion, this shoe is a top choice for many sneaker enthusiasts in the online world. Being a shoe that can pair with a variety of outfits and still look good while serving as a comfortable option, it’s great for those everyday wearers. It’s not necessarily the best choice for long-distance running, but works well at the gym and is used with regular working out. Therefore, style-wise, this shoe is a great and extremely comfortable option, and even though it might take some time to get used to, it’s an overall high-quality sneaker



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