Nike Women Air Force 1 – Everything You Need To Know About 

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A Little Air Force 1 History

The Air Force 1 sneaker was first introduced in 1982. Its original purpose was making the sneaker the best basketball shoe out there. According to Nike, “…the Air Force 1 was the first-ever basketball shoe to feature Nike Air technology, revolutionizing the game and sneaker culture forever.” Since then, the shoe has only grown in popularity. Over the years the sneaker designed for the basketball court became cultural phenomena.  Those in the Hip Hop music business embraced the sneaker, referencing it their music and including it their wardrobe. Credit for the rise in popularity the of Air Force 1 sneaker isn’t limited to those in the Hip Hop community but, they played an integral role in expanding the market for them. Air Force 1s are hugely popular both on and off the court, and it doesn’t look like they are falling off the proverbial pedestal anytime soon.

Are They Exercise Sneakers? 

This is definitely an important question that should be explored by anyone thinking about dishing out their hard-earned cash on the popular sneaker. Air Force 1s are very durable and great for stability; however, when it comes to hitting the gym for a workout, they aren’t the best choice.  Due to their fashionable nature, these shoes won’t be supportive enough at the gym. Without any ankle support or proper foot support, they won’t be good for high-impact activities, like weightlifting or running on a tread mill. 

Airforce1web recommends wearing these sneakers “in a casual setting and try to keep the weather to a minimum while wearing your classic white Air Force 1s.”   Don’t worry if you’re not the cleanest or most caring sneaker owner because Air Force 1s come in a variety of colorways.

Even if you don’t choose the classic white Air Force 1s, it’s still important to keep them clean. Wearers around the world love their Air Force 1s clean and new-looking; therefore, keeping them pristine is at the top of the list. 

On the other hand, working out in these shoes isn’t totally off the table. They shouldn’t be used for any intense workouts or running but they can be used for walking or light jogging. The modern day Air Force 1s are designed for both comfort and style rather than exercise. If you plan to walk around the city all day, these shoes could be a great choice because they look great and are known to be comfortable. 


Air Force 1 Comfort

Being one of the most popular shoes for both males and females they must be comfy right? Well, that’s a totally debatable fact and completely depends on the person wearing them. To be honest, most shoes aren’t super comfy right out of the box, right? These shoes are no different. Like most, especially fashion shoes, they’ll need to be broken in a bit. Although, when breaking them in you’ll want to be super careful to keep them clean (check the shoe care section). 

The original creators of the modern Air Force 1 sneaker were intending to design a versatile shoe that provides high levels of comfort, support, and flexibility. Giving the Air Force 1s the chance to stand up to be a very versatile shoe. They were literally designed to keep your feet moving for miles and miles. Coming in hot with a combination of suede and leather these shoes offer both comfort and flexibility. 

Let’s get into some specifics of how this sneaker is manufactured. Simply glancing at Air Force 1s it’s evident they have a large sole that’s made specifically to support your entire body weight throughout the day. The substantial sole will provide support for any body type. As mentioned before, this was the first basketball shoe to incorporate Nike Air technology. With their hidden air pockets, these shoes provide maximum comfort that won’t subside even after wearing them for years. They also put a little spring in your step while also giving enough cushion to soften the impact. These sneakers complement many outfits, while also providing comfort for long walks, long days, and of course late nights.


Add to Any Athleisure Outfits

Merriam Webster defines an athleisure outfit as, “casual clothing designed to be worn for exercising and for general use”. Air Force 1s fit this description to a T! Face it, athleisure clothing is a staple these days, making sneakers, like Air Force 1s, not just a gym shoe anymore. That being said, athleisure wear comes in a variety of styles and almost always mesh with a sneaker.  Why not throw on a fashionable pair of Air Force 1s to your favorite go-to athleisure wear outfit and show off your sense of style. This literal one-stop sneaker has it all when it comes to style and comfort.  

Youtuber and sneaker enthusiast, Li-Anne Kiek tells FarFetch how much she loves this versatile sneaker. Kiek states, “The Air Force 1 is a good everyday sneaker because it’s super versatile. I regularly wear my AF1S with a cap, a cozy hoodie, and a pair of jeans”.  Therefore, these sneakers can be added to almost any everyday athleisure outfit. 

How Do the Air Force 1s Fit? 

Finding the right fit in a pair of shoes can definitely be a daunting task, especially when you’re planning to spend a major bank on them. That’s why it’s super important to research different places that sale Air Force 1s, to ensure your new Nikes are going to fit correctly. The good news is the hard work has been done for you. Here are some extensive insights on making sure you choose the right size when purchasing your Air Force Ones.

Everyone has to have experienced it at least once in their lives, wearing a small pair of shoes is never comfy. Besides the tingly sensation in the toes, it can also spread throughout the entire foot! This doesn’t at all make anything a fun time and being a size too big isn’t much better, someone please speak up about those blisters from the backs of a shoe rubbing up and down. 

With Air Force 1s, there’s something even more important to consider. If you purchase the wrong size it could lead to . . . wait for it . . . CREASES! When Air Force 1s get creases, it really takes away from the eye-catching shoe. Air Force 1 wearers pride themselves on the sleek, clean look of the shoe, and creases will quickly ruin that look.  While it isn’t impossible, getting those annoying creases out of your Air Force 1s is never easy. 

Therefore, finding the absolute perfect size is essential to keeping those brand-new Air Force 1s in the best possible condition. There are three different height styles of this sneaker, making it important to know exactly what type you plan to get as their sizes actually do vary. 

Since the front of the shoe (where your toes sit) tends to be bigger on Air Force 1s, it can make the shoes feel roomier. In most cases, simply wear thicker socks to solve the minor issue. If you have exceptionally narrow feet though, the thicker sock trick won’t work, and it’s probably best to go down a half size for a better fit. 

According to many reviews and first-hand experiences conducted by our sneaker experts, it was determined that the high-top sneakers tend to have a snugger fit than the low-top sneakers. With that information in mind, if you have narrow feet or really don’t want to wear thicker socks, go a half-size down when buying a pair of low top Air Force 1s. On the other hand, if the high-top Air Force 1s is what you have your eye on, it’s recommended to go up a half-size for the best fit. 

When it comes to sneaker shopping, when it’s all said and done, you know best which fit you prefer. Think about shoes you’ve bought and worn in the past. Were they a snug fit or a loose fit? The sneakers you’ve worn in the past that you loved can help give you an idea on what to look for before purchasing Air Force 1s. Additionally, if you simply don’t know and need a little guidance, go to a store. The salesclerk will help you find the right size, fit, and style.


Here’s a list of a few stores that can help you out in your search for the right Air Force 1s:

Foot Locker

Over the past few decades, Nike has been Foot Locker’s largest brand. For many years, customers expected a huge selection of Nike shoes at Foot Locker. In recent months there’s been skepticism in the media regarding the relationship between Foot Locker and Nike. Although Nike still remains one of Foot Locker’s largest brands, Foot Locker felt that it was going against its original vision; “Foot Locker had a heavy concentration of certain popular Nike products in 2020 and 2021, which drove great results but goes against Foot locker’s aim of being a ‘house of brands.” That doesn’t mean Foot Locker will stop selling Nike altogether. Avid Foot Locker customers will still be able to stop into the store and try on their favorite sneakers. However, the amount of Nike items sold at Foot Locker is predicted to decline. There really is no need to worry, Footwearnews states that even Nike said it themselves; “Foot Locker always has been and always will be a large and important partner of Nike.” If you’d feel better finding the right Air Force 1s for you, a Foot Locker employee will be there to help you get the right size and fit.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a great one-stop shop for all your sports related needs and wants. That includes shoes, clothes, sporting goods, and much more. Dick’s Sporting Goods has recently become more in tune with their Nike branding partner, and actually just introduced a new collaboration combining their two loyalty programs. Customers are now able to connect their Dick’s Scorecard with their Nike Memberships. If you already have a Dick’s Scorecard or a Nike Membership, you know that special offers and perks definitely exist. Sometimes they may be small, but other times they’re quite impressive. By connecting these rewards programs you’ll have access to exclusive benefits that you wouldn’t normally receive with an individual loyalty program; “These are exclusive benefits you receive by connecting your Dick’s Scorecard and Nike Membership account in addition to the benefits you receive from each program individually.” The take-away is by connecting the two accounts, you’re doubling the rewards!

So, if you’re already a devoted Dick’s Sporting Goods shopper, and are always looking for a deal on some new Air Force 1s, this loyalty program is for you! Shopping can be done online or in-store, but if you’re uncertain about what size is best for you, in-store is probably the best option. 


How to Style Them 

Hands-down a major perk when sporting your Air Force 1s is in their versatility; they go with almost anything! Whether you’re going for a casual look or a totally athletic outfit, these shoes will fit. 

There’s no better place to check out how to style your new Air Force 1s than with a sneaker enthusiast. YouTube blogger and sneaker aficionado, BryceKicks shares a few different ways to style your Air Force 1s in this video. He makes it pretty clear that these shoes can go with almost anything. If you’re worried about how to style these sneakers, go with the classic white, they’ll always match. 

How to Keep Them Clean

Keeping your Air Force 1s clean is the biggest priority for many. Unlike Converse, these shoes don’t look better the more you wear them. In fact, their crisp, sleek look of them is a big reason they are so popular. Check out a few helpful tools and tricks to help keep those white sneakers looking bright!

#1 Spray Your Sneakers

Spraying your sneakers with a spray sneaker protectant is an advised method of prevention for your sneakers. According to NBC News;
“The spray repels water and prevents stains without compromising the breathability of the shoe’s material”. There are a variety of spray products on the market anything designed for sneakers should be a good option. Depending on the product that is purchased, it’s important to follow the directions, if you skip reading the directions you risk messing up your new sneakers before you even wear them! It’s also important to reapply the spray as many times as it is recommended.

#2 Sneaker Wipes

Sneaker wipes can be purchased online or in-store where you buy the sneakers. If you’re obsessed with keeping your Air Force 1s sparkling clean, these wipes are a must-have! Keep a pack in the car, in your locker, backpack, kitchen, bedroom, EVERYWHERE. These wipes provide a quick and easy way to spruce up your shoes before leaving the house but are handy if you get a few specks of dirt on them throughout the day. Cleaning off the imperfections before they set into the leather can make or break your favorite sneaker.

#3 Hand Wash

Another great way to get your shoes clean is by hand washing. The easiest method is to use a mild soap mixed with warm water as your cleaning solution. If your shoes need a little more help, try using a dish soap or laundry detergent mixed with warm water. They will incorporate both stain and grease-fighting properties into your cleaning solution. You can also mix baking soda and water to make a cleaning paste that’s great for cleaning lighter colors without being too harsh. 

Don’t forget to wash the soles! You can definitely use your preferred cleaning solution, but use a toothbrush for scrubbing, it will be more effective. 

When it comes to the leather parts of your shoes, you don’t need to buy some fancy leather cleaner if you don’t want to. They can actually be cleaned using a household item, like a Magic Eraser. Nike recommends this directly on their website; “In addition to using a dry brush and mild dish soap solution, you may want to use a Magic Eraser or leather conditioner to remove stains.” 

Cleaning your Air Force 1s is simple and doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. If you can avoid getting them dirty in the first place, you won’t have to worry about cleaning them.  Know that accidents do happen and sometimes your Air Force 1s will get dirty just from being worn outside. It’s good to have a plan in hand in case you ever do need to clean them.


Expert Recommended:

The following are the top four Air Force 1 shoes recommended by our Sneaker Enthusiast 

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12/09/2022 03:51 am GMT

Nike Women’s Air Force 1

Price: 209.56 

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Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Low ‘07

Price: 164.99

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Nike Women’s Air Force 1 ‘07 Lucky Charms

Price: 229.99 – 299.99

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12/08/2022 06:16 pm GMT

Nike Women’s Low Top Basketball Shoe

Price: 125.95 – 425.00


Overall, Air Force 1s are a very popular sneaker.  They may not be designed specifically for running or hitting the gym, but they are perfect to tie together that athleisure outfit. Air Force 1s will also provide both comfort and style. 

Great for walking and standing for long periods of time these sneakers are a great choice for a day in the city or a night out. They are also a serious fashion statement that will go with almost any outfit.

It’s important to keep in mind that sizing can be tricky, so make sure to purchase a pair that you know will fit or from somewhere that has a good exchange policy.