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The Desert Boot is back in style. Kanye West has introduced a slew of Yeezy models in recent years and while his luxury sneakers have gotten the most attention, chunky sneaker lovers cannot deny the fashion sensibility of his Desert Boot design. This thick boot is ideal for the winter and all-terrain situations, and it also has some excellent styling aspects. The Desert Boot seemed to be making a sequel to some of West's other Yeezy masterpieces in recent months, but that's set to change.

The Kanye West-designed boot in "Rock" and "Oil," two colors of the design that debuted in spring '19, is now available at, Yeezy Supply, and through other Adidas Yeezy retailers. The first pair has a primarily light brown color scheme, while the second pair has a dark brown color scheme. The upper of the boot is made of mesh, with suede overlay panels on the sides and rear. Matching shoelaces and a sturdy rubber outsole to withstand the elements complete the aesthetic. But what are desert boots? Let's find out below.

What Are Desert Boots?

A desert boot is an ankle-high lace-up boot with a crepe sole and a beige or khaki-colored suede upper. In other terms, it's a suede and crepe chukka boot with two eyelets. While the suede and crepe combination is the classic, there are now innumerable variations in a rainbow of colors.

Adidas in the Modern Era

Adidas was the most popular athletic shoe brand in the United States in the 1970s. In their "Fight of the Century" in 1971, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier both wore Adidas boxing shoes. In addition, Adidas was chosen as the official supplier for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Despite being a solid and well-known trademark today, Adidas' share of the worldwide sports shoe industry has declined. What began as a German family business has evolved into a corporation (Adidas-Salomon AG) merged with the French global conglomerate Salomon.

In 2004, Adidas purchased Valley Apparel Corporation, a US company with licenses to equip more than 140 collegiate sporting teams in the United States. Adidas started in 2005 with Reebok, allowing it to stay competitive against Nike in the United States. Herzogenaurach remains the headquarters of Adidas. They also own a part in 1 FC Bayern, a German soccer club.

History of Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot

The Adidas brand began when the Dassler family began constructing shoes following World War 1 as an acronym of the founder's name, Adolf "Adi" Dassler. When American track and field legend Jesse Owens wore Adi Dassler's shoes during his medal-winning performances at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the brand became well-known.

Since then, Adi Dassler's brand has gained worldwide exposure due to the historic event. It has become Europe's premier sports brand and the world's second-largest after Nike. In addition, Adidas has consistently improved and produced high-quality footwear and apparel that is loved and praised for its great demand worldwide.

Adidas has created several legendary lines and collaborations with well-known athletes and artists eagerly awaited by sneakerheads. One of the music industry's most recognized and high-paying artists, Kanye West is one of the brand's most notable collaborations. Adidas created Kanye's Yeezy collection. These Yeezy sneakers have developed and extended, resulting in a slew of instant classics. One of these is the newly released , which has a nubuck top with mesh and suede overlays and an earth tone colorway. With its futuristic, fashion-forward appearance and performance, the latest Yeezy Desert Boot highlights the design features of Adidas and Kanye West's cooperation.

Kanye fans will surely be overjoyed that the 2018 boot from Yeezy Season 6 will be coming back into fashion after an unofficial absence of two years. The Desert Boot has previously been seen in earthy tones with all-over tonal designs, but Mr. West has gone for a fresh style this time. The colorway is called 'Taupe Blue,' which appears to be made entirely of suede and mesh. Like its predecessors, the upper has been dressed in browns, greys, and tans, but the sole unit has been wrapped in blue, creating a dramatic aesthetic.

Mens Yeezy Desert Boot Rock

by Adidas 

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Adidas Men Yeezy Desert Boot Rock

The Adidas Yeezy Desert Boots Rock is made of suede leather and ballistic nylon for optimal comfort and durability. This shoe has a moisture-wicking lining and a replaceable polyurethane cushion inserts with a shock eliminator heel cushion to keep you comfy all day. The Adidas logo is embossed in the outsole of the Yeezy Desert Boots. The Yeezy Desert Boot is a sleek and modern twist on a performance boot. It's light, attractive, and exceptionally comfortable to wear for long periods. The Yeezy Desert Boot has a massive style without the weight of a heavyweight boot, which is one of the critics' favorite features.

How Comfortable Are Yeezy Desert Boot Rock?

The Yeezy Desert Boots in rock colorway are comfy for many people because they mold your foot correctly (providing that people purchase them in a suitable size). Reviewers can confidently state that the Yeezy Desert Boot is far comfier than other high-end designer footwear.

The Yeezy Desert Boot Rock Fit

When it comes to Yeezy Desert Boot sizing, people usually have a EU44 will be a EU45 in these boots. The boot has a snug fit due to the reasonably thick materials utilized in its construction. However, according to the designers, sizing larger is recommended, especially if you have wide feet. Guess the shoe's fit is also determined by how you want to lace your boots.

How to Style the Yeezy Desert Boot Rock?

People adore these boots because they are pretty adaptable. They're a terrific investment for the winter, but designers discovered that they go with shorts just as well as pants in the summer. Experts recommend wearing neutral colors that complement the shoe but don't be scared to try new things because these shoes are so adaptable.

Yeezy Desert Boot Rock Care Guide

Use a suede brush to care for the suede on the Yeezy Desert Boot Rock. Use shoe wipes or a sneaker cleaning solution to clean the mesh and rubber on the boot. Store the shoes away from direct sunlight to prevent the colors from fading.

Mens Yeezy Desert Boot Oil

by Adidas 

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Adidas Men Yeezy Desert Boot Oil

The Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Oil will complete your Coachella look. The upper, midsole and sole of this Yeezy Boot are all made of oil. Kanye West and Adidas collaborated on the Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot "Oil," a rough all-terrain boot for the former's namesake shoe line. The Yeezy Desert Boot not only adds a high-fashion element to the Adidas Yeezy range but also draws design elements from one of the series' most famous styles, the Yeezy 500. The suede toe and leather overlays on the shoe upper are taken from the Yeezy 500 Blush and seamlessly fitted to the Desert Boot. The "Oil" has a dark brown monotone appearance with tonal suede overlays and a mesh upper.

Yeezy Desert Boot Oil Fit

If you already possess a pair of Yeezy 350 V2s, Creators suggest getting with the same size in the Yeezy Desert Boots; if you don't, size up at least half a length. Why? Because the Yeezy Desert Boot is slim and has a small toe box, larger sizing will let your feet breathe while still having enough room to move.

How to Style Yeezy Desert Boot Oil?

The majority of individuals choose to dress in workwear-inspired outfits, including work pants or cargos paired with layered jackets, sweatshirts, and tees. The Yeezy Desert Boot fits in perfectly with this look. Wear a pair of baggy black cargo pants to complement the Yeezy Desert Boots Oil colorway, as suggested by the designers. Wear a white T-shirt underneath a Carhartt denim overshirt to complete the look.

How Comfortable Is Yeezy Desert Boot Oil?

Yeezy Desert Boots might be unpleasant if you order the wrong size. However, if you choose the right size, the boots will be comfortable, which is unexpected given the model's harsh, rugged appearance. In addition, the thick insole of the shoe contributes to comfort. However, as previously stated, you must choose a size larger than your usual size.

How to Care For Yeezy Desert Boot Oil?

The 'Yeezy DSRT BT' is the Yeezy Desert Boot. You're in luck if you have a pair of Yeezy Desert Boots in the 'Oil' colorway, a dark brown color that hides dirt, marks, and stains. The only thing you'd do to keep them in good condition is spray them with shoe spray to guard them against spillage. Make sure to place them on the shoe rack to keep them dust-free.

Who Should Buy the Yeezy Desert Boot

This Adidas Yeezy Desert Boot Rock is a beautiful match for you if:

You want a shoe with an incredible military, practical design that is also a good value for money because it is well-made. Or you're looking for a trendy kick that's also lighter and more breathable than standard boots.

Notable Features of the Yeezy Desert Boot

These Yeezy boots have various height and style changes and are made of excellent and resilient suede, nubuck, and mesh materials. Furthermore, the mesh panels allow for increased ventilation. The Yeezy Desert Boot features a breathable textile inside for enhanced support and a healthy in-shoe climate. The cushioned collar is included for an anatomical fit. The Ortholite insoles of these boots provide additional cushioning. This is lined with excessive treading for traction and comfort and sits on a massive foam midsole. Finally, the characteristic gum-like bottom rubber outsole is weatherproof and provides more grip.

The Yeezy Desert Boot Rock is a futuristic three-quarter boot with an upper reminiscent of the Yeezy 500. It incorporates components from one of the line's chunky and ever-popular dad shoes. The shoes are nubuck and sensuous suede overlays with tactile mesh underlays and have a tan color scheme throughout.

The height of these kicks is undoubtedly refined, thanks to strong sole units, which are the boots' most visible adjustments. The dynamic ripples also lent aesthetic appeal to the neutral strikes and emphasized foxing. "Rock" is a one-of-a-kind colorway that features an earthy, sandy, military-inspired tone that spans the entire silhouette and can be compared to the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Clay" and the Yeezy 500 "Blush." Furthermore, 3M reflective detailing is used throughout the upper to achieve an outside look that will turn heads.

Finally, the underside of the shoe has an embossed Adidas emblem for branding. As elegant as they are, People can wear these boots with nearly everything. The ideal outfit for wearing with the boots is street-style. These boots look great with loose pants like cargo or jogger pants and shorts. Oversized shirts, flannel outfits, sweaters, and hoodies are all excellent options for tops.

How to Tell If Your Yeezys Are Original?

Almost everyone owns an Adidas shoe, but few telltale indicators can help determine the difference between natural and imitation Adidas sneakers. Here are several techniques to distinguish between fake and genuine Adidas Yeezy shoes:

Check the Serial Number

One of the simplest ways to check if the Adidas boots are authentic is to look at the serial number. Many counterfeiters attempt to create a duplicate by imitating all of the features, while others may ignore this aspect. As a result, checking the serial number is one technique to determine whether or not your Adidas shoes are genuine. If you have an original pair, the inside side of the shoe will have a unique 12-digit identification code pasted on it. The letters "Germany" and "MD" make up this code. Buyers can also find this identification code on other shoe elements, including tongue labels and molding seams. If no such tag is present, the Adidas boots are counterfeit.

Check the Adidas Logo

When comparing a fake and a genuine pair of boots, you'll note that fakes always have branding stickers on the tongue, but the authentic symbol is carved into the language. As a result, the marking on imitation sneaker boots will fade far faster than the genuine article.

Mens Yeezy Desert Boot Rock

by Adidas 

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Match the Stitching Pattern

A classic pair of genuine Adidas boots will always have a vertical stitching pattern. The vertical line matches the stitching pattern on the tongue label of the shoe. When you run your finger over this vertical line, you'll see that it's not as flat as the original. Another hallmark of fake shoes is the absence of a vertical line that runs vertically and horizontally. The seams on the original Adidas boots are sturdy, smooth, and free of glue residue. As a result, a fake pair of sneakers will have a sideways sticking thread or line.

Consider Eyelets and Laces

Original sneakers typically include an additional pair of well-packed laces. You've probably got a fake if you get a couple of boots and there aren't any new laces in the box. On the other hand, several counterfeiters have begun to incorporate a new pair of laces. As a result, this cannot be the most crucial aspect in distinguishing genuine from fake. Look at how the laces are packaged if there are any in the box because most fake makers don't care if the laces are packaged separately. Another element to consider is the quality of the eyelets for laces. Metal eyelets were only available on older Adidas models.

Check the Barcode

One of the essential elements to look for in every pair of sneakers is a barcode. There is a small black barcode label on the sole of the original Adidas sneakers and boots. You can tell if your shoes are fake if they have a small white barcode label. This code's primary purpose is to determine whether a product is authentic. However, this does not imply that Adidas has addressed the issue and is no longer creating counterfeit goods. As a result, while purchasing Adidas sneakers, always verify the barcode.

Final Thoughts

Having an Adidas or Nike pair of sneakers in your closet could assist you in making a fashion statement. Adidas shoes appeal to people of all ages, not just millennials. In addition, many global celebrities and fashion icons choose these shoes as their preferred footwear.

Since Adidas launched The Yeezy Desert Boots in collaboration with Kanye West, they have been adored by sneaker and boot lovers. However, as they are currently out of stock on the official Adidas website, users can always stay tuned for the release or restock of the item by signing up for their newsletter. The Yeezy Desert Boots are the perfect money investment for long-term, daily wear shoes.

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