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pair of Yeezy Zyon in gray

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zyon GuideNo matter the colorway, you can always tell a pair of Yeezy 350 V2's from a crowd. Their unique lateral stripe, rubber ribbed sole, Primeknit upper, and classic laces give them a look perfect for any type of wear: casual, comfortable, and athletic. The Yeezy Zyon is a newer release with earthy and neutral hues that dropped June 13th, 2020. In this article, you'll read about the history of Yeezy brand, all about the 350 V2 collection, Yeezy Zyon features and similar colorways, pricing, sizing, and where to buy. 

Yeezy Boost: The History

Yeezy Boost is the name of the brand run by designer Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas. West is not only a world famous rapper- but also a former US presidential candidate and a name in the fashion industry with his popular outfits. He didn't keep his style expression to himself, though; in 2009, Yeezy was born. The first brand who collaborated with him was Bape, with the 'College Dropout' album inspired sneakers. He then collaborated with Louis Vuitton and designed three shoes

In 2009, Yeezy became a brand after collaborating with Nike. They created the Nike Air Yeezy 1 and Nike Air Yeezy 2. The most expensive shoe now from these releases is the Red Octobers, a red colorway of the Nike Air Yeezy 2– you could sell them for over ten thousand! However, Yeezy ended up leaving Nike– West wanted more freedom to design on his own, and better royalties. 

A few years later, Yeezy came back as Yeezy Boost with Adidas. The company gave West a better offer as they saw his potential. One of the first releases after the 750 was the 350 V1 Turtledove, which is worth thousands today and remains one of the most sought after Yeezy's. Now, the 350 V2's have taken center stage, expedited with the popular Yeezy Beluga featuring a grey colorway with a scarlet lateral stripe and zebra pattern with SPLY-350 branding. Now, there's a colorway for pretty much any color scheme you can come up with in your head. You don't need to be a sneakerhead to spot out a pair due to their unique look. Today, another new popular Yeezy release are the Yeezy Slides. However, many sneaker trends come and go, but the 350 V2 is definitely here to stay. 

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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Zyon' Release Info

Remember the fact that pretty much any color scheme exists as a 350 V2? Well if you've been picturing a sneaker with earth tones, then the Zyon might be what you're looking for. Many Yeezy sneakers are known for their muted and neutral tones, typically using tan, browns, greys, white, and black. The Zyon features a Primeknit upper, a signature technology by Adidas that gives the shoe a sock-like feel. Ever bought sneakers with the upper stitched up in all the most uncomfortable places? You won't feel that with Yeezy shoes. It's a fabric knitted together into one piece only on the shoe for flexibility and comfort, as well as style that also supports ventilation. 

Named Zyon, meaning 'from the guarded land', the shoes have a patchwork design with a balanced mix of cream, grey, and brown on the upper. Laces are tan with a steel grey border on the collar. A gum outsole and milky white midsole make up the rest of the shoe along with a black lateral stripe. The midsole of the shoe has the signature Adidas BOOST cushioning for comfort. Adidas created this technology with major chemical company BASF. A material known as TPU is blown and re-shaped into mini energy capsules which makes for a Styrofoam like midsole. It's three times more temperature resistant than standard material and yields the highest energy return. Some people even say it's the 'world's best running shoe'. 


pair of Yeezy Zyons in white

There's no heel tab. The release date for this model was July 18, 2020, for an original retail price of 220 USD. The neutral design of the shoe makes it a perfect match for practically any outfit, whether sporty, casual, or laid-back and comfy. 

Similar 350 V2 Colorways 

No two 350 V2 colorways are quite the same, but you can find similar aesthetics within the silhouette. If you particularly like the earthy aesthetic of the Zyon, you might also like the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Earth'. This shoe is an all-over warm brown with a lighter brown heel tab and laces, plus a darker brown lateral stripe. It was dropped February 2022 in North America for a retail price of $220 and has the same Boost midsole and Primeknit upper. 

The Zyon also has some lighter parts to it that are cream colored. If you liked this part of it, then the 350 V2 'Ash Pearl' should be worth considering too. The midsole is milky white and the laces are cream colored, but the upper is divided into three colors. From top to bottom, it's cream, tan (racing stripe), and grey. The neutral hues match the aesthetic of the Zyon in a slightly lighter shoe. 

The 350 V2 Sand Taupe is a warmer version of the Earth. The midsole and upper are mostly brown but have a lighter lateral stripe with orange on the area above it. The lateral stripe is multiple colors, including dark brown, orange, light brown, and tan. The sneaker itself is a muted grey-brown similar to the Zyon from December 2020. 

Want something black and white like the Zyon but with a little more flashiness? The Yeezy 350 V2 'Zebra', originally released February 2017, is still one of the most popular of the entire silhouette. The Primeknit upper is black and white in a zebra pattern, with a white lateral stripe and bright red 'SPLY-350' branding, which stands for 'Saint Pablo Loves You'. Laces and the collar trim are white, and the shoe was set to release again April 19th of 2022 due to it's major popularity. This isn't the first restock– it's actually the sixth! 


Close up of Yeezy Zyon

The Yeezy Israfil is another lesser known colorway of the 350 V2's that is rather recent as well. It has a grey-ish light blue toned midsole with an off white and light orange upper and orange lateral stripe, giving it a muted, blue grey and orange color scheme. It doesn't have the same dark elements as the Zyon, but it's worth looking into if you like lighter toned Yeezy's. The upper has a similar pattern to the Zyon. 

Yeezy 350 V2 Sizing

Even though they're all designed by Adidas, not all Yeezy shoes have the same fit. If you have a pair of Yeezy 350 V1's, which are no longer being released, you'll know that they fit you true to size. However, the 350 V2's do run slightly small. As a general rule, you'll want to order a half size up from your usual Adidas size. The Primeknit upper on the V2's is also tighter and the shoe has a narrow fit and a smaller toe box. The shoes do loosen up after a few wears, so don't be afraid if they feel more rigid than what you were expecting at first. Note that the fit on the older 350 V2's also varies slightly from the newer ones like the Zyon. The Zyon has a more flexible Primeknit than older models and is also less narrow, so you'll notice it fits more like regular Adidas shoes. 


Yeezy Zyon in gray

How to Spot a Fake 350 V2 Zyon

if you're a sneakerhead, you'll know how important it is to watch out for fake shoes. It's difficult to buy shoes from original retail releases where they're sold in-store or on the official Adidas website. Sometimes there are lotteries or lines outside the stores before the release date for a lucky few to grab a pair. Once they sell out, who wants to wait for a re-release that may not even happen? This means you'll most likely purchase from an online marketplace, like the options reviewed in the pricing section of the article. While websites like StockX, GOAT, etc. do authenticate their shoes before sending them to the buyer, it's possible to still receive a fake in some cases (and this is not uncommon). If you buy from Amazon or Ebay, it's even more highly possible that you can receive a fake. When you get your shoes, check for the following. 

First look at the box of your Yeezy Zyon's. There should be a sticker with a barcode. Scan it and make sure it takes you to an official site. If you want to be more careful, you can use the Legit Check app to scan the barcode and it'll compare it to other existing Yeezy barcodes. Next, check the size tag. The text on the shoes is a big indicator of authenticity. You can find pictures of the real size tags online and compare. The fakes usually have text printed in thick, weird fonts, or numbers printed too close together. 

Look at the placement of the laces. On the right shoe, the right laces should be under the left ones, and on the left shoe, the left laces should be under the right ones. However, keep in mind that the laces could have been switched out incorrectly if you purchased them used. Then, look at the Adidas logo printing on the insole. It should be very clearly and deeply printed. The fake might have a shallow, blurry print. 

Where to Buy Yeezy Zyon and Pricing

As mentioned in the section above, it's unlikely you'll find the Zyon's in a retail store unless there is another re-release. You'll need to purchase from an online sneaker marketplace, but this doesn't mean you have to buy used. You can get verified new and legitimate sneakers from many trusted platforms if you know where to look. The original Yeezy Zyon sold at $220 by Adidas, but now you can expect to pay around $275, depending on your size, for a new pair. 

StockX is most sneakerhead's first and foremost option for new verified sneakers. It's what's called a 'stockmarket for things' as you bid on sneakers, and can also buy immediately and sell. The prices depend on the trends for the individual product and the last sale price, so price is really determined by the buyers and not the seller. All shoes on StockX must be brand new so if you were looking to buy used for cheaper, check out GOAT or Flight Club instead. Eminem and Lebron James are two people who have sold through the site. Before the item is shipped to you, it is shipped to one of their verification centers where they use machine learning to make sure the sneaker isn't fake and it's marked with a green tag before it goes to you. You can expect to pay around $280 for a pair of Yeezy Zyon's on this platform but price varies greatly depending on size. 

GOAT would be another great option for purchasing a pair of Yeezy Zyon's. GOAT is named the world's largest sneaker marketplace, worth $250 million. It was launched in 2015 by two friends after they received a fake pair of sneakers from Ebay and couldn't get their money back. Anyone can list their products on GOAT, whether they're new, used, or new with defects, but before they are shipped to the buyer they first go to an authentication center. Instant New shoes from the website are pre-verified and brand new, and are shipped immediately but at a higher price than regular new/used sneakers on the site. Expect to pay around $290 for a new pair of Yeezy Zyon's on GOAT or less for a used pair. 

Flight Club is true to the game– founded all the way back in 2005, it remains a well-known option for purchasing new and used sneakers while avoiding fakes. Unlike StockX, which has faced some controversy over their verification, you can trust Flight Club to authenticate your shoes without error. There is a catch, though. Flight Club is usually more expensive than GOAT and StockX. It's also rarer to find used shoes since they are not always in stock. Luckily, the prices are similar and sometimes lower than Goat/StockX for the Yeezy Zyon in specific. The company has a few retail stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami unlike other platforms which are fully online. Note that all sales are final on the site. You can purchase a pair of Yeezy Zyon's on Flight Club (new) for around $270. At the end of the day, explore your options on every site and see which price is the lowest and decide which one you trust most. 

Yeezy Zyon in black

You can purchase the Yeezy Zyon on Amazon, but this isn't recommended– the price is much higher and the sellers aren't verified. However, you have the advantage of reading customer reviews, free shipping, and being able to return and refund it within thirty days of delivery. 


The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zyon released in the summer of 2020, for a retail price of $220 at Adidas. This is just one of many other 350 V2 colorways that are almost instantly recognizable due to the popularity. This shoe is a simple neutral design with a Primeknit black and off white upper and milky white midsole. The lateral stripe is black and laces are off white. The simple look pairs with any outfit and the Yeezy BOOST sole technology dubs it the 'world's best running shoe'. 

Yeezy began in 2009, originally as a partnership between Nike and rapper Kanye West. After just two Nike Air Yeezy releases, the partnership fell apart due to unfair royalties and control in design for West. Adidas then proposed an offer to West, which created Yeezy Boost or Adidas Yeezy. While several silhouettes have been released, the 350 V2 is a classic that is still being updated with new colorways and re-releases. Other similar neutral toned colorways include the Earth, Israfil, Zebra, Ash Pearl, and Sand Taupe. 


Pair of Yeezy Zyon

If you're ready to make your purchase, make sure you review this important checklist. Know that Yeezy 350 V2's run a half size small unlike the V1's. Always inspect your pair after receiving to check for fakes. Scan the barcode on the box, look at the placement of the laces, and most importantly look at the size tag and logo branding on the insole to make sure it is printed correctly. To avoid getting a fake, purchase from verified sneaker marketplaces like StockX, GOAT, and Flight Club. You can expect to pay around $280 for a new pair but price depends on your size. 

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