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Nike has been a top-name brand for a long time. The brand is the world’s largest athletic apparel company. While they are generally known for athletic shoes and other sports apparel, they have grown into fashion icons. Nike is a presence in popular culture and throughout the world. 

Nike Air Presto: The Release

The Nike Air Presto was first released in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics. They created the shoes like a “t-shirt for your feet.” Tobie Hatfield inspired the idea behind the shoes. He was “tired of the collar splaying out on his running shoes.” He wanted to create a running shoe with a better fit. Thus, the idea for the Nike Air Presto was born. But, the design process doesn’t come easily. 

Designers needed to find suitable material for the shoe design. Leather doesn’t make for an excellent running shoe as the material is too stiff. A mesh option didn’t allow for enough stretch. Neoprene fabric wouldn’t work, as the material traps heat and moisture. Finally, after four years, designers chose spacer mesh. Textile company Jason Mills states, “Spacer mesh, also called 3D mesh and sandwich mesh, is essentially three separate layers of fabric knit together – a face and a back connected by a monofilament yarn to produce the “connecting cushion.” Each layer is knit simultaneously by a single machine. The end product is akin to laminated neoprene but with superior durability, breathability, and cost savings. Spacer mesh has made for a great shoe material. Nike Air Presto shoes have been a top-selling shoe market for over 20 years. 

The Nike Air Presto shoes were also sized differently. Rather than a numerical size, the shoes were sized from S to XL like a t-shirt. Many consumers purchase a specific size rather than focus on fit and feel. Often shoes need to be tried on to find the right fit. Using the original t-shirt sizing, the shoe encouraged more people to find a good fit. Customer service employees can help you make size and fit decisions. Finding the right fit can change your entire experience. Many people suffer from running issues such as cramping and shin splints. But, they may resolve their problems with shoes that are better for their feet. Although this was a great idea, the boots have since switched to traditional sizes. 

When the shoes were finally released, they did the marketing differently than in previous releases. The collection featured 13 color options, each with its cartoon TV advertisement. It was said to increase their popularity and make them a mainstream hot commodity. It seemed like everyone was talking about Nike Air Prestos. 

Naming the shoes also was a new creative process. Designer and creator Tobie Hatfield states, “We had the idea to crowd-source the name from the design and development community. We received more than 300 submissions, one of which was Presto Magic. When you put the shoe on, it fits so perfectly that it’s almost like a magician saying: ‘Presto”. Who wouldn’t want shoes that feel like magic? A new pair of shoes that fits your favorite t-shirt sounds like a win. But the naming process didn’t stop there. The individual color selections also got their name. Some notable names included “Catfight Shiner” and “Abdominal Snowman.” The names, quality, material, and excellent branding have undoubtedly led to the design’s success. The Nike Air Presto shoes have been featured in art galleries and worn by elite runners. The shoes have become a style staple and are a great addition to your athletic apparel. 

Nike Air Presto: The Review

The Nike Air Presto shoes have continued production and are offered in many colors. Researching different options will help you to find the perfect match. These running shoes are a top pick amongst Nike lovers, and it is easy to see why. 

Nike Men’s Air Presto Running Shoes

The Nike Men’s Air Presto Running Shoes make a stylish choice for your next pair of shoes. Move over, Air Jordan, the Air Preso is here to stay. These shoes are black and have a white sole with neon green accents. They make a fun statement while mainly remaining neutral. These shoes would look great paired with black, neon green, or grey workout shorts. They provide comfort, breathability, lightness, and flexibility. The lightweight choice is great for those who don’t want to feel weighed down during their walk or run. They also function well as gym shoes as you can easily perform any movement while wearing the Nike Air Presto shoes. This shoe option is rated 4.4 out of 5-stars. They range in price from $99 to $199 based on size selection. Bring the “presto magic” to your fitness routine with these Nike Air Presto running shoes.

Nike Mens Air Presto Running Shoes black and green
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Nike Air Presto White Pure Platinum 

The Nike Air Presto White Pure Platinum is great for the clean shoe obsessed. The pure white color may be hard to maintain, but they are amazing to look at. These shoes make a clean statement and can go with any outfit. These shoes can transform from a gym to a street look with ease. The Nike Air Presto shoe features a rubber sole. The sole provides traction and durability. These shoes also have a convenient pull-tab back for easy on and off capabilities. The TPU cage gives the shoe added visual depth but also helped to support your foot. The Nike Air Presto White Pure Platinum shoes are rated 4.3 out of 5-stars and are $164. These shoes are a classic choice that is an easy addition to your shoe collection.

Nike Air Presto White Pure Platinum
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Nike Air Presto Men’s Casual Shoes

This option of Nike Air Presto Men’s Casual Shoes offers a classic look. The stylishly designed shoe is blue with black accents. The blue and black combination makes these shoes easy to pair with almost any outfit. Blue is known as most guys’ go-to color. But, with the wide variety of shoe color options, it can be hard to find the right pair. These Nike Air Presto Men’s Casual Shoes provide great versatility and breathability. The shoes are also very comfortable as they have a foam midsole. This shoe option is very highly rated, with 4.9 out of 5-stars. They are $189. The blue Nike Air Preso shoes are a versatile choice for your closet.

Nike Air Presto Men’s Casual Shoes
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Nike Air Presto Men’s Shoes

This Nike Air Presto Men’s shoe is ready to make a style statement. The purple, teal, and beige design is not for the faint of heart. These shoes are a unique commitment for those ready for a fashion challenge. But, when styled appropriately, they can be a great choice for the right occasion. The athletic shoe works well for street style, running, or lifting weights. Not many shoes can make a style statement while being functional for other occasions. This Nike Air Presto Men’s shoe option is rated 4 out of 5 stars. The unique color selection ranges in price from $119 to $272 based on shoe size. This statement shoe can make a fun addition to a men’s fashion-forward wardrobe.

Nike Air Presto Men’s Casual Shoes purple and yellow
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Nike Men’s Air Presto Halloween Running Shoes

If you have a love for Halloween or all things black and orange, these Nike Men’s Air Presto Halloween Running Shoes are perfect for you. These shoes are festive, unique, and durable. They have a nice stitched spider detail on the toe and have a retro vibe. The back of the shoe features a dark design of several pairs of eyes, adding to the spooky feel of the shoe. This shoe choice would make a great statement when paired with a full black-on-black outfit. The black and orange color combination is also a good choice for those San Fransisco Giants fans. This shoe choice matches style with the same Nike durability and functionality. The Nike Men’s Air Presto Halloween Running Shoes are rated 4.7 out of 5-stars. Due to their unique design, they range in price from $143 to $324.

Nike Mens Air Presto Halloween Running Shoes
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Nike React Presto Fk Men’s Shoes

Looking for a change-up to your Nike Air Presto shoes but still want comfort and durability? Check out the Nike React Presto Fk Men’s Shoes. Nike Air Prestos were transformed while still maintaining the main features. Nike states, “the Nike React Presto puts an exaggerated spin on an unconventional icon. Nike React foam delivers an expressive look with a lightweight, bouncy feel and many personalities”. These shoes live up to the personality hype. The Nike React Presto Men’s Shoes come in a multicolored stitch pattern with white soles and grey details. These shoes will pair well with almost any color scheme as the multicolor is very neutral, especially with the grey details. These running shoes are a great choice for fashion or functionality. This option is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. It is offered at $133.95. The Nike React Presto running shoe is a great selection to add to your shoe collection.

Nike React Presto Fk Mens Shoes Size brown and white
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Nike Air Presto Women’s Shoes

The brand also offers Nike Air Presto Women’s Shoes. Women can also benefit from the “t-shirt” style fit, durability, and flexibility. The shoe option is a blush pink and has a white sole. Blush pink is a great neutral choice and pairs well with black leggings, bike shorts, or running shorts. Quality, comfort, and fashion come together in the Nike Air Presto running shoes. Women no longer have to choose between great-looking shoes and shoes that function well. They also make a great choice when you need a versatile pair of shoes. Sneakers have become popular to pair with various looks, from athleisure styles to dresses. This running shoe choice is rated 5 out of 5 stars. They range in price from $107 to $189 based on size selection. The blush pink Nike Air Presto Women’s shoes are great for your next running shoe. 

Nike Air Presto shoes have become a cult classic for the Nike brand. Many people swear by their effectiveness in running. They also have a stylish design that works well with street style or an athleisure look. The shoes provide long-lasting comfort and durability and are flexible. Many of the color options are also very versatile to fit almost any color outfit. But, some options are unique and make style statements. Options such as the Air Presto Halloween shoes quickly become collector’s items. The collaboration between Nike and Hello Kitty is among the top items collectors have pined after.

Nike Air Presto Psm Womens Shoes
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The Hello Kitty Collaboration 

Among many popular Nike collaborations are the Nike Air Presto Hello Kitty Collaboration. Hello Kitty was created by Yuko Shimizu in 1974. In 2004, Nike produced a Hello Kitty collection celebrating Hello Kitty’s 30th Anniversary. But the release stayed small, making only 60 pairs for Nike’s friends and family. But, in 2022, the collaboration came back for an official release. The Hello Kitty x Nike Aire Presto features a light or “University Blue” color, with Hello Kitty’s face covering much of the shoe. Hello Kitty’s large bow sits on the tongue of the shoe for added detail. They created the shoes in Men’s, Preschool, and Toddler sizes ranging from $95 to $80. However, you can find the coveted item on the resale market for more than double the original price. Sneaker lovers treasure unique pairs of shoes such as the Hello Kitty Nike Air Presto option.

Nike Air Presto Hello Kitty Collaboration
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Where To Buy Nike Air Presto Shoes

You can find authentic Nike Air Presto shoes at many retailers. Nationwide stores such as The Foot Locker, Finish Line, and Nordstrom offer in-stock selections in the store. But, you can also purchase Nike Air Presto’s online. Amazon and Nike offer various Nike Air Presto Shoes in different colors. As any good shopper knows, searching out specific sales may be in your best interest. While some stores don’t offer discounts on premium brands such as Nike, you can usually find a particular sale period, exclusive offers, or coupons that will work. Many stores also offer a military discount, teacher discount, or Senior Citizen discount if those apply to you. If you have your eye on a specific pair of shoes, online purchasing may be the way to go. But if you are interested in one particular personalized pair or color selection, another option may be available. 

Nike ID 

Nike ID, a personalization service, was first launched by the brand in 2000. Using the website, consumers could select specific materials and details for a “personalized” design of their shoes. Nike was one of the first brands to offer this service. Shortly after releasing this option, they also offered an in-store “studio experience.” One hundred stores, such as the flagship store in New York City, were selected to provide the personalized service. This option gave consumers access to almost any color combination and vibe they were searching for. Today, you can still personalize your Nikes in several ways. The main customization options come from color selections. In 2015, Nike Air Prestos became available through Nike ID. They are great for your personalized shoes as they fit well with many clothing styles. The Nike website shows you can customize the base, cage and heel loop, toe, laces, and swoosh. To begin, you select one of the six basic colors for “inspiration” and can then begin to make your color selections. Customizing shoes such as the Nike Air Presto’s are popular for sports teams, gifts, and those who seek a unique look. The Nike ID Air Prestos start at $150 and can increase in price for options such as Prime Fleece. It is amazing to see the almost unlimited options available to consumers today. Nike ID provides a way for consumers to get quality, comfort, and personalized style. 

Nike as a brand is a top competitor in the global market. They have launched thousands of successful products, specifically shoes. The Nike Air Presto was one of the most successful shoe releases as they are still a popular choice over 20 years later. Regardless of your style, there are a pair of Nike Air Presto’s to meet your needs. Nike Air Presto is here to stay if you are a Sneaker Guru searching for a specific coveted pair or just like the look. From running to street style, these shoes are a great choice to add to your shoe collection. Nike Air Presto running shoes are a top choice for a good reason. 

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