Nike Air Force 1 Shadow

With upgraded branding, comfort, and sole design, who knew that the bestselling Nike Air Force 1's could get even better? The Nike Air Force 1 Shadow is a model in the Air Force 1 collection available in all sorts of neutral and colorful colorways that dropped just recently in 2022. There are designs made specifically for both men and women and many pastel themed colorways that stand out compared to the classic all white Air Force 1, without giving up the modern, clean, signature look of the originals. What makes this silhouette unique from the AF 1's is more than just its fun colors and patterns. It's designed by women, for women's preferences in style, fit, and color, and it's available in women's sizes. Read on to find out all about the history of Nike brand, Air Force 1 Shadow release dates, Shadow colorways, similar sneakers, pricing, sizing, and where to buy. 

History of Nike

Nike brand began all the way back in 1964 with founder Phil Knight and coach Bowerman at the University of Oregon. The original name of the brand was actually Blue Ribbon Sports. Knight originally sold these shoes out of his car with Japanese manufacturers due to their cheaper labor costs. Then, Bowerman proposed a higher quality alternative that had a soft cushioned inner sole and sponge rubber in the forefoot among other improvements. This signature design blew the brand up, and the first shoe with it was known as the Tiger Cortez from 1967. However, a dispute between the supplier and Blue Ribbon Sports led to a split soon after. The Tiger brand became ASICS later on, and BRS renamed itself to Nike, meaning victory. Bowerman then created the waffle sole using a waffle iron and experimenting, which led to more success for the brand.  Nike then took off and is still continuing to grow. The company has been endorsed by many major celebrities and sports players like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and Lebron James. However, their endorsement with Michael Jordan has been one of their biggest successes. Jordan signed a deal with Nike after the company promised him cars and over 2 million dollars. They designed him the famous Air Jordans, which are one of Nike’s most popular sales and Air Jordan brings in 100 million in Nike royalties per year. The brand also had a short lived partnership with Yeezy which led to the release of two shoe models, the Nike Air Yeezy 1 and Nike Air Yeezy 2. Although a short collaboration, Nike helped Yeezy become a globally recognized shoe brand, now with Adidas. Nike also purchased Converse.  In 1987, Nike released one of its most famous shoes: the Nike Air Max 1. It had a design in the midsole using pressurized air units made specifically for comfort, running, and preventing leaks. While the Air Maxes are popular, nothing beats the classic Nike Air Force 1. This shoe is still being released in new color ways but only very slight changes in design. It was originally released in 1982, named after the president’s plane ‘Air Force One’.


Nike Air Force 1 Shadow Features 

The Nike Air Force 1 is now available in 5 different styles: super low, low, mid, high, and super high. The original was an all-white design and had a circular sole for basketball players. In 1984, the shoe was discontinued in production. However, customers weren’t having it. People who also wanted new colors began to customize their older Air Forces. In 1986, the shoe was re-introduced in new color ways due to demand. In coming years, women’s sizes were added, and the shoe also began a major symbol for the hip hop community. The Air Force 1 Shadow was released in 2019, designed specifically with women's preferences in color and style. The product is now available in all different types of colorways mainly with pastel and bright colors, plus double branding and a thicker sole with layering. You'll find shoes with pastel pink, vibrant blue, sunny yellow, purples, and more in this collection, all available in women's sizes catering to smaller feet. The shoe was designed by a woman while Nike's previous famous silhouettes were all designed by men. The sneaker is very similar to the original Air Force one with a similar structure and the same all-white clean background, but the shadow has more room for expression, fun colors, and inclusivity. Below are some fan favorite colorways. 

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Sisterhood"

Orange creamsicle is probably one of the best ways to describe this shoe. Released on September 18th for $120, it features an orange and white summery color scheme. The bottom of the shoe is a light orange with a white layer on top. The upper is a deep orange canvas layered on top of off white, with a cream colored Nike 'Swoosh' layered above the other colors that matches the Nike cream heel strip on the back of the shoe. The Nike 'Air' logos are in red and orange, with red on the midsole and orange on a layered piece of fabric above it. The laces are also cream colored and it has a gold rainbow-shaped 'Sister' keychain hanging from one of the eyelets. 


Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Pixel Swoosh" Black

This early 2021 design features futuristic pixelated accents and a dark background. The upper is made of black leather, with an iridescent blue, purple, and white pixelated swoosh on one side with an orange one on the other side. The midsole is white on top and black on the bottom, and the shoe has black laces as well. There are a few small orange accents and a clear overlay with a black 'Air' logo on the midsole. The bright white tongue contrasts with the dark laces. It was released at an original retail price of $110 and is the perfect edgy, sci-fi style you might be looking for. 

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Patchwork"

This Air Force 1 Shadow is covered in all sorts of vibrant patterns and colors. The color scheme includes Doll, Hydrogen Blue, Bright Citron, and Sail. The materials are a mix of leather, suede, and corduroy. The swoosh is white, as well as the laces and the background of the upper. The tongue is blue and the fabric around the eyelets is bright yellow, with a coral pink on the sides of the upper. The toe box features a black and white pattern, and the midsole has a layer of yellow with the 'Air' logo. A very light blue striped overlay sits around the toe box. The release date for this shoe was August 4th, 2021, for an original retail price of $120. If you're looking for a bright, happy, color block summery style, the Patchwork is definitely worth checking out!


Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Barely Green/Crimson Tint"

This spring themed, muted colored sneaker is more of a pastel tint than a vibrant shoe compared to the other Air Force 1 Shadows. The colorway is a simple three colors– a white background on the upper, midsole, and laces, plus a light coral pink swoosh and Air logo and barely green-blue layering all over the body of the shoe. The barely green color is more of a light sky blue, though– so don't let the name deceive you. The sole is a light cream. It was released on April 16th, 2021, at a retail price of $110 and is currently exclusive to women's sizes. 

Nike Air Force 1 Shadow "Metallic Silver"

Similar to the "Pixel Swoosh", the Metallic Silver has a more unisex, futuristic aesthetic. The color scheme includes Metallic Silver, Fuchsia Glow, Hyper Crimson, and Racer Blue. The midsole is classic white, with a purple overlay with the "Air" logo. The laces are metallic silver just like the upper which gives the shoe a silvery glow in the light. The toe box features grey and purple accents, and the upper also has a blue "swoosh" logo. A 'squiggly' layering under the laces is bright orange, and the Nike Air logo on the tongue is blue and black. It was released almost two years ago on June 3rd of 2020, originally for $110. 


Nike Air Force One Shadow Sizing

The Air Force One Shadow runs large, so don't order your usual Nike size. The fit of the Shadow is very similar to the classic Air Force 1's, so if you already own a pair of comfortably fitting AF's, then order the same size for your shadows. If it's your first pair, people will say to order a half size down, but if your current shoe size fits a little tight, order a full size down. The only difference between the AF1 and the AF1 shadow in terms of size is that the AF1 Shadow has a chunkier midsole. If it's still a little bit large with whatever size you pick, you can get an insole so they will fit comfortably. 

Pricing and Where to Buy

The original retail prices of the Shadows depend on the specific release you want, but most will have been between $110-$120. It's unlikely you'll find them at that price since they sell out quickly after their release dates. Buy them on a verified sneaker marketplace like the ones below, where you can find both new arrivals and used options.  StockX is probably the most trusted and well-known sneaker marketplace. It was founded not too long ago in 2016 but quickly worked its way up to the top. Based in Detroit, Michigan, it's a 'stockmarket for things' where the buyers set the price, not the sellers. Buyers can bid on sneakers and other items, and sneakers (which must be brand new) are shipped to a verification center before making their way to the buyer with a green tag that symbolizes authenticity so you don't receive a fake. For example, you could be spending anywhere from $150 to $330 on the Metallic Silver AF Shadow on StockX depending on size, and for some sizes there's no updated price so you need to place a bid.  GOAT is a very versatile and trusted sneaker marketplace that is also popular for trendy designer apparel. You can buy and sell both new and used shoes, as well as 'instant new' shoes that are already checked for authenticity and are brand new in the box ready to be shipped to you. GOAT uses AI technology to check for fakes, and shoppers can also use augmented reality on the platform to try on sneakers virtually before actually buying them from the mobile app. Any purchase over 300 dollars is insured, and customers can get full refunds on orders. Unlike StockX, used and defected shoes can be sold as well, and the seller can put their products on at any price that they want. You can even find GOAT retail stores in NYC and LA. It's also a great option for sellers as it only takes a 9.5 percent commission, which is lower than Ebay. For the 'Patchwork' Air Force Shadow, you'll pay about $100 for a new pair on GOAT which is under the retail price, currently.  Flight Club was established over 15 years ago in New York City with stores in Los Angeles, NYC, and Miami. It's a mainly online sneaker marketplace similar to GOAT and StockX, but does have a few downsides to watch out for. Usually, used shoes are more difficult to find on Flight Club, and more importantly, all sales are final. The only way to cancel an order is to do it within three hours of purchase. Sneakers on Flight Club are first shipped to the company before they ship to you. The prices on Flight Club tend to be more expensive since it is a consignment and does not have a stock of its own. You can expect to pay around $140 for a new pair of Nike Air Force 1 Shadow 'Barely Green/Crimson Tint' sneakers on Flight Club. 


Fake Nike Air Force 1 Shadows 

Due to their major popularity, the Nike Air Force 1 shoes have been unfortunately duplicated carefully to match almost the original design. You may not even be able to tell the difference at the first look! But you'll definitely want to make sure you are getting the quality you paid for. When you receive your pair, check the following.  Text will be your best indicator of a fake vs real pair. Check the back of your shoe where the cursive Nike logo is embroidered. The fake will usually have a too large or too stretched logo. The size tag is a universal way to check for fake shoes. If the print on the size tag of your shoe has random numbers printed differently, or text that is too thin, then it might be fake. Also, take a look at the Swoosh logo. The angle of the swoosh may be too sharp on the fake pair. Some Air Force 1 Shadows have side perforations. Make sure that they are on the upper and not touching the midsole. If you're not sure, give the Legit Check app a try— with this app, you can use your camera on your shoe and the program will compare it to other versions to determine whether it is real or not.


The Nike Air Force 1's top global charts as the number one sneaker, with millions of pairs having been sold. After their discontinuation, demand was so high that Nike brought them back and since the 1980's, the Air Force 1's are still available in many colorways. However, the original release wasn't inclusive to women's sizing and general style preferences. This is what led to the creation of the Air Force 1 Shadows, a collection designed by and for women with all sorts of vibrant and pastel colorways as well as a larger midsole and double branding. Some of the most popular colorways include the "Pixel Swoosh", "Patchwork", "Sisterhood", "Metallic Silver", and "Barely Green/Crimson Tint". These colorways are rather new and the Shadow collection is guaranteed to continue in the future. In terms of sizing, these shoes do run large, so you will want to order either a half size up or full size up from your regular size. They are similar in size to the Nike Air Force 1's but slightly larger and with a chunkier midsole. If you have decided what colorway is going to be yours, check out an online sneaker marketplace to purchase and avoid receiving a fake pair. Some options include StockX, GOAT, and Flight Club as they check sneakers for authenticity before shipping them to the buyer. 


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