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When people think of designer athletic shoes, big brand companies that have been around for decades typically come to mind. For example, Nike has been around since 1964, and Puma has been around since 1948. Even New Balance has been around for over a century since it was founded in 1906. However, you don't have to be in business for half a century to become mainstream. Innovation and style can come from anywhere. That's where Tory Burch sneakers come in. As a relatively newer company, shoe lovers and athletes may be aware of this brand, but they certainly haven't garnered the same press as Adidas or Jordans. Tory Burch sneakers haven't gained as much attention doesn't mean they aren't as good or popular as these long-standing quality brands.   

Tory Burch Women's Hank Sneakers Black

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The Tory Burch Foundation

Tory Burch sneakers don't share a similar background story as other designer companies like Versace or athletic shoe companies like Nike and Reebok. The unique history of Tory Burch sneakers makes their product line so appealing. As you surf the web and learn more about where your shoes are coming from, it's hard not to take a step back and admire what Tory Burch set out to do. Tory Burch sneakers are just one aspect of Tory Burch LLC and The Tory Burch Foundation

Tory Burch LLC is an American lifestyle brand that was launched in 2004. Tory Burch is the female phenom who created the company and is the Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer. Her first boutique was opened in New York City, and she sold her product lines on an e-commerce site. For a company that has been around for less than twenty years, she's managed to grow it into a global business. There are now Tory Burch boutiques worldwide, including but not limited to London, Paris, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Shanghai. Her boutiques offer a wide array of designer footwear, including athletic sneakers. In 2015, she launched her Tory Sport line, a performance activewear collection. She's even lauded as the feminist fashionista who took the social "rulebook" and tossed it out the window when she launched her luxury line of mixed daywear and sportswear products.

The Tory Burch Foundation is what has gained the company accolades on the world stage. Her mission was to empower women and women entrepreneurs by helping them access the education, digital resources, and capital they would need to launch their businesses. As a non-profit organization, her sincerity in empowering future leaders did not go unnoticed. Especially as she continues to advocate for gender equality. Of course, the fashion world was surprised when her sneakers, activewear, and accessories continued to climb in popularity. When you throw in her passion for empowering women into the mix, it was hard for headlines not to label her as a "force of fashion" and a "face of feminism." 

Footwear and Overall Health

Although research continues to grow on the relationship between health and proper footwear, not many people see the connection as clearly as they should. Backaches, hip pain, joint damage, and knee and ankle sprains are often related to what kind of shoes you wear. Fortunately, Tory Burch sneakers consider those factors, as each shoe is designed for excellent fit, stability, and comfort. Regardless of how active you might be throughout your day, simply walking or staying on your feet for hours can lead to lower back pain. One of the treatment options that an orthopedist or podiatrist may suggest is to get supportive shoes with comfortable insoles. Tory Burch footwear offers sneakers with removable insoles and extra-supportive, contoured arches. 

According to research, wearing the appropriate footwear for sports is vital to prevent foot or ankle injuries. Tory Burch Good Luck Trainers are specifically designed for jogging and running. Consider the Tory Burch Hank or Howell Court Sneakers for playing on the court, like tennis, pickleball, badminton, or volleyball. With a solid sole, excellent tread, and trusted durability, you won't have to worry about your shoes sliding or slipping around on the court. As more women pursue golfing as a hobby, having the right golfing sneakers is a must. Although some golfers may not realize it, foot injuries occur on the golf course. Those injuries are typically due to several factors, including golf swing biomechanics, the pivot of your foot, and the type of footwear you use. Part of the Tory Sport line includes some outstanding Tory Sport Perforated Golf Sneakers. Just remember, as, with any sport, it pays to understand what type of footwear is recommended for that specific activity. 

Tory Burch Women's T Monogram Slip-On Sneakers Hazel

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Tory Burch Comfort and Style Sneakers

When people think of designer shoes, there's usually a stream of thoughts about luxury fashion houses and top designers that have been around for decades. For example, mainstream designer brands are Jimmy Choo's high heels or a pair of Aston Martin dress shoes. When it comes to top-brand sneakers, similar thoughts come to mind. Adidas, Filas, K-Swiss, and Jordans are all well-known brands that deliver comfortable and stylish athletic shoes. The best running shoes for men often include Nike or New Balance. Those same brands and Reebok are usually listed as the best running shoes for women. It may surprise shoe fanatics, but Tory Burch sneakers have received just as much praise as mainstream designer brands. 

Tory Burch running shoes, tennis shoes, and trainers are all quality-made. They are designed with comfortable and supportive materials, including leather, suede, and lightweight nylon. Whether they are 100 percent leather or constructed of mixed materials, most athletes and shoe enthusiasts find the brand's sneakers comfortable, ergonomic, and classically styled.   

Tory Burch Women's Howell Court Sneaker Options

Look at Tory Burch Women's Howell Court Sneakers for modern athletic shoes. They are designed with performance in mind and feature a lace-up closure and rounded toe. The material is leather calfskin with a rubber sole. The insole is also removable, so you can have that fresh feeling whenever you wash it. They are full titanium white shoes with symmetrical perforated detailing. The boots feature a cushioned collar for better ankle support. The logo emblem is a golden bronze metal piece on the back of the shoe. These sneakers have a starting price of $198 and are available in sizes five and up.  

Another pair of sneakers to consider are Tory Burch Women's Howell Court shoes that come in titanium white and tory navy. Like the previous pair, these sneakers are made with leather calfskin and a rubber sole. These athletic shoes also feature perforated detailing and a convenient removable insole. They also have a cushioned collar to provide extra support and ankle comfort. They have a rounded toe design with a lace-up closure. What makes these sneakers stand out from the iconic all-white shoes is the back and heel of the shoes feature leather Tory Navy patches. The metal logo emblem is also set on the back of the shoe. The second patch of the navy also has a perforated design and rests just above the rubber sole. It helps to provide a stiff heel, so you have a smoother time slipping them on. This pair is available starting at size 5 with a purchase price of $198. 

If these two choices aren't what you had in mind, it's okay. There's also the Tory Burch Golf Sneakers which have a slightly different design but deliver all the same comfort as the Howell Court shoes. The golf sneakers are low-rise, lace-up, rounded-toe shoes with perforated detailing. They also have a starting price of $198. 

Tory Burch Women's Howell Court

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Tory Burch Women's Hank Sneakers – Multi-Color

The classic tennis shoe is back in style with the Tory Burch Women's Hank Sneakers. They come in different colors, with this pair being snow white and beige. The leather-made sneakers have a rubber sole and feature a cowhide suede trim with a technical weave fabric. They are laced up with a padded collar for extra ankle comfort. The insole is also removable, which makes shoe maintenance and cleaning much more straightforward. The inside of the shoe is designed with a mesh lining which adds breathability. They were designed with a low-key profile and enhanced with the contrast-suede trim, very subtle pinking, and the Tory Burch logo tag printed in black on the tongue. These shoes are available in sizes five and up with a starting purchase price of $238. 

For a different color, consider Tory Burch Women's Hank shoes that come in perfect black and new ivory. They are made of leather with a rubber sole and feature a technical woven fabric. It has a lace-up closure with a rounded toe. The black leather trim has two shades, a more vibrant black at the tip and heel of the shoe and a slightly different shade on the sides. These designs leave a nice contrast with the ivory trim designs. To set them apart from standard hank-style shoes, a peach streak across the rubber sole matches the brand's logo on the tongue of the sneaker. These Hank sneakers are also available in sizes five and up. You can order them online for $238. 

The Tory Burch Hank sneakers are a blast from the past and an eye-catching shoe for fans of the sporty classics. If the snow white and beige or black and ivory options don't quite grab you, don't worry. The Tory Burch Hank shoe line is also available in snow white bright navy, and new ivory citrine sandy brown. These choices offer as much comfort, durability, and style as any other Tory Burch Hank sneakers.

Tory Burch Women's Hank Sneakers

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Tory Burch Women's Good Luck Trainer Leather Workout Running Shoes

Cardio-enthusiasts and marathon runners highly recommend people find comfortable, lightweight running shoes for their workouts. You won't have to look far for a decent pair of trainers. The Tory Burch Women's Good Luck Trainer Leather Workout Running Shoes are designed to be comfortable and reliable for all your running, jogging, sprinting, and general workout needs. 

The Tory Burch Women's Good Luck Trainer workout shoes are a lace-up design with a bold heel and sharp-contoured arch. The shape of the heel and the outer sole was designed with ergonomics in mind. The dual black and white colors give the shoes a contemporary look. The Tory Burch logo is boldly printed in black against the pearl white, so it easily stands out. They are available online at $278 with sizes starting at US 6. 

There are also multi-color options for Tory Burch Women's Good Luck Trainer workout shoes. That same lace-up style with defined heels and arches also comes in black and cream with a golden insole. There's the white, new ivory, and cerbiatto color combination for a brighter choice. If you are interested in a unique color combo, these good luck trainers are available in new cream, purple, and yellow. Most sizes start at US 4, 5, or 6 and those sizes vary based on the color options you choose. 

Tory Burch Womens Good Luck Trainer Leather Workout Running Shoes

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Tory Burch Women's T Monogram Slip-On Sneakers Black

Slip-on sneakers are an ageless trend, and for a good reason. Who wouldn't want hassle-free designer shoes with top-brand graphics? Contrary to popular belief, lace-up sneakers aren't the only reliable shoes for physical activities. With Tory Burch Slip-on sneakers, it'll be easy to feel secure while you join your friends for badminton, pickleball, or your regular morning walk. Maybe you need a slip-on for brunch or a light walk? These slip-on sneakers look great with dresses, skirts, capris, or jeans. 

The Tory Burch Women's T Monogram Slip-on Sneakers are just one example of comfortable, reliable designer shoes. The outer material is made of canvas, and the sole material is made of leather. The logo emblem is part of the monogram design so that you can show off your favorite brand everywhere. The black canvas with golden emblem graphics pairs well with casual clothes, golf outfits, or semi-formal wear. The Tory Burch Women's T Monogram Slip-on sneakers are also available in hazel. The logo graphics covering the upper area are a darker shade of the brown-tone canvas, all matching the contrasting threading. These slip-on are available starting at size six and can be purchased for anywhere between $238 and $268. 

Tory Burch Women's T Monogram Slip-On Sneakers Black

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Tory Burch Sneakers Review

Today, consumers have a way of leaving their mark on any company by simply going online and leaving a comment. These comments can include leaving a rating or saying just a few words about their satisfaction with the product. Customers also have the opportunity to post a detailed review of their thoughts, feelings, and impressions. Insofar as Tory Burch, women's sneakers have been hailed as stylish sneaker that is bold but not clunky. Customers have also applauded how supportive the arches feel, whether wearing the Howell court sneakers, the Hank sneakers, or the excellent luck trainers. 

Ever crossed your fingers and hoped for the best when ordering your shoe size online? With Tory Burch footwear, you don't have to cringe as you hit the order button. Consumers were happy with their fit, stating the shoes were "true to size." What does that mean? It means the boots you ordered aren't too small or too big. They typically fit just right, although they might be stiff until you can break them in. Customers were glad the shoes delivered a bounce or spring in every step the first time they wore them. 

Finding the Right Fit

When looking for a comfortable tennis shoe, trainer, or sneaker, it helps to start at the top. Looking at the top brands can make it easier to find the right fit without worrying about disappointment. Tory Burch sneakers come with a satisfaction guarantee and have excellent client services. You can call their customer service line if you have any questions or contact them via live chat or texting. Not many companies offer all those avenues of communication. That goes to show how client-oriented the Tory Burch company is. 

If you aren't sure where to look, it doesn't hurt to refer to the sneaker guru. You can find in-depth reviews of some of the top brand sneakers there. It's also where you can decide on the best sneakers for your needs. The best shoes don't have to be purchased without you knowing all the details of what you're getting. No one wants to experience that crushed feeling when you order shoes without knowing if they are the ones you were hoping for. Finding the right fit means taking your time to discover what style and shape your footwear should be. You can visit the Tory Burch website for more sneakers, limited edition shoes, and seasonal choices. 

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