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Gold Sneakers: Shine With These Gold Kicks

So it's time for a new flashy pair of shoes. If you're looking for some sneakers that shine with attraction – an authentic fashion sneaker that can perform when you need them- there's no doubt you're looking for something flashy. The flash is what's going to attract attention, after all. A shoe that doesn't compliment your outfit and doesn't stand out isn't a shoe at all, if we're being honest.

Everybody is looking for a metallic shoe that matches quality, budget, and appearance. If you're on a quest for some shoes worth their weight in gold, finding some new and sleek gold kicks is definitely on your list.

Don't discount the gold kicks before trying them – some of these shoes are downright head-turning in all the right ways. Going to that party next week or just walking down the street and meeting old friends doesn't matter what you're doing; these shoes shock with a purely golden appeal.

So if you're looking for golden sneakers and to shine with these new gold kicks you acquire, then look no further:

  • Pastry Pop Tart Glitter High-Top Sneakers

  • IGxx Gold Shoes

  • Gold LED Light Up Shoes

  • Nike Women's Gold Air Max 90 SP

  • Betsey Johnson Women's Sidny Sneaker

  • PUMA Women's Roma Amor Rainbow Sneaker

  • ROXY-ROSE Metallic Sneaker

But how do you plan on picking out a specific pair for yourself? As much as I'm sure we all want to, we can't just go about and buy every pair of shoes we want. Because of this, you'll have to choose between these shoes, weighing the pros and cons and deciding if you wish some light-up sneakers that'll keep you golden even at night or some classic Nike running shoes doused in gold.

Regardless of what you're looking for, there's no doubt you'll find a fantastic pair of gold shoes on this list. Gold sneakers are easily one of the most fabulous shoes you can buy and can fit with virtually any outfit – retro or modern – if done right.

So check out some of the details on these shoes and take your pick because the sooner you get these bad boys on your feet, the sooner you'll be the life of the party with your new gold sneakers.

1. Pastry Pop Tart Glitter High-Top Sneakers

Okay, so you want some light gold and white sneakers that make you look like a whole different person – as soon as you put them on. Just like Clark Kent's sunglasses, these shoes seem to give everybody around them tunnel vision and make them focus entirely on the shiny kicks on your feet.

The Pastry Pop Tart Glitter High-Top Sneakers are a high-top sneaker that offers a clean design with attention to detail on both the sides, the glitter (so much glitter), and the shoe's soles. Undoubtedly, these shoes will give you attention if you're trying to go for that vibe.

Whether you're looking to wear these to a fashion event, a party, or just on the street, these high-top gold and white sneakers undoubtedly add a crucial element to any aesthetic.

The Pastry Pop Tart Glitter High-Top Sneakers feature an articulately designed sole with a fashionable pattern of nametags on a chain with the words "SWEET," "LIFE," and "LIVE" detailed on the tags. This incredibly stylish design makes the outsoles of the shoes just as unique as every other aspect, giving you that perfect little jazz to add to the bottom where it would usually be boring and routine.

Although the outsoles of these shoes are white, the rest are a glittering golden color, giving you that vibe of golden sneakers you undoubtedly want to show off.

Pastry Pop Tart Glitter High-Top Sneaker Multiple Views

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One crucial aspect to consider about these fashionable shoes is that they run a half size small, meaning that you need to order accordingly if you want the right fit for your feet. If they do fit, however, these shoes are undoubtedly a good pair of kicks. With an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars and costing anywhere between $55 and $67, these fashionable shoes offer such a clean aesthetic it's hard to pass them up.

With a memory foam footbed and breathable fabric lining, these shoes also place comfort as a top priority – not making you sacrifice your feet for style. You'll be able to wear these shoes all day without having to experience foot pains or soreness beyond what you should expect.

In addition, these shoes offer a secure lace-up front and a glitter panel upper, making them very reasonable to use and wear while also increasing the fashionable aspect of these shoes.

Overall, these are a great and reliable pair of shoes you do not want to pass up. That said, they run a size small and are not built for wider feet, so the buyer should beware and fit these shoes properly before making the purchase.

Aside from this, these shoes also aren't very durable when it comes to the elements – made almost entirely out of synthetic materials, and these kicks may not do so well in mud, snow, or rain.

2. IGxx Gold Shoes

The IGxx Gold Shoes are a great and shiny option for anybody looking to be looking good with all sorts of fashionable glows. Keep in mind that these shoes are gold, so they'll fit best with an outfit that compliments golden outlines and shoes – with this being said, the IGxx Gold Shoes are a safe pick for a wide variety of companies and could fit in your wardrobe.

So what makes these shoes so great? First, it's important to mention that these are technically for men, so you may have to adjust the size slightly if you're looking to buy it for a special "her" – but they can work for any gender. Nothing stops you from wearing these low top sneakers around the house, at a party, or at a fashion show.

So let's get started on the breakdown of these shoes. The IGxx Gold Shoes feature a rubber and leather white sole, an addition to the design that compliments the golden body and black interior. All these contrasting colors mesh together extremely well, complimenting the final design and adding that "pop" you want when you're going with a color like gold.

Beyond this, these shoes offer a breathable vamp fabric design that is an absolute must if you want to keep your feet dry and comfortable. These skin-friendly materials are comfort-oriented while keeping a sick design, an undoubted addition that will keep you on your feet and happy to be on your feet as long as you need.

Without a doubt, the IGxx Gold Shoes are built with comfort in mind. These kicks also feature a comfy memory foam heel cup for users to increase wearability and conformity to their feet. Aside from this, these shoes are suitable no matter the time of year – they're not designed for wear during the Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall specifically – instead, they're trendy and valuable no matter the time you choose to buy or wear these.

High Top IGxx Gold Shoes on someone's feet

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With 4.1 stars out of 5 and a very reasonable cost of $38, nothing is keeping you from picking these shoes up today. Plus, these shoes have over 300 reviews, so if you're worried about buying something that not many people have, you don't have to worry any longer.

The flexible rubber sole on the IGxx Gold Shoes provides conformity and usability in any environment, making wearing these a pleasure in summary. Undoubtedly, the IGxx Gold Shoes are a great and budget-friendly option for those looking to add a pair of golden kicks to their collection. These shoes aren't athletic shoes per se, but they can also function as such if needed.

The IGxx Gold Shoes have all the essential elements you need for a successful pair of shoes, and users will undoubtedly find them satisfactory in plenty of applications. So why not pick yourself up a couple of today? These will compliment any outfit you've got in mind.

3. Gold LED Light Up Shoes

These Gold LED Light Up Shoes are quite literally capable of being the light of your life. Keep in mind that these shoes don't falter in the face of the party – they're able to light up the dance floor and make you look golden while at it. Look no further if you're looking for a metallic gold sneaker with a light-up sole. These shoes have an effortless and straightforward design, but that's fun. With solid-gold coloring and 11 light-up modes, you won't have to worry about not being able to pick how you want to look.

Gold LED Light up SHoes

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If you want to go with a green sole, you can go with a green sole – and there are plenty of other options that move and don't just glow, either. These fun color options change and can add that glow you need on your next outing.

These shoes have easy charging via a USB charging cable, allowing repeated use of the glowing soles. Beyond this, they're only priced at a reasonable amount of between $32 and $40, depending on the pair you pick. This price can dip when it goes on sale, but even at this price, these shoes undoubtedly provide the budget option you need to look good and keep looking good.

Made of high-quality PU materials, velcro straps, and a non-slip rubber sole, these shoes let you experience maximum comfort while simultaneously being the life of the party.

It's a surprise, quite frankly, that party providers haven't picked up on these kicks and started providing them yet. They're a great gift for Halloween, Christmas, or New Year – no matter what you're doing, you can find a way to fit these glowing golden shoes into the mix.

4. Nike Women's Gold Air Max 90 SP

The Nike Women's Gold Air Max 90 SP is undoubtedly the most expensive shoe on this list but also offers enhanced functionality for those looking for the hottest sneakers paired with the ability to use these hot sneakers in real workouts. These slightly more expensive shoes cost anywhere between $120 and $380 depending on the size and style you think fits you.

With 4.1 out of 5 stars and plenty of reviews, the Nike Women's Gold Air Max 90 SP is an option for those looking to go all out with their golden vibes. Undoubtedly, the Air Max line is a widely recognized shoe and fashionable addition for those who value function just as much as they love fashion.

However, if you're okay with going for a cheaper option, it may be the best idea very well. These shoes aren't cheap, so there might be a better option unless you have the budget for them. That doesn't mean these shoes aren't quality – if you've got the money to drop on these kicks, it's undoubtedly a great purchase that can leave you looking just as golden and glowing as your sneakers.

Nike Womens Air Max 90 SP Running Shoes gold

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5. Betsey Johnson Women's Sidny Sneaker

The Betsey Johnson Women's Sidny Sneaker is a glowing, sparkly pair of golden shoes that will "wow" and bind anybody near them.

These low-rise sneakers are created by the Betsey Johnson brand, a notable brand that is sure to impress your friends. The price of these shoes varies between $50 and $200 depending on the size and style you buy. Although this may seem like a significant variation, it is backed by the quality of these shoes.

With a Rhinestone embellished upper, you're undoubtedly paying for the sick fashion you get. So why not grab a pair today and show off your fashionable feet?

Betsey Johnson Women's Sidny gold sneaker

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6. PUMA Women's Roma Amor Rainbow Sneaker

The PUMA Women's Roma Amor Rainbow Sneaker comes in a gold and white variant, providing the required qualities you need if you're looking for a golden pair of shoes.

These shoes are roughly priced between $50 and $135 and are undoubtedly a popular pick for those who want a quality pair of shoes.

With well over 1,000 global reviews and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, this is a reliable pair of shoes for anybody looking to follow the trend of gold sneakers. These shoes don't have any "stand-out" qualities, meaning they don't offer as many shiny attributes as some of the other shoes on this list.

Still, this might be your pick if you value quality above all else.

PUMA Women's Roma Amor Rainbow Sneaker red white blue shoe gold

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7. ROXY-ROSE Metallic Sneaker

Imagine for a second that you're looking for something that screams "all-star, bad A princess." Hear me out, okay? The ROXY-ROSE Metallic Sneaker is an absolute must if you're looking for the perfect fusion of pink and gold that makes you glimmer like a queen and flaunt your fashionable style just as well. These shoes are undoubtedly built to achieve this feel, making you act like royalty while wearing them.

With over 700 ratings, it's genuinely surprising that these shoes only cost anywhere between $20 and $31, depending on the size and style of the shoe. I mean, you're looking at a gorgeous shoe with many excellent design aesthetics. But what exactly?

For one, the PU upper is waterproof and designed to shine, rain or sun. Because of this, you won't have to worry about getting these shoes as wet as you may imagine or as some of the other shoes on this list may require. This surprisingly helpful feature lets you stay comfortable in these shoes without worrying about every puddle in your path.

The sole of the ROXY-ROSE Metallic Sneaker is made of non-slip and lightweight material, allowing you to walk quickly and lightly without the worry of slippage or falling. Accident-prone people won't have to worry about these reliable shoes, that's for sure.

Add this to the unique diamond and gold shine of these shoes, and you have a fashionable and unique pair of sneakers that undoubtedly make a fashion statement that everybody will love. A gold shoe like this has a right to be on a list of the hottest sneakers, and there's no doubt.

With this being said, these shoes only have 4.1 out of 5 stars – even with the more significant number of reviews they've received. Because of this, it's best to be cautious when buying and ensure you get a quality pair.

ROXY-ROSE Metallic Sneaker

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