Top 5 YSL Sneakers Your Feet Need NOW

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Saint Laurent: The Finest Fashion 

When fashion aficionados think of Yves Saint Laurent, the first things that likely come to mind are stunning accessories, low and high heels, and gorgeous boots for women. After all, the haute couture connoisseur was known for his simple yet elegant footwear. 

Heels and boots may have been ruling the fashion scene decades ago, but with the changing of the times comes  waves of different styles. Sneakers are one such style currently trending. Even if the fashion trends of the era fade away, as Saint Laurent puts it: 

“Fashion dies, but style remains.” 

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that fashionable brands like Saint Laurent continue to spark interest and turn heads. Many of his designs are centered around ready-to-wear leather accessories and footwear. As trends lean more and more toward comfort, function, and versatility, don’t be surprised if you begin to see a growing product line of Saint Laurent sneakers. 

Of course, before diving headfirst into luxury sneakers, understanding the fashion label’s origins can give you a better idea of why the brand remains so popular. 

Yves Saint Laurent: Past to Present

Born August 1, 1936, in Oran, Algeria, Yves Henri Donat Matthieu Saint Laurent found himself an outsider amongst his peers. Being bullied for his fashion-forward style only made him throw himself further into his creative outlet: designing clothes. From a young age, he created imaginative and highly detailed paper dolls. Into his teen years, that creativity turned more towards hands-on dress designs for his mother and sisters. 

Yves Saint Laurent and the House of Dior

At just 17, Saint Laurent’s design sketches caught the eye of Christain Dior—a famous Paris fashion designer whose brand has been around since the 1940s. Getting noticed by Dior was a big deal. Saint Laurent quickly became a rising star and remained with Dior for years. He even became the head of the House of Dior following Dior’s death in 1957. 

In 1960, Saint Laurent was called to the French army. He suffered a mental health crisis and didn’t have to serve, but during his recovery, he was replaced by Marc Bohan as the head of the House of Dior. Not long after, Saint Laurent decided to take action and start his own fashion label. He was already welcomed by the 1960s Paris fashion scene and this gave him the freedom of creative direction he craved. 

His signature designs included women’s dresses and suit fashions. His Le Smoking signature pinstriped suit for women, which debuted in 1966, caused a fashion upheaval as women in trousers wasn’t a socially accepted look at the time. Of course, that only added to the appeal. Saint Laurent wanted to create glamourous and rebellious garments that challenged the period’s status quo. Despite the controversies, it wasn’t long before he established himself as a top designer in Paris and has remained so for decades.

YSL Today

Yves Saint Laurent (often styled YSL) died on June 1, 2008 at 71 years old. His mark on luxury fashion history continues to inspire the industry. Multiple films have even been made about his life. 

The brand’s success can be seen in its revenues. While Hedi Slimane was the creative director from 2012 to 2016, he expanded the company’s appeal to youth culture. Thanks to Slimane, rock ‘n’ roll aesthetics were introduced to YSL footwear, bags, and dress wear designs. With that, stock in the company and product sales soared. The current creative director, Anthony Vaccarello, focused on investor relations and increased the brand’s economic standing. He continues to encapsulate that rock-chic look that resonates with YSL’s vision of rebellious fashion. 

Saint Laurent is well on its way to becoming a mega-brand as its earnings to date have surpassed three billion euros. Expanding the YSL sneaker, accessory, and clothing lines with a rock-chic, asymmetric design theme has resulted in historic—and ongoing—success. 

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Saint Laurent Sneakers

The exquisite designs expected of a luxury sneaker brand don’t necessarily have to be over-the-top. The less “showy,” the better—at least that’s what Yves Saint Laurent believed according to the Paris-based fashion and design author Patrick Mauriès. In Mauriès‘ book, Yves Saint Laurent Accessories, he says: 

“…shoes fell into the category of discreet complementary details, of light final touches to be applied sparingly.”

What does that mean for YSL sneakers? Don’t expect flashy colors or graphics. As the statement reports, footwear is meant to be a subtle addition to your outfit. That is why the broad range of Saint Laurent sneakers comes in smooth black, classic white, or a simple, yet fun print. 

Saint Laurent Low Top Leather Sneakers 

The low top sneaker has been around for over a century, with the first Keds debuting in 1916. They had rubber-made soles that revolutionized the footwear industry. By the early 1920s, Keds and Converse shoes were introduced to families. Fast forward to the 1950s and one would be hard-pressed not to notice low tops sported by youth across the country. 

As the decades passed, the Saint Laurent Haute fashion house decided to adopt the ready-to-wear or prêt-a-porter concept. That meant expanding beyond custom-made shoes and incorporating more ready-made footwear. Now, the YSL low top sneaker is easy to spot on celebrities like Heidi Klum and Mark Ronson

These are just a few examples of some of the best Saint Laurent low top sneakers currently available for purchase for yourself or that sneaker head in your life. 

Saint Laurent Women’s Low Top Sneaker

Need the final touches for your button-up blouse and jean capris? What about athletic shoes to match your sweater and leggings? Here is a low top, platform-style leather sneaker that goes with so many outfits. The Saint Laurent Women’s Low Top Sneaker completes all kinds of looks. Fashionable leather sneakers in which you can be active? Yes, please! 

The Saint Laurent Low Top Sneaker has a rounded toe with a black animal print. The black-spotted Bianco/Nero print lends the shoes a glossy finish. The YSL Paris logo is displayed on the tongue and rear of the shoe. The lace-up and flat platform design gives a sense of nostalgia which only adds to its popularity. After all, the platform sneaker is in high demand because it falls under the fashion world’s currently trending nostalgic vibes category.  

These imported leather low tops feature a non-slip sole. It’s just what you need when you expect to be on your feet all day. The platform height is 0.75″, giving you a slight height boost. Did you know that platform shoes were worn to both prevent dirt from staining long garments and to make the wearer appear taller? Now you do. 

Ready to include these sneakers in your shopping cart? The price depends on the size you order. The sizes range from US size 5 (EU 35) to US size 11 (EU 41). Prices vary from $531.16 to $605.

SAINT LAURENT Women's Lowtop Sneaker
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Saint Laurent Men’s Slip-On Sneaker

Slip-on, step-in, and slide-in footwear is trending. Just look at Nike’s slides, Sketcher’s slip-ins, and Hey Dudes. But have you ever had authentic leather to slide your feet into? The Saint Laurent Men’s Slip-On Sneaker features a white and black spotted design. Certified as 100% leather shoes, they are the perfect blend of style and comfort. 

These YSL slip-on shoes have a flat-foot design; the platform height is 0.75″. Platform sneakers rose in popularity during the 1990s, and in 2022, is a classic style that’s making a comeback. The YSL logo is easily spotted on the upper and lower part of the heel. That perfect balance of fun and sophistication makes these sneakers a great choice for your jeans, slacks, or golfing attire. 

These high-class Saint Laurent sneakers are hands-free. Just step in and slide them on. They also add a small splash of character to your wardrobe, which certainly lives up to YSL’s philosophy about shoes being a “discreet complementary” detail or final touch to one’s outfit. 

The purchase price for these slip-on luxury sneakers depends on the size you order. The price ranges from $504.71 to $522.49. The men’s slip-on high-end sneaker comes in US size 6 (EU 39) to US size 8 (EU 41). Order your slip-ons now! 

SAINT LAURENT Men's Slip-On Sneaker
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Saint Laurent Women’s Signature Court Classic Platform Sneaker

Are you after that nostalgic style? Platform shoes and low top sneakers are on the list of the most popular 1990s fashion staples. And not just any type of platform sneaker. Footwear like the Saint Laurent Women’s Signature Court Classic Platform Sneaker is one style that you can’t miss. 

The Saint Laurent Women’s Signature Court Classic Sneaker comes in off-white and white colors. The platform is off-white while the upper material is all white from the laces to the threading. This type of contrast harkens to the early days of low top platform sneakers. The shoe features a textured platform with a rubber sole and leather insole. The outer material is 100% calfskin leather making these signature YSL luxury sneakers a nice blend of durability, comfort, and style. 

The traditional YSL Paris logo is embossed on the rear of the shoe. The smooth leather designed with matching threading and laces is exactly the simple presentation Saint Laurent favored. These sneakers are the perfect final touch for your formal, semi-formal, or casual attire. 

The Saint Laurent Women’s Signature Court Classic Sneakers are available in US size 9.5 (EU 39.5) and US size 40 (EU 10). They are on sale for $409 and are a top seller. Order yours soon because stock tends to quickly sell out. 

Saint Laurent Women's Signature Court Classic SL 39 Platform Sneaker Shoes
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Saint Laurent High Top Leather Sneakers 

High top sneakers rose to the forefront of shoe fashion thanks to Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars, which debuted in 1917. The popularity of high top sneakers goes back over a century. It’s no wonder high tops were included in the Yves Saint Laurent fashion lines. 

When the Saint Laurent brand entered the footwear fashion world, that high top sneaker trend was seriously considered. Why would the first couture house that introduced the concept of prêt-a-porter even consider high top athletic shoes? Thanks to Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear concept, the brand had the freedom to modernize footwear and keep up with iconic cultural styles. That included youth-led fashion expression and pop culture references. 

Now that you know just how trendsetting high top leather sneakers are, finding a luxury pair of your own won’t be difficult. These YSL women’s high top fashion shoes are just a few examples of high-end fashion meeting ultimate comfort. 

Saint Laurent Women’s Black Leather High Top Fashion Sneaker

Are you a fan of that real rock-chic fashion style? Need a high top sneaker made for a woman? Maybe a pair that isn’t too bold with just a subtle rock n’ roll touch? If so, the Saint Laurent Women’s Black Leather High Top Fashion Sneaker is for you. They are designed with a flat bottom and rounded toe. The lace-up style and smooth threading add a sophisticated air to the overall glossy look. 

Have you ever wondered if a shiny black high top sneaker would pair well with your floral skirt and knitted top? There’s no doubt. Just think of autumn colors like bronze, copper, orange, and red. These high top kicks would fit right in with your fall wardrobe. Do you need a final touch for your skinny jeans and leather jacket? Picture a YSL red leather jacket, dark blue jeans, your favorite rock ‘n’ roll tee shirt, and some shiny, new high tops. No matter where you are, that kind of style will not go unnoticed. The Saint Laurent Women’s Black Leather High Top Fashion Sneakers are highly recommended because they can tie together any outfit. Not bad for a smooth, monochromatic leather high top. 

The sleek black leather Saint Laurent High Top Women’s Sneakers are also an excellent match for any Saint Laurent bag. Maybe you aren’t sure what accessories to wear with your button-down, knee-length caramel skirt, white-collared blouse, or three-buttoned black and gold striped vest. Consider these eye-catching high top luxury sneakers and the Yves Saint Laurent Red Grained Leather Lou Lou Mini Camera Bag. The tasteful attire, leather bag, and black leather high tops add to that balanced rock-chic style.   

The Saint Laurent High Top Women’s shoes come in a US size 5 and are available for $349.99. These shoes are made in Spain and imported which means your order could take several weeks to ship.  

SAINT LAURENT Women's Leather High Top Fashion Sneakers Shoes
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Saint Laurent Women’s White Leather High Top Fashion Sneaker

Maybe you’re a shoe person and having multiple colors of the same shoe is a must for you. Maybe you want to get a matching gift for your mother, daughter, sister, or best friend. Regardless of the reason, the Saint Laurent Women’s White Leather Hi Top Fashion Sneaker is every bit as stylish as the black leather high top. The platform is an off-white cream while the sneaker fabric is a bright white, providing a head-turning contrast of monochromatic color. 

These women’s white leather high top fashion sneakers feature the YSL Paris logo on the tongue and heel of the shoe. The rear logo is set against navy blue leather, adding a subtle pop of color. They are great to sport while in your golfing gear, sports clothes, or even your work attire. Want to be comfortable and trendy in your straight-leg slacks and navy blazer? These high tops are key. The smooth threading, soft lines, and lightweight fit will make you feel comfortable and trendy no matter the dress code.

A splash of bright white high top sneakers peeking out from beneath flared leggings is totally a fashionable look. Imagine wearing them with your favorite skirt or skinny jeans. These white leather high tops go with nearly every outfit whether it’s casual or professional wear, making you an instant trendsetter. You can achieve a classic look by sporting them while in your workout clothes. Basketball shorts and a white tee that matches your shoes? Stepping onto any court with that simple style will let everyone know you’re ready to dominate the bout.

The Saint Laurent High Top Women’s White Leather shoes come in a US size 11 (EU 41). They are available for $349.99. These shoes are made in Spain and imported. Patience with your purchase is necessary as it could take several weeks to ship. 

SAINT LAURENT Women's White Leather Hi Top Fashion Sneakers Shoes
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Saint Laurent Exclusive Offers and More

If you are a fan of simple yet elegant sneakers, don’t browse page after page of off-brand shoes. Any of the Saint Laurent luxury sneakers listed above would be the perfect final touch for your wardrobe—just as YSL intended. 

For exclusive offers on YSL sneakers, apparel, or accessories, be sure to explore their online stores. Customer care is a top priority, especially when it comes to high-end luxury fashion. If you have any questions, you can easily connect with Saint Laurent customer service via their website, email, or social media platforms. Sneakerguru can also help you stay updated on the finest luxury footwear available today.