Old Shoes Run Down? Give the Nike Zoom a Spin

When you’re running hundreds of miles – for fun, sport, or just to relieve stress – your running shoe is a crucial part of the experience. You know what qualities you want in a pair of running shoes: They should be light, cushioned, supportive, and well-fitting. But how do you find the right one for you? It may take some trial and error. This article provides you with an in-depth look at one of the top running shoes on the market: the Nike Zoom.

Nike is perhaps the most well-known sports apparel brand and offers a wide selection of highly-rated running shoes. Despite continuously putting out popular models like the Nike Pegasus – which has transformed from a utility running shoe to one of Nike’s most beloved staples – Nike is always introducing new styles, colors, and classifications of shoes.

The Nike Zoom line of shoes comes with the Zoom Air unit, which is made to increase speed by providing more energy return. These shoes are softer and more responsive on the forefoot than any Nike foam. Because the Zoom’s entire midsole is constructed of React foam, Nike’s most recent foam-based cushioning technology, it feels quick and responsive when you’re running.

Nike’s patented technology is always changing and growing; read on for more on the latest in Nike tech.

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus pink and white

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Latest Nike Tech

Nike has developed revolutionary technology to support athletes performing at their peak over the years. The ever-evolving Nike Zoom running shoe series is one of the best examples.

Engineered Mesh

Regular mesh is less flexible and less strong than engineered mesh. However, many of Nike’s performance running shoes employ engineered mesh as the upper to enable ventilation while still feeling secure on your feet.


Nike introduced its VaporWeave, a new material blended with TPU and TPE plastics, with the ZoomX Vaporfly. It is extremely lightweight and sturdy, but its water resistance matters most. Therefore, the shoes won’t absorb water even in the wettest conditions.

Flywire Cables

Some of the Zoom sneakers’ exposed Flywire cables – a cutting-edge technology made of super-strong threads that work like suspension bridge cables and offer the highest precision support – give the shoes a secure feeling by enabling a close but flexible fit. Even though you can only see a little portion on top, these cables extend all the way to the bottom of each shoe. Therefore, despite the cables’ seeming insignificance, they offer tremendous support without adding much extra weight.

ZoomX Foam

The lightest, softer, and more responsive midsole cushioning from Nike, ZoomX Foam was initially created to help runners attempting to break the two-hour marathon mark. It provides a supportive cushion without making your shoe heavier or bulkier.

Zoom Air

Nike introduced Zoom Air more than 20 years ago. Although Nike Zoom Air units come in various sizes, they are most frequently seen in running shoes as either a full-length unit that runs the entire length of the sole or as two smaller units positioned beneath the heel and the toes. Air and stretched fibers that contract when pressure is applied and bounce back when pressure is withdrawn are used to fill these units. Thus, you experience a dynamic energy return with each step you take (and every move you make).

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Tips to Buy the Right Shoe for Your Next Run

It can be challenging to identify a clear winner when choosing the best pair of running shoes for you. Finding a comfortable fit is the number one key to selecting the ideal pair of running shoes. Unfortunately, choosing the best-fitting shoe among the many options on the market is difficult. Whichever pair you decide to buy must be comfortable for your personal running stance and properly fit from heel to toe.

The proper pair will enhance your performance and lessen your chance of injury. On the other hand, if you choose a pair of shoes that don’t fit well, you may find that every stride is difficult and painful.

If you need help whittling down your options, remember: Comfort comes first. The best running shoes for you will be the most comfortable ones. However, when trying on a pair of shoes it can be difficult to tell whether the comfort you feel will hold up over extended runs.

Consider how different regions of your foot feel when evaluating comfort. Learn about the various shoe parts and how they affect fit.


The top portion of the shoe above the sole, is called the upper. Opt for an upper that doesn’t rub or pull and resembles the form of your foot when you walk with the shoe on. The groundbreaking Nike Flyknit upper, for instance, offers lightweight support.


You should have enough space between the toes and the toebox to easily flex and stretch your toes without cramming them into the shoe. Sure, this seems obvious, but it’s actually an essential component to keep in mind when choosing running shoes so you don’t have discomfort when you run. The entire  Nike Zoom series is structured to provide a slightly wider toe box that many runners find appealing.


The part of your shoe that holds the foot in place and houses the laces is called the saddle. Look for a saddle that protects your foot and does not feel overly constricting.


Nike created the midsole to reduce the impact on the heel. Select a comfortable midsole that doesn’t make the shoe overly heavy. Be like Goldilocks and select a midsole that feels comfortable to your feet – not too soft but not too hard.

You get the picture.

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus light blue and tan

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The outsole is the part of the shoe where the rubber hits the ground. It is frequently composed of various rubber or foam compounds placed in key locations to extend wear life or improve bounce or flexibility.

Opt for materials that provide durability and traction without increasing unnecessary bulk or stiffness for a foot shape that matches yours and that gives you the optimum amount of stability underfoot.

Heel Drop

The material that joins the upper to the inner shoe lining at the bottom of the shoe is known as the heel block (or heel drop). Your stride may be affected by the difference between the height of the heel and the ball of your foot. Therefore, when you walk, pay close attention to how well the shoe feels, and steer clear of footwear that stresses one part of your foot more than the other.

Ankle Collar

The ankle collar is where your foot goes – the top portion of the shoe. A proper ankle collar will snugly fit around the ankles and won’t slide or rub at the Achilles tendon. When you try on the shoes, always pay close attention to this area since it can be a major source of annoyance.

Nike Zoom Shoes

Nike Zoom offers support, cushioning, and rebound so you can concentrate on reaching your running goals. Stress fractures and shin splints in the long bones of the legs are prevented by the rebound in the Zoom line of shoes, which lessens the stress passing through your tibia or shin bone.

If you’re looking for an athletic shoe for everyday running, here are a few Nike Zoom products worth checking out:

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes is an ideal pair of running shoes for women. This shoe is a great trainer with reliability, consistency, and comfort. As a result, it has good value and is suitable for many runs. It is comfortable and has a good upper shoe construction, but it weighs a bit more. Weight matters because it affects the speed and performance of running. Keep in mind that the more the shoes weigh, the harder your lower body muscles must work while running.

Updated Upper

The shoe includes a full-length rubber outsole, a sturdy top, and has been made to shape your foot as comfortably as possible.

The area of the entirety of the shoe’s foot-covering portion, which is also called the upper, and around your heel has undergone the most significant alterations, as Nike thinned out the tongue, made the heel counter and fabric surrounding it more streamlined, and made a few minor adjustments to the Flywire attachments.

Ankle problems are super frustrating, and the upper can make or break the shoe for ardent Pegasus enthusiasts.

Firm Midsole

The shoe’s feel is stiff due to the full-length Zoom Air unit: They are either two smaller units positioned beneath the heel and the toes or one long unit running the entire length of the sole and the relatively firm EVA midsole. Running with Zoom Air technology is more responsive and energizing. It facilitates recovery from the road, allowing runners to begin their next step more quickly by getting their feet on and off the ground. However, that firmness is also one of the reasons shoes like the Pegasus are so versatile.

Versatility does not always entail a lack of safety, just as a firm ride does not always imply a lack of protection from harm. In addition, the removable blown-foam insole offers a great deal of protection to the underfoot.

Adjusting your running speed is also made simpler by a robust top component without worrying about bumpy ground areas. As a result, runners find the Pegasus 36 ideal for everyday use as a running shoe.

Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes black and white side image

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Nike Air Zoom Men’s Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Men’s Pegasus 36 Running Shoes, a symbol of athleisure, are now in a slimmer and more comfortable design than its predecessor. The upper of this running shoe features engineered mesh for improved breathability, while exposed Flywire cables offer a snug fit at higher speeds. Developed by Nike to increase support and simultaneously be lightweight, Nike Flywire is a thread made of nylon or Vectran that is used in the upper portion of sneakers.

Sock Liner

The high-resiliency sock liner in the men’s Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 provides comfort and protection from injury. The excellent underfoot molds to your foot’s shape. The upper part has more perforations to increase breathability in high-heat areas. Additionally, the Flywire cables offer a snug fit, supporting the foot for fast-speed movements.

The Zoom Air technology absorbs the force from the ground with each foot strike. Cushioning foam made from Cushlon ST provides a soft, responsive shield and firm support while running.

Comfort-Ensuring Upgrades

The Pegasus 36’s elegant, minimalist design reduces total weight and improves breathability in hot weather to attain a higher level of comfort. In addition, the shoe’s engineered mesh upper blends with a softer tongue and perforations in the toe and midfoot for improved airflow. At the same time, the Flywire lacing system is tweaked to promote a snugger fit.

Nike Air Zoom Men’s Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

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Nike Men’s Running Shoe

The Nike Men’s Running Shoes are the best for runners. Nike’s running shoes are among the best in the world due to their features, including their cushioning, durability, and energy return.


On all fronts, Nike’s Men’s Running Shoe improves upon its predecessor – especially in terms of the cushioning around the heels. In addition to remaining lightweight and breathable, the footwear utilizes open mesh around the forefoot in the upper. Waffle patterns on the bottom surface of the shoes are intended to prevent them from slipping. In terms of upper design, the main goal is to cage the midfoot so that it receives maximum support.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is used in the upper back foot, and mesh fabric is used on the front side, combining the advantages of both worlds. Around the heels, there is soft padding to keep your feet comfortable. A pair of synthetic leather laces and a synthetic leather design create a cage around the middle of your foot, so there is no slippage while running. A sole rubber unit on the bottom of these shoes ensures great traction on multiple surfaces.

Nike Men's Running Shoe

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Nike Men’s Air Zoom Winflo 8 Black/Red/Grey

Despite its modest versatility, the Nike Winflo 8 is a solid option for those looking for a budget-friendly shoe. For those just starting on the running path, this is a great shoe for individuals seeking a balance between comfort and style. Nike has made this shoe fresh with its design.

Support & Comfort

With the $90.00 price on the lower end of the market, this shoe is worth its price. The Winflo 8 does not offer much technology but is just enough to help you have a good run.

This shoe is perfect for you if you run a few miles per week. Although it is not the best choice for long distances and speed work, it provides comfort and support well. They feel good, and you’ll love how they look when they’re laced up.

There are some key features on the shoe, such as the Zoom Air unit extending along the entire sole. Moreover, overlays are present at the toe to add an extra layer of durability. Finally, the tongue of the shoe connects to the upper inner lining to ensure a secure fit.


Winflo 8 features Nike Zoom Air, which runs the entire length of the shoe and cushions the foot. Cushlon foam is used as the insert.

Nike Men's Air Zoom Winflo 8 Black/Red/Grey

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Nike Women’s Zoom Winflo 6 Running Shoes

The latest Nike Women’s Zoom Winflo 6 has a fluid design. It has two Zoom Air units at the forefoot and heel to deliver targeted responsiveness. Additionally, it is breathable, thanks to the engineered mesh on top.

Necessary Modifications

Unlike its predecessor, the Winflo 5, the Winflo 6 has been redesigned from the ground up, resulting in a distinct difference. It is now firmer and stiffer due to the newly-introduced Zoom Air bag.

These women’s shoes expose the Zoom Air bag under the heel, where the cushioning is softer and more responsive. People have different opinions on the upper fit, as the toe box is a lot pointier than the Winflo 5. This shoe accommodates runners who prefer a narrower shoe/fit.

Level of Comfort

Under the heel, a window exposes the Zoom Air bag, which is drop-stitched. With drop-stitched material, expandable constructions become much more rigid and strong. Despite what may seem like mere ornamentation, the cavity helps the heel compress. In addition, a groove separates the crash pad from the rest of the outsole, contributing to its cushioning when loaded.

To enhance efficiency, provide cushioning, and facilitate seamless heel-to-toe transitions, the crash pad is a system of completely integrated shock absorbers that can accommodate any foot landing.

Nike Women's Zoom Winflo 6 Running Shoes

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Final Thoughts

Nike Zoom sneakers are outstanding. They’re supportive, cushioned, and comfy even on slower, easier runs. You wouldn’t have trouble wearing these if you normally run in more supportive shoes. It shouldn’t surprise you that elite athletes like Eliud Kipchoge love the Nike Zoom. It has exceptionally good traction in both dry and wet conditions.

Every Nike Zoom series product component has been meticulously designed for maximum performance, whether on long-distance runs, 10-second sprints, or meandering uphill climbs. The Zoom’s foam midsoles, treaded outsoles, and mesh uppers make this shoe a winner.

With Nike Zoom and its cutting-edge cushioning system created for speed and agility, you’ll experience speed, control, and responsiveness. Pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers are used in this technology to absorb impact and then snap back for quick movement and less strain on the muscles, joints, and tendons.

Wearing Nike Zooms, you can sprint more quickly off the mark, pronate less, play field sports with more ground feel and control, and make quicker cutbacks in basketball.

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