Nike Pays Tribute to the Legend of Michael Jordan

Jordan 8 White Multicolor

The Nike Jordan 8

Jordan 8 is another iconic shoe from the Nike line. This legendary model is said to hold a place in the Air Jordan hall of fame that no other model in the series does. It was originally released in the 1992-93 “Three-Peat Championship” season. Similar to other shoes in the Nike line, it was a collaborative effort with high-profile basketball stars. The legendary Michael Jordan wore them in one of his best performances against the Hawks, Knicks, Cavs, and Suns. Sporting the Nike Jordan 8, Michael Jordan reached the peak of his athletic career before his first retirement.

Like the React technology tested over 2,000 hours in high-profile championships, the Jordans were used to lead the Bulls into the NBA title for the third time. Michael Jordan achieved the scoring title for the seventh time (straight) and broke a record by scoring 20,000 points in his NBA career.

In game 3, Jordan was heckled about his shooting. Jordan used the criticism as strength and overcame the Knicks with 54 points and beat them soundly.

Jordan ended up with some of his highest averages ever.  

News and Plenty of Hype

Nike Jordan 8 Retro Aqua: 

The first release of the Nike Jordan 8 came in the Aqua colorway in 1993. This sneaker colorway made its only on-court appearance at the 1993 All-Star game where Jordan was seen scoring 30 points. The Aqua colorway was only retired one other time, in 2007. The Aqua found its way as a part of Nike’s ‘Remastered’ program, and this shoe boasts premium materials and authentic details. Some of these details include the legendary double straps on the top, the high-top upper, and the layered sides. Reviewers have said the remastered addition might be more focused on aesthetics instead of performance, as it is a little heavier and clunkier than some of the other models.  

Nike Jordan 8 Retro Aqua
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Nike Jordan 8 Retro White: 

The Retro white is a collaboration effort between the Jordan Brand and the Toronto-based label OVO. Their goal was to create a unique shoe in support of Drake to honor the NBA All-Star weekend. This model has black suede and tumbled leather upper with red accents. On the tongue, you can find the iconic Jumpman logo. Metallic gold accents can be found in the toe box. Other iconic features include the heel pull tabs and a paintbrush-stroke pattern at the midfoot. True to its original roots, the Nike Jordan 8 Retro White also boasts a strap across the ankle and a black rubber midsole. As a part of the OVO collaboration, customers will find the OVO branding and owl insignias throughout the shoe. 

Nike Jordan 8 Multi-Color: 

This unique sneak is a tribute to the original 1990’s legacy that built fame during Michael Jordan’s three-peat 1992-93 championship season. To honor the 90s legacy, this colorway has been built with a vibrant, retro aesthetic with lots of colors popping across the sneaker. The original release of this sneaker was in September of 2019. The design of the SP multicolor contains a perforated leather upper, the iconic two-tone straps across the top of the shoe, translucent accents, and a ridged nubuck counter. As with many of the Nike shoes, an iconic Jumpman patch is stitched to the tongue. The sneaker features the legendary Nike Air cushioning in the midsole and a multi-color rubber outsole.

Nike Jordan 8 Multi-Color
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Experts recommend using a basic solution to clean their shoes. This can contain warm soapy water. Using a small brush, like a toothbrush or some type of dry brush, start by knocking off all the loose dirt that may have accumulated. You can then mix the warm water with something like dish soap in a bottle. Baking soda and water can work well together if mixed in equal parts. Nike recommends that you hand wash the laces. Start by taking off each lace on both sides. You can utilize a mild cleaning solution like the above to manually massage the dirt off of the laces. Let them dry before adding them back to the shoe. Apply the cleaning solution to a soft brush and carefully clean the outer soles. Using a stiff brush that has been dipped in the mild cleaning solution, apply a light scrubbing. This may take a little bit of time to perform correctly. Avoid using any strong chemicals as this can cause the seams to fall apart or other components to dislodge like the swoosh. When drying your Nike Airs after hand washing them, allow them plenty of time to air dry. Carefully hand dry them with a soft towel after you are finished. 

Overall Comfortability: 

 Building on the legacy of the previous models, the Air Jordan 8 does not lack technological innovation. The unique elements of the Jordan continue to pop. The upper with a lockdown strap gave it the iconic appearance you would be sure to notice when you saw them on the court. If you were playing with these shoes in a game, one quick glance and you can be confident that someone would notice. 

The Nike Jordan’s are designed to allow the foot and ankle to bend and jump without much effort. The light weight makes it land softly and returns to moving around the court. 

Nike Jordan 8 OVO White
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The best thing is that they come at an affordable price of just $200. With its legendary history and iconic status in the world of basketball, one would think these shoes might stretch far beyond the average consumer. One could argue that $200 is a hefty price to pay if you are a weekend warrior. However, if you are into basketball on any type of continuous basis, the Jordan 8’s are not much more than other Nike models that are sported for everyday running. Some of the other models like the Nike React Vision come in at around $100. For not much more you are able to sport the iconic brand that Michael Jordan rocked to lead his team to victory at the pinnacle of his career. Some of the newer models can get a little pricer. the Nike Jordan 8 Retro can come in around $400. 

However, most of the Jordan 8 Retro owners have said that the quality of the shoe definitely makes the price point worth it. The leather feels amazing to the touch and is extremely flexible. This flexible leather allows for an extremely short break-in period allowing most users to get right into their peak game quickly. This premium leather is one of the iconic elements of the Jordan brand of basketball shoes. The traction pattern on the Jordan 8 works fairly well. Compared to other basketball shoes that sport the herringbone pattern, Jordan’s flat outsole does seem to perform well. The traditional shoe comfort level matches the legacy design. Those that have been able to get their hands on a pair say the comfort level is unreal. The high-top collar and the decoupled midsole provide excellent ankle and arch support, and the silky smooth interior makes them “wearable without socks,” some even would say. The leather cross straps on the sneaker’s upper testers say make the shoe feel very snug and secure. This would make quite a bit of sense when you look at the original design and how well Micahel said we were able to navigate the jumps and turns with the extra confidence on his feet. For many of the testers, it’s all about the feel and the confidence when you have a pair of these shoes on. Many will say that just sporting the brand makes them feel incredible, rich, confident, and able to achieve their best performance. The combination of comfort, plushness, style support, and performance makes this Jordan 8 Retro really stand out in a long line of legacy sneakers

Nike Jordan 8 Bugs Bunny
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Building on the legendary heel design, the Jordan 8 Retro sports a very dense heel. One reviewer says that the Air Jordan 8 Retro’s cushion is almost too dense in this model. This speaks to the durability of the sneaker. Over time, many reviewers have said this makes the paint on the midsole chip and crease easily. While the upper of the shoe is designed for maximum support, some of the wearers say that this makes it feel hot. If you are playing on the court for a while, over time the material in the upper is not as breathable as other models and can cause heat to get trapped inside. This can cause some moderate discomfort in the ankle and heat to get trapped around the back part of your foot as well. Compared to some of the other previously Jordan models, the Jordan Retro 8 comes in at 18 ounces. Those that have followed this line for a long time have found that this might be the heaviest Jordan yet. A player has commented that due to the weight, he feels like he is unable to move as fast as he would like. This is an interesting review point. The Nike Jordans are renowned for their ability to provide a light, quick mobile experience on the court. Supporting the heel with flexible leather, the shoe is intended to provide all the athletes the best opportunity possible to perform as Michael Jordan was able to in the finals. The reviews that Michael produced after using the shoe to win his championships were all about the shoe’s ability to flex on the court and provide him the ability to jump land and move effectively. If there has been a change in the architecture to move into more of a style approach versus a performance approach, this could be an interesting turn in a historical line of sneakers. Durability comes up again with many of those that have been able to get their hands on a Nike Jordan 8 Retro. Some of the observers have stated the midsole of some of the models crumbles after just a few years. This might be another interesting sign that the Jordan line is taking a more stylistic approach- more of a symbol of the iconic Air Jordans of years past versus a continual revision of the technology. Breathability was another point of contention with the Air Jordan. Some of the reviewers have added that along with the heat being trapped due to the design of the upper, the shoe’s lack of ventilation might lend itself to Athlete’s foot. Some of the cons are very interesting with the Jordan 8 Retro. It seems that it might be a slight departure from the original intention, which was to dominate the court with a shoe that was known for high comfortability, and most of all, the ability to sustain athletes through long endurance sporting events like the game of basketball. 

Jordan 8 Reflections of a Champion
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What About Kids

The designer shoe market for kids is growing extensively. Over the next few years, the expected growth rate is almost 4%. It appears customers are willing to pay premium prices for higher-end materials and well-designed products. The rise in disposable income and participation in a wide range of sports has driven recent market growth. A social media push for a healthy lifestyle for younger children has driven an increase in participation in outdoor sports such as running, biking, and swimming. The Airs do come in children’s sizes and can range anywhere from $100-$300. This might seem a steep price to pay when considering the amount of use the sneakers might undergo. For the average adult, these sneakers are more of an everyday light use addition to their fashion wear. While the sole of the Airs provides quite a bit of durability, it has yet to be seen if the shoe can hold up over longer periods. 

Interestingly enough, some parents are also willing to pay for designer brands to provide their kids with emotional and social support. One parent said they did not want their kids to experience the teasing they received as a kid, whether in person or on social media. It became a fine balance between the extra cost of the shoe, the worries around durability, and the desire for their kids to be socially acceptable. Some of the colorways come in under $100 which might provide some relief. However, the Air Jordans are being worn by some of the most prominent sports stars, and when kids see this on social media, there is a chance they may be drawn to the more popular colorways. 

Jordan 8 Aqua
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 The Nike Air Jordans are a staple among the basketball community. Over the years some of the most legendary icons to take the court have sported the shoe and have accomplished significant feats of athletic performance. The shoe was launched into the public eye as they accompanied these athletes to the highest heights of athletic achievement spring-boarding the Nike brand and the Nike technology into the stratosphere. The retro line pays tribute to the glory days of the 1990s and the athletes that still hold records modern-day stars are working to beat. The legendary technology of the Nike Air, the cushion, the support, the design of the soles, the traction, and the uppers all come together to create a shoe that dominates in the sport of basketball. Anywhere in the world, you go today, if you are sporting any one of the many colorways of the Nike Jordan, it’s instantly recognizable. However, even though this retro line pays tribute to the stars of the past, many reviewers are saying Nike is making a shift to focus more on athletics. In the past, the glory of the Air Jordan was its impeccable balance of style and performance. The ability of the shoe to wow on the court in terms of style, popping out, and becoming iconic was balanced with thousands of hours of research that went into groundbreaking technology. These were the days when athletes wore the gear that gave them the best chance of success. Today, it can be argued these shoes are heavier, lack the breathability for longer-term endurance, and do not stand off over periods of time when it comes to durability. Whether or not this shoe fits within your catalog really depends on what you are going for. If you are searching for hyper speed, the weight of these shoes might not give you what you are looking for. If you are searching for an iconic re-launch with the most beloved brands in the sport, this shoe might be for you. The shoe is easy to recognize on the court, has exciting colorways, and boasts some of the same technology from the legendary 1990s. Without a doubt, the Nike Air Jordan will go down as one of the most recognized shoes in history.