The Old 574 Is Now the Newest New Balance 57/40 Reimagined, Reworked and Really Radical

New Balance 57/40 vibrant spring glo

From collabs celebrating pizza, the Lunar New Year, monochromatic art, and many more, this sneaker release is a fit and fab one! The New Balance 57/40, from the iconic New Balance archives, brings you a remix of the old chunky sneakers until the sneaker no longer qualifies as a ‘dad shoe’. With the Brooks and Wood collaboration and the fan-favorite Mache serving up a slice of shoe pizza for all the sneakerheads, the New Balance 57/40 is shelling out collaborations by the day! If you need a high-quality sneaker with the most colorful colorways, stay tuned to get the latest footwear news and find out how to get yours. But First thing’s first, you need to know the origin of the longest ‘running’ sneaker in the New Balance vault.

New Balance Has a Winner in the 574 Sneaker

When these trainers hit the market in 1988, New Balance had finally hit the jackpot in this iconic New Balance silhouette. This sneaker has been on fire ever since it was released to the public. Back when it was released it also went by the New Balance 574. There have been endless remakes and remixes with the best collaboration partners like BAPE, Concepts, and the United Kingdom-based “Size?” and the ones mentioned above. The 80s retro-style with essential elements from the 327 and 550 in the fit and EVA 1980 style trainers. The ENCAP shock absorption of the original New Balance 574 throws the silhouette back, way back, to the good old days. The lifestyle sneaker is suitable for everyday wear, but it’s not near rock climbing more than a few times. The point of revamping the New Balance 574 into the New Balance 57/40 is to offer more collaborations, more colorways, and a more iconic New Balance style. From the New Balance heritage grey hues to dazzling and hypnotic vivid colorways here come the newest of the new arrivals straight from the archives. You’re welcome.

BAPE X New Balance 57/40 Collab

One of the great collaborators of the New Balance 57/40, BAPE is all too familiar with the 1990s. Established in 1993, every day and a streetwear clothing brand is brought to you straight from Japan to dress up any bathing ape everywhere. If you don’t know, BAPE is an acronym for “A Bathing Ape”. But you may have more questions than answers, so let’s put your mind at ease with a mental image of the style-driven trainers.

BAPE X New Balance 57/40 Greyscale Colorways

Betwixt the shark teeth on the heel and the black, grey, and white on the upper, makes it hard to realize the sneakers are not colorful. It may be because of the comic-like “N” logo in a greyscale camouflage, or it could be because the shoe is loud enough to hold its own without color? This shoe has been the butt of millions of critiques and admirers alike. But wait, the New Balance 57/40 and BAPE collab isn’t over yet. Could you wait for it?

New Balance 57/40 BAPE
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BAPE X New Balance 57/40 Purple, Pink, Orange, and Blue Colorways 

The perfect contrast to the bold and in-your-face monochromatic feel of the other sneaker. The suede and leather uppers in pink and purple under and across wavy lines- 80s retro-style trainers bonus. The white mesh underlays on the vamp are a nice retrospective piece, too. The mix-match feel is felt from the upper to the heel of contained shark teeth by 2 out of the 4 colorways of the sneaker by the suede and leather surrounding the drawn on the shark bite style. Can you feel the beautiful chaos of this worldwide win from BAPE?

A New Balance Collab with Concepts

You can go and fall head over heels now to give you an idea of the already released collaborations, Concepts X, and New Balance team efforts. Concepts have propelled a whole Headin’ Home collection, including the collaboration New Balance 57/40 sneaker in apricot and orange colorways. The apricot leather upper under a taupe suede overlay. The mix of suede and apricot leather intermingles to connect at the bright orange leather “N” logo. The red-orange leather begins at the mudguard and wraps around the heel. The black and white start the outsole and midsole, then the sole is a solid black tread. This instant hit made a massive splash in late August 2021, and the new concept from Concept and New Balance of the most colorful colorways is undoubtedly on its way any minute.

The United Kingdom-Based Size? X New Balance 57/40 Collaboration

As we all have stored away in our memory boxes that New Balance has adopted that grey hue as its heritage hue. Now we see the hue in so many new and exciting ways like in this joint effort among the United Kingdom label ‘Size?’ and New Balance. The greyscale style love child was born into instant fame to suede and thick mesh uppers. The warm tones of the white leather, suede, and mesh are the perfect pair for the cool tones of the dark grey of the suede and the rubber midsoles atop its white counterpart of the retro and wavy lines of the day in these trainers. In a slimmer style than in years past, these United Kingdom star trainers aren’t those same old chunky sneakers with the widened midsoles. The “N” logo is a white leather one outlined with a pale grey leather atop the white mesh netting over the dark grey underlay. These trainers are perfect for any occasion, or non-occasion, guaranteed to go with everything in your wardrobe.

New Balance 57/40 Size?
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Instant Collaboration Magic for the New Balance 57/40

To begin with, the new, New Balance 57/40 sneakers are the richest in color ad style all by themselves. When you add a south Los Angeles designing family, a renowned artist, Mache, and Todd Snyder to the collaboration headliners the sneaker becomes iconic New Balance! By the end of all the new sneaker release dates, you’ll be a believer in the legendary comeback of New Balance from dad shoe status to reign supreme over all sneaker brands. So, let’s check out the New Balance 57/40 new arrivals, shall we?

Brooks & Wood X New Balance 57/40 Collab

This team-up effort from the south-central Los Angeles and New Balance is paying off certainly! The dark green and even darker green pig suede upper with silver-lining of sorts outlines the dark green mesh on the vamp and the silver leather collar around each side. In the spirit of the retro style, the widened midsoles complete the style with pink, white, and red soles. The Brooks and Wood collaboration hit the market in June 2021 and hasn’t lost any wind since. The original MRSP in 2021 was $150.

New Balance 57/40 Bricks and Wood
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Hot Tamales! It’s Joshua Vides Collab for New Balance 57/40 in His Famous B&W Style 

If you’ve not yet heard about this Latino monochromatic artist, you better hit Google! He lights up the art scene with his refreshing splashes of anything but color. Joshua Vides claims to dislike the color. It makes perfect sense since art is not dependent upon the project’s color, but rather the values. In art, there’s a saying, “Color gets all the praise, but value does all the work.” It seems that Mr. Vides takes that to heart, and it shows in his success and his beautiful fine art, artwork. His first sneaker collaboration with New Balance doesn’t shy away from the principles he holds dear. Check out his other collaborations with Fendi, Google, and BMW if you missed it. The 2 collabs he’s done with New Balance are the 327 and the 57/40. The white and black colorway of the New Balance 57/40 hit the market late last year at an MSRP of $152. The preliminary designs hit the 3-dimensional sneaker with a 2-dimensional finish in black and white with a fine art paint splatter in black. The soles are a retro-style running sole in a fleshy pink hue.

New Balance 57/40 Joshua Vides
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Orders’ Up! Mache Does It Up with New Balance for World Pizza Day

First off, if you’re not a food whiz and a Sneaker Guru, the Pizza is Italian cuisine. Sure, we’ve done a pretty fair job at making pizza as American as possible here in the United States. Indeed, pineapples and barbeque sauce are hardly what the Italians had on the menu for the celebration of their heritage cuisine on World Pizza Day. On the flip side of that, a lot of Americans probably did. Well, or they got their take-out or delivery of something else that closely resembles pizza. Maybe a well-thought-out celebratory shoe from Dan Gamache, or MACHE, instead? Either way, you can still get the piping hot and sizzling sneaker silhouette that incorporates the colors of the Italian flag, green, red, and white. The sneaker still stays true to the late 80s trainer and adds the colorful flare missing in the original shoe design until lately. The white leather and mesh perfectly combine the hairy suede of pizza dough tan and pizza sauce red to deliver a realistic idea of a pizza theme. An added touch of the old red and white checkered tablecloth featured on the tongue beautifully compliments the green “NB” logo. The splashes of purple around the mesh of the vamp and collar is a brightening and refreshing. The collar is green leather surrounded by the purple accented white mesh, and the purple and green unite to outline the “N” logo in all white premium leather. The midsole and outsole are accurate to the retro style of the 1988 New Balance 574 trainer with its widened silhouette and ENCAP shock absorbers and EVA midsoles. The white trainer midsole is topped with a delightful breadstick of wavy tan and a drop of red sauce on the front of the shoe. The black sole of the sneaker with the 1980’s traction you can see completes the ingenious shoe design from Mache Customs and New Balance.

New Balance 57/40 Mache National Pizza Day
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Todd Snyder X New Balance 57/40 Collab Stony Beach

As the menswear designer started with his flagship Todd Snyder retail store and another Todd Snyder at the Liquor Store while mentoring aspiring style and fashion designers and raising 3 beautiful daughters, you may wonder how he can juggle this. Then we drop the bomb on you that he isn’t just juggling this. Still, he’s also juggling the endless collaborations with companies like Timex, Champion, Moby’s, and more while enjoying the fruits of his labor in the means of multiple nominations for design and style awards. This man is a winning collaborator for the mountains of sneaker models he’s already put his hands on of the New Balance kind. Todd Snyder has had his turn in some cool New Balance sneaker renos like the collab on the 992, 998, and 997. 990v3, 327, even a 10th-anniversary edition for the 992. Now, it’s time to see what the Stony Beach rendition of his is all about. The ivory leather and vachetta (which is a super-luxe leather used in Louis Vuitton handbags and such) are placed as the essential elements in depicting a cobblestone beach with the reddish hues of 3 different types of suede. Snyder used critical elements in the original trainers too. The new white mesh overlays on the vamp and collar give a cloud rolling in feel to the Stony Beach story. The off-white midsole and the yellowed outsole on top of a red-brown sole give the vintage-style sneakers a beachy love story feel.

New Balance 57/40 Todd Snyder Stony Beach
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The All-Star New Balance 57/40 Sneakers at the Top of All Lists

Although one of these all-star trainers has already made the top of all lists as a collaboration, he’s worth the early mention. Joshua Vide, the Guatemalan-born art superstar, has most definitely made a name for himself, and that paintbrush of a secret weapon he so skillfully uses. We still have some pretty impressive renditions of the New Balance 574 sneakers. So, get comfy with your favorite sneakers, and let’s get this party started.

New Balance 57/40 Grey Day Colorways

The vast understatement of the grey colorways makes this a delightful and cheery shoe despite the grey palette. The varying textures of the suede and the microperforated leather of the uppers work well with the 80s-inspired eye row and mudguard. The natural wavy lines and straight lines of the leather and mesh construction of the upper give a fluidity to the key upper panels of the sneaker. The quarter panels bear the “N” logo in a reflective white atop mid-tone greys. The microperforated leather on the collar and upper offers a unique alternative to the mesh and suede combinations common in this sneaker style. The creamy sidewalls lie to you about the ENCAP midsole of wide and chunky sneakers. The slimming effects of the simple Grey Day colorways make the wide proportions of the chunky sneakers seem less narrow than they are. The Grey Day sneaker is a hot seller having been released last May. The original MSRP for the Grey Day colorway in the style of the old 574 was $120 at the time of its sneaker fame day in 2021. Of course, it’s not as easy as it was to land these beauties a year ago, the demand for the Grey Day sneaker has exploded since the retro style of these trainers have caught the eye of some very influential people.

New Balance 57/40 Grey Day
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New Balance 57/40 Sea Salt Calm Taupe

Keep calm and carry on with the Sea Salt Calm Taupe colorways of the creamy New Balance shoe. The feeling the shoe evokes is a mild manner, or calmness, with the sneaker’s flowing wavy lines of cream and taupe. The taupe smooth suede overlays of the white mesh panels make up the upper. The quarter panel bears the “N” logo in taupe suede atop a white leather and mesh detailing. The tongue and collar continue the suede and mesh pattern and the mudguard is white on taupe built on the ENCAP midsoles of the retro style complete with wavy lines of the split eye row and mudguard. The 80s-style sole of the sneaker completes the design.

New Balance 57/40 Sea Salt Calm Taupe
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New Balance 57/40 Green Rain Cloud

The colorway of the sneaker may throw some less experienced sneakerheads for a loop, but this shoe is an extension of the New Balance 57/40 Rain Cloud which features a greyscale style of suede, leather, and mesh uppers. However, the Green Rain Cloud owns a green, white, and accents of pale grey colorway. The green hairy suede and the white leather upper have the “N” logo on the quarter panel in a pale grey atop white leather surrounded by a dark green mesh detailing. The white leather of the collar is surrounded by the green mesh as with the logo on the quarter panel. The insole, the heel, and the sole are a defining black hue to give the sneaker some balance with the white and green. This sneaker first debuted in August 2021 at an MSRP of $100. This sneaker keeps going with the flow as the price point fluctuates, so you may get a steal from StockX if you’re quick.

New Balance 57/40 Green Rain Cloud
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New Balance 57/40 Black 

It’s pretty clear what this sneaker style is all about, already. We’ll go ahead and tell you about it anyway. The New Balance 57/40 trainers come in black on black, on black leather and rugged mesh uppers, and reflective “N” logos are, too, black. The New Balance 57/40 retro style of the wavy lines are found still in the eye row and mudguard in the dark black coloring to be so well defined and so 80s. The wide sidewall and midsoles are outfitted with ENCAP shock absorbers. The style and design are finished with the wide-set look of the timeless chunky sneakers from the iconic New Balance 574 vault. The reintroduction to the chunky sneakers is met with love and well-treaded black soles.

New Balance 57/40 Black
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How and Where To Get Your New Balance Kicks

Now, the United States and the United Kingdom aren’t the only ones in the New Balance biz. The New Balance shoe can be found almost on every continent. The New Balance stores are popping up everywhere from South Africa, and South Korea to the Solomon Islands for wide accessibilities. And with the internet, the user-friendly interfaces of the ADHD-friendly profile, and the accessibilities for persons with cognitive disabilities to be savvy New Balance shoppers. On top of the mental and cognitive disabilities having users being helped with assistive features on the interweb, blind users can use a vision-impaired profile to surf the New Balance shoe pages. If you experience any difficulties browsing the new arrivals from New Balance the customer care and information center is here to help. You can find the contact information for New Balance customer service on the New Balance website.