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Nike Vapormax Evo Guide

The Nike Vapormax Evo: colorful, comfortable, light, durable, and definitely unique. The Nike Vapormax was designed for running– running a lot. This sneaker changed the Nike game since the first Air Maxes and continues to remain a staple in every collector's closet. The Evo shoe, released in 2021, comes in multiple colorways including designs specifically made and sized for women. Few sneakers can accomplish the level of comfort and durability that the Vapormax Evo can. In this article, you'll find out what the Vapormax Evo is, the history of Nike, Vapormax versus Air Max, different colorways, where to buy, and sizing. 

History of Nike Brand

It doesn't matter what part of the world you're from or how old you are. You've likely heard of Nike– in fact, you've likely owned a pair of Nikes at some point even if you aren't a sneaker head. These shoes have been around since 1964 and are still ahead of the game in the sneaker industry, and for good reason. The company started in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman who founded it as 'Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS)'. Their first shoes were imported from Japan and share little resemblance to Nike shoes today. However, in 1970, Bowerman made the first step into changing the sneaker industry– he created the 'waffle sole' for running shoes after pouring rubber into a waffle iron. The Nike logo was created in 1971 (did you know Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory?)

1982 was one of Nike's biggest years with the release of the Air Force 1. The Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe with air in the sole and remains as the number one sneaker of all time on many charts. In 1984, Nike partnered with Air Jordan to produce the Air Jordan 1, which set off Jordan Brand. Nike's biggest endorsement was with Michael Jordan. Jordan actually had hoped for an offer from Adidas and had never worn a pair of Nikes. However, Nike promised him $500,000 a year for four years, custom shoes, and two cars– he signed the deal and now Jordan makes around $100 million a year just in Nike royalties.

Men's Shoes Air Vapormax EVO NRG DD3054-001

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Just a few years later was the release of the first Nike Air Max which had a visible air pocket. In 2003, Nike bought converse for 309 million dollars… and began a short partnership with Yeezy. Nike+ Technology, a partnership with Apple, began in 2006 to help runners track speed, distance, and time. In the 2010's, Nike became the official supplier for NFL and NBA apparel.

They also faced some controversy over the conditions for their workers as they switched their manufacturing to countries like China, Vietnam, and Indonesia for cheap labor where they reportedly paid workers very little and had bad working conditions. After uproar, Nike made effort to increase regulations on its working conditions like increasing the age minimum, increasing wages, and monitoring conditions in the factories. In 1999, Nike created the Fair Labor Association which led to public disclosure of all their factories and an audit of 600. More recently, the company faced backlash after making Colin Kaepernick the face of the brand in 2018 after the NFL player kneeled during the national anthem instead of standing, in order to protest police brutality. Some who believed this move was 'un-American' denounced Nike for giving him more recognition.

Nike's history is too long to fit into one article, but they've helped set off numerous brands other than their own including Yeezy and Jordan, and with the ownership of Converse, it's safe to say Nike is king of the sneaker industry. 

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Nike Vapormax Evo Features

Nike Vapormax is a relatively new shoe released in 2017 based off of Nike Air Max. It's slightly different in the midsole's air units. The Vapormaxes have Flyknit uppers and Air Units that directly touch the ground. Nike 'Flyknit' technology was introduced in 2012 and is made of a single piece of digitally woven fabric instead of multiple pieces held together, which isn't as durable or comfortable than a single piece. Waste is cut down by 80 percent using this method and many sneakers are switching over to similar technology. 

The Vapormax Evo is a part of this collection and is one of the newest. The shoe dropped in 2021 and is a result of a combination of different Vapormax features all in one. The shoe features a modern, futuristic design. It's got Air Max 90 overlays, midsole Air Max 95 and Air Max plus decorations, and 'Lunar Landing' graphic. 

Its Nike Air technology was actually used from the developments of a NASA engineer. He applied the designs of his space helmets to the shoe by creating a hollow midsole filled with dense polyurethane pouches for gas. The air is pressurized in a tough bag and the denseness of the gas ensures that the polyurethane can't escape so that it doesn't leak out. Each 'Air Unit' goes in the midsole, mainly concentrated in the heel where there is lots of impact. As you step, you're quite literally walking on air! The Air Units absorb and release energy and fill back up to the original shape with every step. The Nike Vapormax is one of the shoes that best utilizes this technology. 

Vapormax Vs. Air Max

Vapormax is a little different from the traditional air max shoes– in a good way. It's an upgraded design that uses maximized pressure on the air units. In fact, the entire sole of the shoe was discarded for the air units that touch the ground directly. Nike Air Max is a series and Vapormax is a model from that series. Vapormax Evo is within that model. While Air Max's have been around since 1987, the Vapormax technology is new and was first released in 2017. It's a much more flexible shoe and has air units over the entire sole, so the feel is different and they're perfect for running or everyday wear. 


Nike Air Vapormax Evo shoes fits true to size in most cases. The only exception to this would be if you have wide feet or typically buy wide fits where available. The toe box and upper of the shoe have been known to have a bit of a narrow and tight fit, so you might want to order a half size up for wide feet. 

Vapormax Evo Colorways

In terms of colorway, there's many different schemes in the Vapormax EVO collection. Here's some of the most popular:

Nike Air Vapormax Evo Infrared (Cz1924)

This sneaker has a main color scheme of summit white and bright crimson. The air unit midsole is a translucent icy blue, with some brown and crimson accents on the bottom of the shoe. The 'swoosh' logo is crimson along with the heel tab and 'Nike' branding. Laces are white and the main color of the upper is summit white with black outlining, with a bit of leather grey overlays. The release date for this model is May 20, 2021 and is designed in Men's sizes. 

Nike Air Vapormax Evo Women's 'Evolutions of Icons' (DC9113)

This is one of the most colorful yet sleek and modern Vapormax Evo's around. It is designed in Women's sizes, but features a very similar structure to the men's Vapormax Evo sneakers. The air unit midsole is clear with yellow accents under the shoe along with black under the heel. The upper is mainly white, with a grey swoosh logo and metallic copper accent stripe near the top of the laces. There are black synthetic overlays with a dark blue decal near the midsole and turquoise details on the heel with a white and crimson heel tab. The tongue is black at the top and then trickles down with a navy and white stripe under the laces. The name 'Evolution of Icons' pays homage to all of Nike's other designs by taking in colors and accents from many different sneakers to put them all into one. 

Air Vapormax Evo Mens Style | Cz1924

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Nike Air Vapormax Evo 'Triple Black'

The first two colorways on this list had more of a colorful, fresh, white, modern look. They definitely turn heads, but sometimes a sleek all black look is all you want in a sneaker. Luckily, the Air Vapormax collection doesn't let you down. Released March 26, 2021, the Triple Black is a true all black colorway with a gleaming black 'Swoosh' logo and translucent black air unit midsole. Even though it's all one color, the different textures of the shoe make it easy to see that it's a Nike Vapormax Evo model even from far away. 

Nike Air Vapormax Evo 'Triple Black'

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Nike Air Vapormax Evo NRG 'Collector's Closet'

You can't decide. You like all the colors, all the patterns, all everything. The Collectors Closet edition may be the right Vapormax Evo for you! It's packed with elements of most Nike Vapormax shoes and features all sorts of patterns and colors. The shoes are a little different from each other, too. The right shoe features a red decal with Nike Air branding while the one on the left shoe is teal. There are different patterns on the mudguards of each shoe, including ones with inspiration from the Warhawk 90, AM 98 Snakeskin, AM 97 Wotherspoon, and OG AM plus. If you don't have any air maxes and want them all… well here's a pair that has everything you've been looking for. The upper is a mix of black and white with a grey swoosh and crimson accents. Underneath the translucent clear air unit midsole are some lime green accents. 

Nike Air Vapormax Evo NRG 'Collector's Closet'

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Where to Buy and Pricing

Each colorway was released at a slightly different price. The Vapormax Evo 'Collector's Closet', 'Infrared', and the Women's 'Evolution of Icons' were sold at an original retail price of $200. The Triple Black was slightly higher at $225. However, you might need to pay a different amount to get them now from online sneaker retailers. It's unlikely you'll find a pair in store because they tend to sell out quickly after the release date. The retailers below are always legitimate and offer authenticated sneakers so you don't risk purchasing a fake.

StockX is an online marketplace known as a 'stock market for things'. You can bid, buy, and sell new condition sneakers only. It was established in 2016, headquartered in Detroit, and is now the number one marketplace to buy sneakers. The market determines the price of the sneaker live. Before it's shipped to you, it goes to an authentication center where it is verified with a green tag using machine learning to check for originality. For the Nike Vapormax Evo, you can expect to pay around 200 dollars or slightly less or bid your own price. 

GOAT is another great option. They don't have every single shoe or size always available but offer a generally large selection. GOAT has more flexibility than StockX– you have the options to purchase new, instant new (shipped to you pre-authenticated and immediately, brand new), or used at a lower price. You can also get new with defects. Shoes from GOAT are also authenticated before being sent to the buyer. Unlike StockX, you don't bid on the prices. You can expect to pay around 160 dollars for a new pair of Vapormax Evo's on GOAT but the price also depends on the size and specific sneaker you decide to buy. 

Stadium Goods also sells certified original and new shoes. The company offers a good return policy, but note that prices tend to be higher when purchasing from here for the Nike Vapormax Evo. 

You can also explore Flight Club, which sells authenticated new and used shoes. Used shoes are usually more difficult to purchase on Flight Club because of low stock, but expect to spend around $180 dollars on a pair of Evo's. Price differences on Flight Club do vary greatly by size. Note that Flight Club doesn't accept returns– all sales are final. 

Places to Avoid and Fakes

Avoid shopping at retailers like Ebay and Amazon– simply because these shoes aren't authenticated. It's easy to get a fake pair, but luckily you can also easily tell the difference between a fake and real pair so you can know if you need to return it. First, look at the size tag. The fakes usually have color, size, or font/letter thickness mistakes on the text. Look at the toebox– if it's curvier than normal, it might be fake. Also, take a look at the text on the midsole which could be printed incorrectly on a fake. Some fakes also don't have the Nike 'swoosh' plus the Air Max logo printed on the bottom. For Vapormaxes with black midsoles like the Triple Black, try to see if light shines through for a 'translucent black' look. The fake versions will be opaque while a real pair should be slightly translucent. 


The Nike brand began in 1964 when it was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The brand immediately climbed up to the top of the sneaker industry as it was worn by athletes. Nike bought converse for hundreds of millions of dollars and also signed a deal with Michael Jordan and Kanye West which helped the creation of Jordan Brand and Yeezy. Nike topped the charts with the 1982 release of the Air Force 1's, which remain one of the most popular sneakers today. The only shoe that matches the fame of the Air Forces has got to be the Nike Air Max release.  The Nike Air Max has a design in the sole that no other shoe has– air pockets. The Vapormax is an upgraded model in the Air Max collection that dropped in 2017 and truly feels like walking on air. Pressurized 'air units' cover the entire sole of the shoe that directly touches the ground. Their polyurethane material ensures that no leaks occur. Lastly, the Flyknit upper is an all one piece knitted comfortable upper to give the shoe a sock-like, comfortable feel. They're perfect for running and everyday wear.

The Nike Air Vapormax Evo is a selection of shoes released in 2021 that is part of the Vapormax collection. They are sold at a relatively low retail price for the quality of the shoe in comparison to other sneakers and come in both wild and colorful as well as neutral colorways. Some of the most popular colorways include Triple Black, Collector's Closet, and Infrared for men, plus 'Evolution of Icons' for women. You can find them on various online legitimate sneaker marketplaces new and used for 100-250 USD like GOAT, StockX, Flight Club, and Stadium Goods, but avoid Amazon and Ebay because they don't authenticate their products before shipping to the buyer. No matter where you choose to buy or what colorway speaks to you, you're guaranteed to love the unbelievable comfort of the Vapormax Evo series.

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